Lionel Messi scores as his goal wins PSG the Ligue 1


Lionel Messi scored a goal and it was his goal which won PSG Ligue 1.

Messi would score the goal which would give PSG the league and a goal worthy of such a match. The Argentine would receive the ball on the outside of the penalty area and strike it from distance and score.

That makes four Argentine players and a coach winning the league as Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes, Mauro Icardi and Mauricio Pochettino are champions of France.

For Lionel Messi, it’s a first league title not won with FC Barcelona. After winning 10 La Liga titles with the Catalan club, Messi lifts his first trophy in France.

Ángel Di María is now on five Ligue 1 titles and it’s a third league title with the club for Leandro Paredes. Mauro Icardi is now on two Ligue 1 titles with PSG while it’s a first ever league title as coach for Mauricio Pochettino.

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  1. I don’t know what people here see in Verrati!! Everyone thinks he is special!! He is considered to be a def mid with playmaking abilities!! Yesterday, while Messi was unmarked in the box , he lifted the ball over to Hakimi who wasted it. Had he passed to Messi , it was a sure shot goal. Neymar almost slapped Hakimi yesterday for going for a goal instead of crossing the ball to him!! He is a wing back and wants to score!! Italy failed to qualify for the world cup because they depend on these overrated midfielders like Verrati!! He doesn’t suit Pochettino’s highline attacking strategy as he is often caught napping putting tremendous pressure on defense. They should sell this overrated player and keep Paredes instead!!

  2. I remember, Asaph!

    Thanks, Vishnu!

    @Rattlehead: I agree! He’s 5’9 and jumps like a hare with the ball. Barring speed and being in it for 90mins against defenders, I don’t see him being something special that’s so hyped up! His legacy is going to be below the Real Ronaldo as he will be compared among “strikers”!

  3. Best playing 11 for WC
    Emi Martinez
    Foyth C. Romero Otamendi Acuna
    Di Maria De Paul Paredes Lo celso
    Messi L. Martinez

    2nd best playing 11
    Mollina Pezella Lisandro M Tagliafico
    Enzo Fernandez G. Rodriguez Papu Gomez
    Dybla/A.Correa J. Alvarez N. Gonzalez

    J. Correa
    Mac Alister

  4. @rattlehead : Exactly, Mbappe has been wasteful on many occasions but he converts some of them. I don’t think Messi got one third of similar number of chances. The fact that Messi had to call Neymar to provide for the golazo speaks volume about why he scores less.

  5. We wll know Messi still has the power, he just needs to be more selfish again and pull the trigger more often instead of making casual pass all the time.

  6. Decisive goal…and with beauty…
    A moment, Mbappe is inside penalty area receive a ball and Messi at center of the penalty box..just in front of the keeper…Mbappe looked at Messi and then passed ball to left…..May be he doesn’t want Messi a second goal…🤭

  7. Roy I luv and appreciate you my brother… but please stop using that Vamos argentina song on goal highlights! Please ! Lol

    Que golaso de Messi…. Save those goals for November -December !! Vamos

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      I agree. I don’t mind the lyrics part of the song, but that beginning part reminds me of an old Telemundo afternoon carnival game show with a dude dressed as a rooster. Its kind of corny

  8. 80% of the PSG attack goes through their left flank and still Messi managed 12+ assist and 9 goals so far!! 11 times hit the post and 3 goals denied!! If those 14 goals had stood we wouldn’t be talking about Messi retiring!! Next season with Mbappe and Pochettino gone, new coach if smart will involve Messi more in the game!! His goal won them the title!! What Irony!! Just want Mbappe to end up like Lukaku in Madrid next season!!

    • I’m worried Mbappe will reconsider the move. PSG needs a better manager who can utilise Messi properly. The problem is most players seems to be selfish and hopefully, a new coach will be able to instill discipline.
      Otherwise PSG has no hopes for Champions league next season.

      • If RM gets to the final, I think he will sign for them. PSG’s management is idiotic! They should’ve simply let him sign in Jan and take the money instead and would’ve made Messi their main man and they could’ve gone further in CL but we never know with the shitty defense they have. Marquinhos & Kimpembe are frauds! S.Ramos never played enough for them and their midfield except Paredes is way too over-rated bc Verratti lacks that final ball and he tries to do too much when it’s unnecessary and too little when it’s necessary. There’s a reason Italy couldn’t qualify and also why it took them to do penalties against a team like England.

        • Did you just call Paredes overrated. Yet before arrival of average Danilo and Wijnaldum, that combination of Veratti, paredes was lit. You forgot his big performances against Bayern Munich and Barcelona. Am really disappointed with your choice of words.

    • Mbappe missed multiple sitters in every game, but he’s allowed to keep missing because everyone is obligated to pass the ball to him in final third, so eventually he’d get at least one .

      Nobody could improve the goal stats until he leaves.

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