Guido Rodríguez and Germán Pezzella win Copa del Rey with Real Betis in final vs. Valencia


Guido Rodríguez and Germán Pezzella won the Copa del Rey with Real Betis, defeating Valencia in the final.

Rodríguez and Pezzella both celebrated their first trophy of the season. With Real Betis in the Copa del Rey final, the two Argentines started the match for Betis.

The thrilling 1-1 draw went to penalty kicks and while both players did not participate in the penalty shootout, they were able to celebrate.

It is a first trophy won for both players in Europe. Congratulations to Guido and Pezzella!


  1. These players are my direct backups.
    Emi – Rulli
    Molina – Montiel
    Romero – Senesi
    Otamendi – Lisandro
    Acuna – Tagliafico
    Paredes – Guido
    Lo celso – papu
    De Paul – Buendia
    Di Maria – J correa
    Lautaro – Alario
    Messi – Nico gonzalez
    If it is 26 then musso, A correa, Foyth and Lanzini

    • Very nice…If Senesi doesn’t get called for the next few games, I hope Medina’s in the mix instead of Pezzella but other than that, solid no nonsense roster!

    • Wrong Messi/ Dybala. Nick Gonzalez is a LW. Dybala is better backup for Dimaria. There is no need for Joaquin Correa in that list. I hope scaloni don’t follow that plan.

  2. If Luka Romero scores in either of Lazio’s upcoming two matches vs Spezia and Sampdoria, he makes history and becomes the youngest ever goalscorer in Serie A. Would be a nice addition to his youngest ever debut in La Liga, as well as a timely and necessary confidence boost for the boy to hopefully kickstart his career…

    So far he has only had 5 appearances this season playing 9, 9, 13, 25 and 10 minutes respectively

    • That we will see in future but he is playing well in the argentine league and we can get excited because not many players r hyped from argentine league nowadays

    • This is your opinion after watching one game I assume? I have watched his every game and I can assure you he isn’t. Just like people saying Alvarez is mls material a few months ago

      • Okay. Argentina league defense is little weak. Goalkeepers also not that good but still he should be called up and if he transfers to Manchester United or Manchester City he can improve massively

          • Yes according to reports man city contacted his agent but i prefer Manchester United. Ten hag also a wonderful coach and good for midfielders also there is a chance he can get minutes in manu bt in man city he may not even get bench spot. So that will hault his development

          • I think Alvarez is better suited for man city than Enzo. Coz Alvarez is comfortable in almost all positions in forward. Also pep will try to change players in the forward line. That means if Alvarez shows his right talent there means he will get chance to impress. Personally i rate Alvarez above Jesus. He just needs to improve his positioning in the field. If improved means he would more than atleast what Jesus is currently in city. But in Enzo case it’s different. Citys midfield is like a machine led by de bruyne. Also pep won’t make that much change in mid field area. So it is difficult for him to get minutes. He need experience. May be United suits him more.

      • He was actually called up in November along other youngsters but that was just to train with the first team and get experience, and it seems that was helpful for him

  3. Lautaro Martinez is just missing counter attack attitude in himself. If he develops that he will be lethal he has improved his finishing and his positioning is always phenomenal.
    Despite short height he is still good in air. Just be fast in counter attack and he us complete Center Forward.

    • If he is, he would be Mbappe! No player developed “speed” later in their career and it’s a gift you receive which you just have to utilize by honing it and being decisive.

      Having said that, happy for Argentina that he’s peaking and let’s hope we find an excellent replacement who brings a different dynamic where the team can still adjust and get goals…I haven’t updated arched much of Alario but he’s a good deal!

    • 10 October 2021
      Kevin: Lautaro is not good on-air it is fact how many goals he scored as header please give stats,all thing I said about Lautaro is fact.
      27 November 2021
      Kevin: You are so imbecile. Lautaro is weak in air that is a fact for a Centre forward
      15 June 2021
      Kevin: One good news is overrated Lautaro Martinez can not play against Uruguay as he got 2 yellow card in match vs Chile.


      I wonder what Lautaro is tomorrow! Phenomenal or overrated? Weak in the air or good in the air? Physically weak?

        • Kevin why are you sad that Lautaro is playing great? You should be happy as an Albiceleste fan. Do not get stuck with few names. Its Albiceleste that matters the most. Lautaro is giving us numbers and the others not. Now lets find his back up and go to Qatar.

        • Lautaro didn’t improve his heading ability since you made these comments. He was ALWAYS good in the air and people kept telling you this, over and over. But you either 1 make up your own false realities in your head and repeat it in every single thread every single day or 2 you are a troll, spreading misinformation and head scratching statements with the intention of pissing people off

          Reminds me how you were calling for Saravia to be our starting RB every thread when he was injured for 8+ months. Then refusing to even acknowledge reasoning or logics or to have an actual discussion. Then repeat repeat repeat the same thing over and over every day. Then talking shit about Argentinian league and all players there, while admitting you don’t watch the league, but Saravia best RB of Argentina is injured for a year in Brazilian league but he must start in Copa and WC because at least he’s not Montiel who plays in Argentina bad league

          Ridiculous. You can’t be anything but trolling. Reminds me soo much of clown troll king but with a slightly different approach

          • Lautaro now is improving everything a CF needs because he has a lot of competition in Inter.Dzeko,J.Correa,Sanchez,L. Martinez all play in almost same position in Inter.

      • Hahaha great takedown, I had also forgotten about the two yellow cards thing. On top of that his only justification for the whole Saravia deal was that he once played well against Neymar, but after Montiel did exactly that but in a final he still criticized him and tried making up excuses for why he did well against Neymar.

        • If any player has an award-winning performance for the team you support he should be getting respect and recognition, regardless of previous personal opinion. This unreal mixture of premature judgement, stubbornness and sudden change of mind that he consistently demonstrates just comes off as fake… Which is why I doubt he’s really a supporter of this NT

  4. Congrats from the two Argentines in Betis! Argentina still have winners in Spain afterall.

    The only bad thing is that Scaloni will continue to rate Pezzella highly even though he’s been terrible in 9 out of 10 games for national team.

  5. Lautaro is more suitable for a team like liverpool. Good wingers means there is a good chance of scoring 40+ goals. But I need him to improve in one area. That is to run fast with ball in counter attacks and take on a defender 1 vs 1. In that area he needs to be like jota or mane. If improved means that would again be a + for his teams. Otherwise he may get predictable in future and could be defended without any risk.

    • Lautaro is like Aguero without the dribbling ability. He’s great poacher, could finish with both feet , great with his head despite relatively short, but his dribbling tend to be a let down.

      Inter isnt a team that could generates many clear chances for their strikers, thus Lautaro will just stuck at around 20 goals per season. Even if he’s more consistent, he’d probably get 27-28 goals at max at Inter.

      • If lautaro wants to go to a team like liverpool and to become a success he has to improve his dribbling skills and run fast with the ball. But in inter he is covering that weakness with his good passing skills in the final third. But this weakness had been visible in the copa final when the whole team went for the defense and lautaro unable to launch a speedy attack. Any way he can improve and there is time.

  6. Getting 40 goals per season.. Lautaro should join a attacking team.. He has the ability.. Barcelona, liverpul, madrid, even Arsenel is better option..Arsenal played good attacking football and they play champions league next season and they need striker..He easily get there 30 plus goals

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