Lautaro Martínez scores for Inter in 3-1 win vs. Roma, reaches 20 goals this season


Lautaro Martínez scored for Inter in their 3-1 win vs. Roma as he reached 20 goals this season.

Martínez scored a goal to make it 3-0 for Inter as he continues his great scoring form. It was 2-0 for Inter when they were awarded a corner kick and Lautaro scored with a header.

The Argentine is now on 20 goals this season, scoring eight goals in his last eight matches.

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  1. Best season… until now.
    But the THE BEST is yet to come. He has been a 20+ goals per season player since 3 years ago. He has to move to an attacking team. So that he will have 30+ goals per season. He can do that in the coming season.

  2. Talking of Milan, did anyone see how J.Correa couldn’t capitalise on easy chance presented to him by keeper’s mistake. He is really bad and wasteful upfront

  3. Veratti unwilling to pass to unmarked Messi in the box around 30min mark explains why Leo is so low in goals. Not to mention his 50% loss of speed!! He earned the named Flea because of his ability to generate short bursts of super sonic speed in combination with his dribbling skills. With both of those skills gone due to age , Leo is restricted to his play making skills, which btw is still no-1 in the world. Other than that one off pass to Messi against City, whenever Verrati plays Messi receives extremely low number of passes!! On the positive note, Messi is going to be fresh than ever in the world cup that is if they don’t overwork him during the 3 months leading into the world cup!!

  4. A no 9 who is having Peak of his life in World cup year is Something we didn’t had in past tournaments. Lautaro was vital for Argentina even when he was not in best rhythm now I can only imagine what he can do for us when he is playing that good. By God’s Grace Hopefully Messi will get his Mojo back in time. In form Messi- Lautaro and Di Maria that’s all you need to do wonders in world cup. Argentina already has a solid defence to keep the defence intact.

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