Argentina vs. Brazil World Cup qualifier, Italy, Israel, possible matches


Argentina have several matches line-up prior to the World Cup.

Lionel Scaloni and Argentina will have a World Cup qualifier, with matches in Europe and one against a CONMEBOL team prior to Qatar. Argentina’s next match will be against Italy on June 1 in London.

The match against Italy has been confirmed for several weeks as it will be the Copa America champions against the Euro champions. That match is on June 1 at Wembley stadium.

Another match is against Israel. As we reported earlier, the match against Israel is rumored to be on April 6 in Europe.

A match against Brazil has been confirmed but according to reports, it might not happen. Argentina vs. Brazil has been announced for June 11 in Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. However, as we reported earlier, the AFA are not too fond on the match being played in Australia as it would be a financial commitment and would fall at a time where the players should be resting.

There is a second match against Brazil which has been set. The postponed World Cup qualifying match from September 2021 now has a date. FIFA have stated that the match must be played and is set for September 22 in Brazil. This would complete the South American World Cup qualifiers.

One match that is rumored to happen is that against a CONMEBOL team. Argentina were going to play Mexico in the United States but since both teams were drawn together at the World Cup, that match will not be happening. Instead, there are reports that Argentina would still be looking to play a CONMEBOL team.

And another match that has been rumored is one against an Arab speaking country. However, that is just a rumor.


  1. Brentfotd Spurs 0-0. Cuti played the whole game and again is the MOM. So stop saying Cuti has been average for the Spurs please. He has been Cuti Romero of Argentina/Atalanta since he came back from injury. He saved the game for the Spurs. Winning the ball at important moments especially in second half. Emerson Royal and Sessegnon the 2 wing backs were horrible.

    Brentford played like Brighton, sit deep and relying on counter. Spurs are weak facing such team.

    My rating for Cuti: 8

    Leicester vs Aston Villa 0-0. Emi played well too although not much to do the whole game. Villa defense was good tonight. My rating for him: 7.

    Buendia only played the last 12 minutes. So so.

    • Thats a solid news for Argentina. If Only Messi can get his Copa Form back in time then Argentina will be Force in Attack. Papu Gomez too is having good season and Di maria always
      Performs. As Usual Argentina will go to world cup having best Forward lines like past Editions.

      But I am still concerned about Depaul situation. He made a mistake leaving for Clowntelico and Now he is not enjoying regular play time. Emi Martinez dropped the level too but there are still a lot of time to recover. Meanwhile Player like Le Celso, Foyth, Nico Gonzalez are upgraded the level compared to they were in Copa America Victory.

      The only players who needs to recover now are Messi, Depaul, Emi and Otamendi. All are Crucial players and We have to stick with them even if they doesn’t perform cause they are too big to drop them. So they must get their Mojo back in time.

  2. Correa Again disappointed me..A finisher have to ability short from every angle..but he doesn’t..
    Lautaro was great as usual

    • I am not happy with his work rate either…..he is technically gifted and has some pace, he looks so good with the ball, however, I will rather gamble on Alvarez or even angel correa for lautaro’s substitute at least they will give us some pressing.
      Sadly, we don’t have like to like replacement for lautaro.

  3. Send our C or D team for the friendly with Brazil lol

    Ledesma; Herrera, Foyth, Medina, Ortega; Enzo Fernandez, Zaracho; Mac Allister, Lanzini, Buendia; Simeone.

  4. I always prefer to play against Brazil. This Brazil looks great just because of tite. Their coach. And I am scared of only tite. Because he is bringing the best out of his team players. Rafinha, vini, Antony all of them had been included by tite at the right moment. I still believe this Brazil would have looked below average if any other coach had managed the team. We have also won trophy after a long time, but it seems to me if everything goes off well by the grace of God then we are more than capable of beating Brazil once again. But scaloni needs to understand that he has to make his squad very strong. We cannot perform Well with pezzella or Martinez quarta in defence and Armani at goal.

  5. Playing against Conmebol Teams before world cup wont get you nowhere. Argentina is getting kicked out by European Teams from World cup since 1990. No Conmebol Teams won world cup in last 20 years. It won’t be much harder to arrange few friendlies among 11-30 ranked Uefa teams if the top 10 are so difficult. I am not believing Argentina is Ready to win World Cup Unless I see they are having comfortable time against Uefa teams Period. A 1-0 win against Brazil where GK was Man of the match and Penalty shootout win against Colombia isn’t enough to convince me this team is anywhere near top 5 favorite to win the World CUP…..If Afa can’t manage Uefa teams than African teams who are participating in the world cup would be still better option…

    • Our friendly matches with Maradona win in France, win in Germany before WC2010, with Batista win vs Spain 4:1 before Copa11, with Sabella easy win in Germany, win vs Italy, win in Sweden, with Tata easy win in Germany after WC, with Sampaoli win vs Italy then what happened? Friendly matches mean nothing. Even before WC2002 with Bielsa a win in Germany, win in Italy, then a KO in the group stages.

    • @Mr_Brown Brazil is top 3 favorite of this world cup and no European team is stronger than Brazil. Beating Brazil in Brazil that too in a final is a big achievement. I know Argentina is not the strongest bt we played decent in copa and there is option for improvement. Columbia may not qualified but they can beat any opponent in world stage. They are at the level of Switzerland and we saw how Switzerland knocked out France in Euro’s in penalties. So ur logic of Argentina not among top 5 favorites are flawed

      • Brazil isnt Stronger than France, England Spain or Possibly Belgium too.They have no World class Striker. They still Rely on above average Richarlison and They still plays a slow Dani Alves in Right back. Coutinho is no longer than level he was in 2014-18. Same goes for Neymar. They got Vini though but He will probably won’t get enough minutes cause Neymar has celebrity status… Also When you look at Brazil Squad quality in comparison side by side against France, Spain and England has better players. Also in last 3-4 meet brazil never gave us any headache.

          • @csabalala
            How you Forgot Ansu Fati who always scores for fun when plays for Spain and Barca? Ferran Torres who has 14( goal+assist ) in 18 games. Gerard Moreno who is having great season with Villareal?

            Also Olmo, Oyarzabal aren’t mediocre. They are just underrated. They are far technically gifted than Nico Gonzales, Lucas Ocampos. Olmo was Best Spain’s knockout Round player in Euro 2020. Oyarzabal Always Delivers for Spain….They are stacked with very good —- and quality forwards if you really know you stuff actually…Spain has most balanced squad in 2022….From Attack to Defense. France on the other hand is suffering from off form midfielders like Pogba and Kante..

        • U guys overrate European teams too much in wc Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, England at similar level. Anyone can beat anyone in given day depends on the day how they play and strategise. No major difference is their between them. Let me tell you Brazil also has a strong side when they play in wc u will see. Just because we beat them doesn’t mean they suddenly become weak. They may beat us in next meeting also they are tough opponent i would love to avoid them in qatar

  6. Even if the match against Brazil in Australia can’t be cancelled, I don’t think all the regular would like to play that game knowing that they would meet Brazil again in 3 months after. So what is confirmed?
    1. June 1st vs Italy
    2. June 6th vs Israel
    3. June 11th vs Brazil in Australia (?)
    4. September 22nd vs Brazil
    5. September (?) vs Commebol team

    If the June 11th is cancelled, maybe 2 matches only in June. We need at least 1 last match before the World Cup after the commebol match.

  7. Why play Israel?? What will be gained by this match?? If Mexico is cancelled why conmebal team again?? Why not another CONCACAF team like usa or camada or some African team like Senegal or some asian team like japan or south korea. If it is necessary to play a conmebal team i would prefer colombia or Uruguay

    • sentimental reasons. Argentina played a friendly against Israel prior to 1986 WC. Since then they do it regularly bar 2014 and 2018 ( cancelled as a protest against Palestine war).

      • Argentina can send C team and still win against Israel. It would be good for our back up players and some bench players would get some cardio. I dont believe in superstitions but if this game give our players some unnatural confidence then let it be. Any kind of boost we will take it. My Team against Israel-

        Foyth- Medina-Senesi- Licha
        —-A Correa——————Alvares….

        Also Give Dybala and Ocampos some minutes please.

        • Thn thrre is no point playing a friendly. All teams play their friendlies because they want to prepare for wc. Nobody wins trophy like that. If u good enough u will win this superstition is laughable

        • Maybe doing an easy match for our bench players is a good idea, obviously in preparation for the WC it’s most important to develop our core but we absolutely have to be prepared for the event of an inconvenient injury or suspension (also we can use it to play Senesi and claim him). That way Scaloni can scout our our bench players, figure out what role they can play, who they can be a back up for, or discard underachievers so we don’t bring dead weight to the WC. I think it would also be useful to see where Dybala stands, keep trying out Alvarez, and test Enzo Fernandez

  8. As they should…..why play a game that they should have received the points for in full had it not been for FIFA’s corrupt ways? plain and simple

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