Mauricio Pochettino to be removed as PSG coach


Mauricio Pochettino is set to be removed as coach of PSG.

Pochettino has won Ligue 1 with PSG but is unlikely to continue with the club. According to Le Parisien, PSG will be releasing him shortly.

His exit has been rumored since PSG’s elimination in the Champions League against Real Madrid. As coach, Pochettino joined the league champions in 2021 where has has won the Trophée des Champions, the Coupe de France and the league.


  1. Rumors said, PSG first choice is Zidane, only if they don’t get him, Conte will be the second option. So Poche days with PSG is over. Good thing is Poche win his first league title with PSG.

  2. Can’t believe here some idiots criticising messi and lecturing one of the best ever about how to play who may not even played in a 2nd division club in Europe who thinks pep is idiot conte is idiot everyone knows nothing except them. Im here from 2010 wc bt nowadays this place has become so toxic no wonder many old members stop commenting here.

  3. Luis Diaz made better choice than De Paul in choosing club he went to a club which can improve a player unlike Atletico Madrid who do not improve players. Coach is the key in improving player, Rudiger got better under Tuchel while under Lampard he was average.

  4. Not defending POCH but his hands were ALWAYS tied from day ONE.
    PSG has BEEN, IS, and will ALWAYS be a “hey, look at me club” always looking for the next splash and that is not the way to build a winning team no matter how much money you throw at it.
    Owner/Manager have bent over backwards and twisted themselves into a pretzel just to make the Golden boy happy so he’ll stay, offered him an insane contract and still said no.
    And don’t be surprised if they went after HER HIGHNESS if she left MANU next year…..and don’t get be started on that fake-friend Neymar

  5. Pochettino will receive 15 million euro’s as buy out clause. Another example that the amount of money in football is ridiculous.

  6. DePaul trying to move to Inter. Juventus also trying for him. May be a loan move. He clearly wants to play regularly. Simeone is killing the confidence of our best midfielder in a WC year.

    • De paul need to play regularly.. He is not only good player but also team player..his attitude is great.
      But here is a say…lo celso is the not only best Argentine midfielder but also top 3 in the world..he has gifted skill…you may laugh at me but i am serious.. Actually due of playing time with Tottenham last 2 years he can not show his talents much..coming next 3/4 years he will rule world with his creativity..

    • Lo celso is a 💎. A precious one. If properly utilised means he is going to be our world cup hero. Yeah really sad that he wasted his 2 years in that useless club. An introvert type character who wants a preferable environment to flourish. For this DePaul should be 100% during the wc. The confidence that both de Paul and emi brings is immense.

  7. Poch is not bold enough.. That is the reason of his failures at psg.. he got pressure from psg Board to make main man embape or somothing? Actually he is loser,even he has not control on psg squad.he makes world best player to midfielder! In earth any day any coach make lio messi to his main man..

  8. If he go back to spurs then.. He will likely to have lo cleso. That will be bad move. Lo celso playing wonderful at villareal

  9. Rumors are there ” Conte will Replace him”. If its true then He will definitely won’t be happy of Messi’s workrate. No way he will get the privileged to walk around as an excuse to save energy when conte is there who demands their player run and press like Animals. Its gonna be big trouble for Messi and others if a ” Based” coach like Conte comes to this PSG’s ego heaven now. I expect both Messi and Neymar will have clash with him.

    • Pep and most top managers have all stated 10,000,000 times that “only a fucking idiot coach would make Messi run around like a dog”. They have stated over and over again that they would not make Messi run yet fans like yourself keep persisting that its problem. I don’t know how conte feels but I would assume he would utilize Messi in a proper way and not apply same expectations as other youthful players

      • Pep’s statement count for pre 2015 era. Football has changed and It all about Pressing now. You can’t win anything if some of your playar aren’t covering for Defence…Its a problem cause Messi’s lack of movement skills is one of reason he sees balls less than often and ended up getting invincible in high intensity games. Messi is nearly shadow of himself after 2015 in Big games. Before than he was king of it. I believe its cause of his lack of movement skills he make himself easier to mark and getting isolated.

        • Ok. Why are assuming there will be a clash? PSG needs a coach like that and I’m sure Conte will value Messi as a player. My personal preference is Zidane because of his history dealing with egos.

        • ?? Since 15/16 season Messi in UCL KO 25/16, vs Real, Atletico duo in champ 25/11, vs spanish TOP5 in champ 46/28, in international KO with Argentina 11 matches 3 goals 10 assists, in finals 16 matches 11 goals 8 assists.

          • @csabalala
            What are these stats ?
            You are trying to tell me messi has 26 goal and 16 assist in UCL knockout games ? 25 goals and 11 assist against Real and AtM ? This is absurd and completely fake. Messi barely scored for barca in UCL knockout games after 2015. Messi has streak of goalless games against Madrid after 2015. Plz provide some real stats. You are just ridiculously wrong

          • I never seen someone provide stats like this way before. Kudos to you being lazy and make it unclear

    • Concur with mr brown….Messi is not the same Messi too. I hate when people say this player is just too talented to run. It’s a team sport everyone should run for the team whether it is Messi or someone else.
      The thing is our captain always works hard in Argentina shirt so I couldn’t care less what he does in his club shirt.

      • Messi walks in Argentina shirt as well and he has not changed. The difference in NT is he starts the play closer to the box and if you are aware of his positioning, he will put himself through to goal scoring position.
        I really hope that he doesn’t need to come to midfield to get the ball and we have seen that before, it never worked for us. DePaul and Paredes is the link between attackers including Messi which is the reason behind our recent success.

    • Dude u are just another Messi hater.
      Messi was the only player scoring for Barcelona in the UCL . Did u forget his 2019 season? When he won the UCL man of the match the record no. Of times. Plus how can u expect him to score more in UCL knockout when Barca kept on bottling every chance he gave them

      Messi won the league for bbarca by scoring against Atletico Madrid a no. Of times after 2015 and I’m pretty sure the last gasp El Clasico goal came after 2015. So to say Messi doesn’t perform in big games is just a dumb statement to make.

      After 2015 Messi has reached 3 Copa America finals.i don’t see how he could have done this without performing when the entire Argentina team is based around him.

      That so called “easily marked” player was able to score 30 goals per season. Intersting

      Yes of course there will be a lack of movement, he is getting older but he compensates those by working on other things. Messi’s vision now is better than any version of Messi before 2015. He is more mature now and a better leader than before.
      It takes a toll when a single player has to carry a dead team for a number of years.

      Check who was the second highest goalscorer for Barcelona in the UCL after Messi. Let me give u a fact, one of those is freaking ” own goals”. And the facts that Barca struggled to even match Messi’s goals in the UCL this season shows just how bad of a team he was playing in.

  10. Off topic.if bernardo silva and riyad mahrez are playing together then why not messi and city looks so dangerous on the right side when mahrez and silva were arriving in d box.and for opposition it’s so painful to maintain 100% marking accuracy on both silva and mahrez.when silva on the d box mahrez was outside trying dribling,over laping.and same thing happen when mahrez enter into the box.i think scaloni should have tried this.if it is clicking then Argentina will look so dangerous on the right side.some will say dimaria andmessi doing this but i want to see messi and dybala.

    • Its only due to pep magic. No player is big but no player is small. This is not the case with Messi and dybala. Considering the work rate it is impossible. May be post wc dybala would be our main man atleast till our new prospects get into their main zone.

  11. I said since day 1, Poch is not a real winner and Zidane should manage Messi like he did CR7. If Zidane is manager, Messi will be preserved and can actually win another Balon D’or. Before Zidane was manager, CR7 was known not to score after group stages of the Champions League. Then Zidane told CR7 to trust him and he would bench him on games before Champions league matches. CR7 went on to break the scoring record in that tournament.
    Messi has not scored past the group stages of WC because he is never rested in group stages and is often too tired.

    ~1 on 1 vs Courtois against Belgium to finish them off (WC2014), he couldn’t do it.
    ~Final against Germany, he missed (it was one of his few runs at defenders)
    ~Copa America final: 1 on 1 vs Ederson and his legs are too heavy and his mind overthinks (“should I lob the keeper or go around, ah too late”).

    Back to Poch:
    his playing from the back is what caused PSG to lose to Real Madrid. PSG was under so much pressure and he did not change tactics. This is what caused the GK and Marquinhos to make mistakes and for Benzema to score. When you have Mbappe, just a long ball and let him run – it was the 2nd half and you’re still up 2-0. Why play at the back when you have Veratti, Messi, Parades, Neymar, Wyndalm?

  12. Pochettino’s high line pressing tactics was completely opposite to what PSG’s midfield and defense were comfortable playing!Like Sampoali, instead of changing his strategy according to the strength of the team he persisted with his stupid tactics. Every counter attack would most of the time result
    in PSG conceding or making a narrow escape. Moreover his failure to make use of Messi and letting players like Mbappe & CO bully him will make it hard to find a managerial position at a big club. Messi’s poor fitness and tendency to lose the possession multiple times in every match and Neymar poor form and fitness made it worse for Poch! However since 2022, Messi’s hasn’t been giving away possession easily like before. Even with PSG’s mega offer which Madrid is unwilling to match , Mbappe will be gone for sure next season or else he will never win the BallonDor at PSG. Messi still has 2 yrs of top futbal left in him and if PSG wants to really win the Champions league they will have to hire a coach willing to make Leo the centre of PSG’s every attack and also get rid of overrated players from midfield and defense!! Greatest player of all time receiving such low amount of passes shows the how fcked up Pochettino’s system is.

    • My main issue with Poch is winning at all cost. He is not that type of manager nor stylish manager like Pep(even Pep is strong winner). Poch is neither stylish and tactical manager nor winner mentality manager hence failed at PSG.

  13. I think the best thing for poch is to have a reset and find a team worthy of his style. Big teams don’t necessarily thrive on such footballing ethos which in poch case, demanded high intensity from all.
    Psg are a bunch of primadonas. Messi is obviously depressed but then who cares as long as he performs with us.

    • Poch is not top level coach. Simple, He is not winner mentality, he is for shit players to become average by mentoring them as Father. He cannot handle pressure to win trophy. He lost Ligue 1 last season and this year he won due to poor french league and Messi carrying midfield of that dead team.

  14. Good decision. Poch was always average manager for mid table teams like Spurs who occasionally surprise you. He will be perfect fit for shit players who works ass off to become average, he wont win big trophy and cant handle big players in top club.

    • we should be supporting argentine managers most of u are messi fans that is why u don’t care about other argentines

      • No. I am not supporting Argentina manager who consistently ignore Argentine players for other nation’s player. Eg Simeone, Poch etc. Poch set team up for Mbappe not Messi. Simeone ignore De Paul and Correra.

        • Poch was actually one of the best managers for national team players because he always bought and was linked with Argentinians. Last year he improved Paredes and at Tottenham he was always trying to buy Argentines. The issue is if he ignores Mbappe in any way shape or form he will be fired. I can’t even imagine how the PSG board would react. They practically have him on a leash. I am sure that if he went to a club like Sevilla with a more corresponding and sane transfer policy in a couple of years you would see even more Argentinians than they already have. PSG is run by money loving maniacs and it is the worse club in the world to judge a manager on. Look at how Emery, Tuchel, etc have done since leaving. I would even argue similarly about Tottenham because look how a manager like Conte is doing there. I honestly think Pochettino could surprise us if he were to go to a normal club. I strongly disagree that he doesn’t care about NT players because in the past he has shown really good intentions which were often suppressed by the clubs he manages

      • No one is against Argentine managers. Tata Martino was great at Barcelona only unfortunate to lose league title controversially to Atletico Madrid. Diego Someone is top class manager but unfortunately for him of late (same applies to Mourinho) has ran out of ideas. The game of football has revolutionized which demand change of tactics.

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