Alejandro Garnacho makes Manchester United debut


Alejandro Garnacho made his Manchester United debut.

Garnacho became the youngest Argentine to ever play for Manchester United. With minutes remaining in United’s 1-1 draw vs. Chelsea at Old Trafford, the Argentine was substituted on.

At the age of 17 years and 9 months, he became the fourth youngest player of all time to ever debut for Manchester United. He also became only the seventh Argentine to play for United as he joined Ángel Di María, Sergio Romero, Juan Sebastián Verón, Gabriel Heinze, Carlos Tevez and Marcos Rojo.

Here is a video of his family in attendance as he made he was substituted on for Manchester United.

He even posted about it on social media.

Despite only being 17, he has had a great season with the Manchester United youth team, one which even earned him a call up to the Argentina national team.


  1. It is better for Scaloni to take Gio simioni as a sub for Lautaro. All other strikers available is injury prone and not fit always. Thr is a chance to get injured in the middle of WC.Gio is physically good and not an injury prone player..Second thing is that the foam and fittness of Dmaria. If he iis fit more than 90% it will be a great scope for go easily..Sub for dmaria I like Occampos and Alvarez.And in left its Nico and Jaquin.. Only problem I found is the backup of depaul and Locelso..

  2. Foyth in nomination for player of the week in Champion League say a lot about his calibre. While some fools here do not think he should be in 23 man squad.

  3. French press back at Messi again.
    This time because he went straight to the lockers instead of celebrating with the fans.
    Anyways, F them. They are lucky they have him, they sold a great deal if jerseys. I think it’s time for him to move on.

  4. Hello PSG ! Messi is playing with your team, would somebody passed the ball to him. He is still the Ballon d’or holder. The humble without grudge footballer, maybe just disappointed with the selfish team mates

  5. Strasbourg is exposing Poch’s weak tactics and vulnerability of PSG’s midfield when playing against high pressing team. Verrati once again lofted the ball into the packed box instead of passing to Messi who was well positioned to shoot another rocket into the net!!

  6. Rulli is good goalkeeper he should be back up for Emi, in la liga he is good even against Liverpool he was good. First goal was not his mistake it was deflection, for second goal it was Mane one of the best in Europe.

      • Come on man be optimistic. It’s de Paul. It’s all about unity and passion that makes him to say we are the best. He is confident in his team mates coach and his love for Argentina. Individually or club wise he may change this opinion. But in International stage our mid field trio is the best. Ignore those so called pussies from Spain or France or Belgium.😏

    • Lol Spain reserves has better CM than our main
      Spain main = Pedri, Busi, Rodri, Koke
      Spain Bench = Thiago, Gavi, Parejo, Fabian Ruiz
      Now you guys will hate me for saying facts and call me names like as usual as Uncultured peasant this forum is but What is fact is fact….

      All of Argentina Midfielders are Bench warmer in their main team.

      • But Spain won’t stand a chance against Argentina. They like ball possession and that’s perfect against Argentina. They have better midfield I agree but ONLY BETTER OFFENSIVELY, that’s about it. Argentina midfield is stronger defensively. Plus, Argentina has stronger defense, goalie, and attack.

        Don’t compare it one by one but it is extremely tough to score against Argentina especially when Cuti and Emi are there no wonder they are unbeaten in 3 years or so. Not to mention they only conceded 2 goals in their last 12 games against all South American heavy weight teams.

        Fact: Argentina conceded just 1 goal in the games where both Emi and Cuti started in the history of Argentina futbol. And that was a PK goal by Colombia’s Muri. All other games where they both started, Argentina conceded 0 goal.

        That is an insane record! We are talking about 0 goal against: Brazil 2 times, Uruguay 2 times, Peru, and Paraguay.

        Please don’t tell me that Spain has better defense or goalie or attack.

      • Spain mid is strong but when come to three vs three Argentine mid is not far koke better than depaul? Lol
        Any day de paul is better player than him..Busquets day is already over.. Pardes, even gudio better than busquets.. Pedri, thiago are good player. Yes they can easily call 6/7 good mid players name but we only 3 maybe 4 thats the difference.. But in main 3vs 3 we are not far behind

      • No one should call you names, or show hatred. There should not be any place for that.

        Being a fan does not mean you just say every player is best in the world and we are the best in the world. That is kind of dumb and childish and it happens over here a lot. A true fan accepts good and bad. Supports the team even when we are not the best and everybody’s favorite.

        I am cautiously optimistic. Super happy we won the Copa. Takes some burden off. We should aim for semi final and plan and prepare well for that. After that you need luck and other factors. We had little bit of luck on our side in Copa too. Its needed to win something big.

      • But their attackers are garbage Ferran, Morata, Oyarzabal, Olmo, Asensio, Gerard Moreno full of B category, neither of them are game changers, we have at least 4.

        • Discussion is about our midfield obviously our attack is great. But im not much convinced about our midfield. Our midfield is defensively solid bt other than that they struggle for creativity. I still have doubts over our midfield and right back spot.

          • > they struggle for creativity.

            Any creative shortcomings are due to tactics, not player quality. GLC and RDP on their day are incredibly creative. Scaloni does get it right sometimes. Notice games GLC is deeper next to Paredes and RDP aka energizer bunny focusing on the right but given freedom to run anywhere.

      • – Lol Spain

        You called out 1 country and that’s even debatable. Which other countries are so clearly better that you react with LOL…can you even name 3?

        I don’t think we’re #1 but our starting trio are up there. GLC and RDP on their day challenge ANY Spaniard. Paredes lacking defensive hunger but he holds possession and distributes really well.
        Spain may have more quality mids but main 3v3 isn’t so clear.

    • Our midfield is very very good and I would think in the top 3 of the world. The thing is how do we say which midfield is the best. It’s a juvenile argument saying who is at bench in which club. We all know it depends on various factors.Coach, system at club etc. For me it’s ultimately a test of chemistry and how much players are “dying” for each other as well as individual talent. I think we have a great mix of midfield players to play systems.And its evident that they play for each other. And we have some players in there who have vision and talent.

  7. So far three of the four most requested/booked matches in the WC are Argentina games (the group stage matches)

    Tell me again that Scaloni is bad and hasn’t restored belief in this country. Vamos La Scaloneta!!

    • @olive You can’t change the perception of some people hence better to ignore. If someone feels unbeaten record is easy to achieve in SA,then there is no basis for argument.

    • That is so so true. I like may here know how i felt around 2018 even in the build up to 2018 I knew we would not make it far(coach changes, changing team over two years etc). I remember in this site people talking about how Argentina is “finished”. To me what I see today brings immense joy even tears to my eyes. Seeing the beloved team doing not only well but giving hope , riding on hope. All thanks to Scaloni and co. I want Scaloni and team to be in charge beyond 2022 unless of course something absolutely incredibly bad happens. I think the coaching group is great now.

  8. Feeling sad for Luka romero at the start of the season he was our best young prospect along with matias soule now both yet to start in first eleven. I dont know why lazio not giving luka a 30mnt run

  9. Happy for him to make his debut, hope he can make more 1st division appearances and make a name for himself. If he can get regular play time, have an impact on his team and keep/improve form, I believe he has a chance to be picked for WC. Same I think goes for Soulé. Could be smart to keep calling these two before WC

    Both look like future stars to me. They might be young and inexperienced on the big stage, but some type of players can still thrive in a tournament setting with the right mentality and attributes such as willpower, grit, pace, dribbling ability and eye for goal. From the limited minutes I’ve seen from them, I think both of them have these attributes
    Best of luck to their future!

    • 2022 Garnacho vs

      Blackburn U18
      Chelsea U23
      Leicester U23
      Everton U23
      Wolverhampton U18
      Leicester U18

      (I posted with https links but they are awaiting moderation… Don’t know why sometimes you can make links and sometimes not? Youtube should be whitelisted for links @royn )

  10. Felt so proud when the commentator said “ 17 year old Spanish born ARGENTINE winger Alejandro Garnacho “ hope it stays that way 🙂

  11. It’s easy to blame rulli
    I literally watch most of the mundo fan’s blame rulli !
    Anyone can have bad day doens’t mean he is bad throughout the season!
    He is consistent in laliga throughout the season! Eventually he did a man of the match performance against Juve + good performance against Bayern!!
    So called in one bad game rulli is bad?? Wtf 😒
    Secondly musso topic he is horrible throughout the season for Atalanta
    Gasprini even remove him some matches cz of his poor performance!
    Anyone can have a bad game doesn’t mean he is bad😞

      • That is the same thing that many telling against foyth. He played well against Bayern but made one blunder in the penalty box. If rulli is error prone means same goes for foyth as well. Most of here ignoring rullis performance in la liga especially against real and judging him based on one match. Rulli is most probably going to be the back up of emi. That’s why he had given the chance against a tough opponent like Ecuador and Armani played against an easy opponent at home.

    • You are not getting the point. We are not judging him based on several matches especially UCL home game against Man United and League game vs Atletico Madrid. His errors are very costly. Some of those shots he should have catches them instead of punching.
      Thirdly his height will be a problem

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