Paulo Dybala scores for Juventus in 2-1 win vs. Sassuolo


Paulo Dybala scored for Juventus in their 2-1 win vs. Sassuolo.

Dybala drew Juventus level as Sassuolo were leading 1-0 before the Argentine scored a lovely goal. The Argentine received the ball inside the penalty area as he dribble towards goal and a scored as he placed the ball into the top corner of the goal.

The 28 year old has now scored nine league goals in 25 matches this season.

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  1. Dybala is 28 years old now, his last chance to join the WC. Nine goal in a season with 25 games is not a good report card. Unfortunately, he doesn’t look great and deserve the chance. Inconsistency and injury prone !

    • Actually, he has 14 in all competitions. I think he gets 3 or 4 goals in CL group stage. Being injury prone is another issue aswell, not his ability. Also, with Alvarez scoring in his first start at qualifier, Dybala chance is getting slimmer.

      However, the WC would be in middle of next season so its too early to tell .

    • Not enough? Despite all unfair treatment from Juventus. A player with 9 goals and 5 assists still you find something negative about him. A player with more goals than Morata most of the time dropping deep to help the midfield. How many has likes of Joaquin Correa, Ocampos scored since you are trying hard to discredit Dybala?

      • You’re correct! He deserves a spot and can be a great back-up for both Messi/Di Maria on the right or as a back-up for Lautaro. He’s too good a player to be left out of the squad!

  2. I know world cup has time
    but my favorite 23 for the world cup


    Rojo – i know he is passed his prime but i hope he comes strong have time

    De paul
    Lo celso

    Di Maria


    Angel Correa

  3. Eagerly waiting to see where our youngsters will play next season. It will have big impact in WC.
    1. Lautaro
    2. Lisandro
    3. Molina
    4. Alvarez ( May be he will be loaned?)
    5. Senesi ( A good move..and a great display.. hopefully he will be included in the WC team)

    • Unfortunately we have many haters who don’t believe in him. I have watched all Juventus matches and his work rate is impressive unlike this overrated Joaquin Correa who is sometimes anonymous.

  4. Why dybala and messi can’t be our riyad mahrez and silva?if bernardo silva and riyad mahrez are playing together then why not messi and city looks so dangerous on the right side when mahrez and silva were arriving in d box.and for opposition it’s so painful to maintain 100% marking accuracy on both silva and mahrez.when silva on the d box mahrez was outside trying dribling,over laping.and same thing happen when mahrez enter into the box.i think scaloni should have tried this.if it is clicking then Argentina will look so dangerous on the right side.some will say dimaria andmessi doing this but i want to see messi and dybala.

    • Because both Messi and Dybala don’t defend. We can’t afford having 2 players not to defend. Di Maria sometimes helps defend, at least better than Messi and Dybala. That’s why Messi-Di Maria work just fine but not Messi-Dybala.

      Against any team that has strong left winger/left back (Mbappe, Luis Diaz, Vinicious Jr/Neymar, Sane, etc) Messi and Dybala would make us weak on the right.

      • Yes messi likes to walk on field.but i think dybala can be defend if scaloni make him good in defence.because dybala knows better that if he cannot do what scaloni want then he will be out of squad. How klopp made diego jota,mane,salah world pep made silva, mahrez defensively strong.then why scaloni can’t do that.

        • Then dybala must go on to Atletico if he has to learn defending. Look how griezman improved his defending skills. The players you mentioned are all club players with club managers. Scaloni is a national team coach. There is a limit for him.

      • Who told Dybala doesn’t drop back to defend? I have watched all juventus matches. Except yesterday he looked disinterested yet he still managed to score a great goal. His heart is no longer in Juventus.

    • Messi in city means it would be the most ideal team for him especially in his current playing mode. But yeah All humans must face a difficult situation. In club career Messi enjoyed his prime with legends and utilised his best. And in the latter stage he shouldered the team and now adjusting times going on. If ⚽ is a living thing then I am sure it only loves Messi coz he won’t give any pain to it. Messi dribbling and running with the ball is the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.

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