Juan Foyth of Villarreal nominated for Champions League Player of the Week


Juan Foyth of Villarreal has been nominated for the Champions League Player of the Week.

Foyth was part of the Villarreal team which lost 2-0 vs. Liverpool at Anfield but was one of Villarreal’s better players. Up against Luis Diaz, the Argentine more than held his own as he helped shut down the Colombian.

Still only 24 years old, the right back has done well this season. He is up against Karim Benzema of Real Madrid, Bernardo Silva of Manchester City and Thiago of Liverpool for the award.


  1. https://youtu.be/NTl6VGvsP-8
    Everybody is praising Foyth. See at 2.30 min mark of the video. Why is nobody is talking about this? Foyth was always a great tackler and good on 1v1. So, it’s no wonder he has been successful on shutting down Diaz & Coman (to some extent). But my problem with him has been always this type of action at 2.30. He loses the ball in dangerous areas. Something similar also happended against Bayern. But, i agree. He should be in 26 man sqaud.

    • This we discussed here before. He’s over confident on ball. As a defender he’s should first clear the danger than believing in his skills. He has done this before as well. It can be corrected by a good coach.

  2. Foyth is progressing which is great for us. He is starting to earn his place.
    The key word here is EARN.
    He admitted that he is still nervous and has made mistakes but is learning. If he stays on this path then he may be our starter. But if the cup was tomorrow he would still sit behind one or two rb. This is not fifa or Sony PlayStation. We have two guys that have EARNED that spot!
    But again I’m so happy that he is getting better and would be happy that he earns the starting spot.

    Also, I heard that Icardi is still a punk traitor. Karma is a B.

        • So yes, by filling his role and doing what was asked if him especially in the pressure of a tournament, he has earned it. You have to understand that skill alone isn’t enough, you need to have wits and hard nerves. Look at demechilles, at club he was amazing, but every tournament he made great fatal mistakes for us.

          • Fluke? As a fan how can you say that? We waited for 28 years for a cup. We just gave it away the copa during 2004. 2015 and 16 were lot easier to win but we still couldn’t manage it. This time the pressure was immense. Another final, opponents with high quality + the winning streak in that ground. Also Montiel hadn’t played till semis. Just imagine foyth in that position during that final. Montiel extra ordinary courage and concentration just helped Argentina there. And you mocked that great performance by saying it as ‘fluke’. 😏

          • The idea of “flukes” in football is often a myth. You don’t accidentally play like he did in that final. That doesn’t mean I want him to start every game, in fact I want Foyth to be given a chance to see how he has improved, but the idea that Montiel (fluke or not) has done nothing for us is ridiculous.

          • @vishnuvenu there was lots of factor.
            1.depaul covered him and always double team with him that helped him
            2.brazil had no fast wingers that makes his job easier
            3.neymar played more centrally because of jesus suspension that also helped him
            4.romero also was fantastic that day made his job easier
            We can’t judge a player by a single match. Otherwise goetze would have regarded as the best forward ever as he single handedly won Germany the world Cup final. Montiel was destroyed by diaz in semi final also he was poor against equador last time he played. He is not getting any minutes at Sevilla how can someone start for us in a crucial wc match at rb without even having regular minutes not like he is super talented or something like that

          • I think this is our first victory against the Brazilians without conceding even 1 goal from them in a competitive match since that famous 90wc victory. If I am mistaken please rectify me. And this is due to montiels great performance. You cannot call this one heck of a performance as Fluke.

          • In qualifiers he just recovered from an injury. He played good for Sevilla when started for them especially against real. He pocketed vinicius in that match. Sevilla were playing great when Montiel was in the playing 11. He improved his attacking play there and occasionally make valuable crosses which were always threatning for the opposition defense. Vinicius also played in that last 10 min in thefinal and couldn’t dribble past the tired montiel. I like the current foyth improvement but Montiel is really a NT material.

          • If u recall, foyth was scalonis first choice about 5-7 months ago. Then he made mistakes and fell in fitness.
            Look everyone here hopes that foyth continues this level of play and even gets better. We r just saying that we have players who not only served us but did and answered what was asked of them to do. So foyth has to use this as extra motivation and earn this spot. If he continues like this the rest of this year then he will most likely be the starter.

        • Whole Argentina right side was overcrowded by Argentina player, Montiel did not make single clean tackle on Neymar. Tackles on Vini Jr and on Emerson would have been yellow card in European Football.

      • Ya he hasnt been in wars at the Copa Libertadores at all, he never shut down Neymar, etc. I dont think he should be starting, but saying he hasnt shown to be a reliable defender in top level games is dumb. River is in the elite clubs of s.America, its natural we habe many players coming from there, Boca, etc.

      • Anuparno, not that Montiel is an elite RB, he’s no Zanetti nor even a Zabaleta but you don’t get signed by Sevilla, one of the best clubs in Spain for the lack if some talent at least.

  3. But according some Losers of Mundo Foyth can’t be our go to Right Back Cause A rookie manager who never managed a club believes so 🤣🤣.

    • For thick pelotudos like you. Pep Guardiola on Scaloni and Argentina:

      “The thing about experience is a big lie in football. I always told that to my players at Barcelona, at Bayern and now at City on the Champions League final. Milan was winning 3-0 against Liverpool in the first half. And Milan had an experienced team, guys of a thousand battles like Cafu, Dida, Nesta, Pirlo, Maldinin, Gattuso, Crespo, Inzaghi… And they lost! In 20 minutes in the second half and it became 3-3!

      “I have seen little of Scaloni’s team but as for the results, it’s been a while he hasn’t lost. And that gives you strength, unbeaten… And he always has Messi, who knows that he alone can win it for you. Or not win it alone but the unique capabilities of being able to generate two or three chances out of nothing per match, to give it to players like Di Maria, Lautaro or Julian Alvarez. It’s a great advantage in those tournaments.

      “Argentina are a candidate. Self-esteem is essential. More if you already won the Copa America. It depends how they get there…”

    • Foyth is center back in trade can play righ back but not morden full back having say that he must in Argentina squad in place of montiel and Quarta simple as that.He will be usefull for us for the big games against fast wingers. Personally I will drop both Quarta and montiel based thier game time for thier respective Clubs.

    • If Scaloni doesn’t start him than he doesn’t start him. Doesn’t matter whether people on a forum want him to start or not

      • Scaloni will pick him. Actually people here in this forum hate foyth not scaloni. He may still start Molina as a more attacking option but im sure this type of performance in ucl doesn’t go unnoticed and he will be called up.

        • Explain to me how anyone here hates Foyth. Yes, there are people that have some doubts or prefer Molina. Some people worry he may commit mistakes again which he has multiple times for us and some of his clubs. Some think he’s simply not a natural right back so he shouldn’t play every game. But nobody hates him or wants him castigated. I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t mind giving him another chance to see how he’s improved and find out where/when he could be used. But apparently anything less than saying Foyth is the best right back in the world apparently makes you a Foyth hater.

  4. Today, Alejandro Garnacho debuted for ManU. In the injury time.
    Congratulations for the senior debut. Grow and earn the senior Argentina debut as well.

  5. Senesi captain of Feynoord…a calm player…leader…good in air…good in reading the game…good in interception…good in passing…good in tackle..what a CB needed more..?

  6. Senesi captaining feynarood and they r beating Marseille by 2 goals and a lovely pass from senesi but man he is slow no wonder scaloni didn’t select him yet. A slow cb can cause trouble in the back.

  7. Foyth was great yesterday. Playing some player on is not a mistake especially when you not playing in a high line. Liverpool was far superior and deserved the win yesterday match again showed rulli is not yet ready for the big stage like wc yet. Now emi Martinez armani and musso. This 3 will surely go. Rulli or ladesma will only go if scaloni picks 4 goalkeepers

    • We can’t rely on an error prone keeper. One mistake is enough to lose the match. It’s the most important position in a team. I will always go with Musso as Emi’s backup. He’s not great but good enough as backup.

  8. Like Romero on one vs one Foyth is also supper..i am waiting when he start as a CB of his club..may be after world cup he will be the best option to pair with romero..as a right back nowadays he also played good.

    • Foyth is good enough to be in the 26 (if it’s 26) as a back-up CB or emergency RB or if Scaloni wants to defend a lead. His versatility providing his good run of form may have him included in the end, especially if it’s more than 23 players.

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