Argentina among top countries requesting Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup tickets


Argentina is among the countries which is requesting the most tickets for the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup.

FIFA have announced that 23.5 million fans have requested World Cup tickets in the latest draw. All three of Argentina’s group matches at the World Cup are in the top four most popular games:

Argentina vs. Mexico
Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia
England vs. United States of America
Argentina vs. Poland

Along with hosts Qatar, Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the United States are the countries requesting the most tickets.


  1. Well this is no surprise, The Albiceleste is one of the most loved National teams in the world for years. Added to that now they have a must watch player like Messi, most of the football fanatics wont miss such a chance of a lifetime to meet us play.Have to say this, Brazil is the second most loved team in the world. These two latin ametican nations have been mesmerizing the fans for years.

    On another note i havent seen any player as selfish as Mbappe, even CR7 is better than this guy. If not for Mbappe,Messi would have got atleast 15 goals in the league. Messi meanwhile gives assists to these selfish players left and right. Its sad to see Messis goal scoring struggles due to these J***s.

  2. Enzo Fernandez with an 85% pass succession rate from 91 passes, 5 chances created and 2 assists, 4 shots with 2 on target and 1 goal and 9 ball recoveries. Yet another tremendous performance from the 21-year-old. His progress has been amazing to watch.

  3. Hat trick from Julian Alvarez and Enzo Fernandez scored a goal and 2 assits. 2 gems of river plate. We should not be concerned about lautaro replacement when Julian Alvarez is in such a form. I love to see enzo Fernandez to be called up by scaloni. Scaloni needs to integrate him enzo and Alvarez will be our trumpcard in wc. Im excited to see this 2 playing together for Argentina in wc

  4. Emi Buendia played really well against Norwich he looked more confident and solid. He is gaining confidence he was fast and outmussling others.Good to have another option for Left Winger and Midfielder.

  5. There will be a youth tournament u20 called Toulon Tounament in France starting May 29th until June 12th 2022 which is exactly a week after the last date of European leagues (serie A, EPL, La Liga etc).

    Argentina u20 is invited along with France, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Ghana, and some others. I think this is the tournament that Mascherano was talking about.

    The timing is perfect, just a week after the European league last date. So I think we will see Garnacho, Soule, Luka, Carboni brothers and many others here. Btw Spain is not invited, so no way Garnacho will represent Spain.

    In about 2 weeks, we should find out our full squad.

  6. Good news!!! Licha Martinez is being monitored closely by Man U and Barca….I hope he plays for Man U becoz of his former coach Eric ten hag know him very well…or Barca is also not a bad option…🤞✌️

    • Ehh, I see what you mean about Ten Hag but I am very wary about Man U. I would like Barcelona since they are obviously going to eventually improve and he could be a crucial part of that. Not to mention Cuti is definitely going to upgrade clubs in the future and I believe he likes the idea of playing at Barca and was linked last year

      • I would love to have him in barca coz I’m a a childhood barca fan always but ten hag will also choose him as a first option in playing 11 jst like in ajax…jst want him to get the EPL exposure

      • The last CB / LB was Rojo and he too faced issues but mostly due to injury. He did have a short period where he did really well though but still NO MANU pls..

    • Lo celso created beautiful chances plus one assist. An easy chance wasted by him to score a goal. So in which position scaloni can utilise more of lo celo? Central mid like today or a right mid like against Bayern? Lo celso has the ability to cut inside and can give through passes. Only weakness may be aerial duals and lacking that fighting mentality like de Paul or Romero. Once the opponent dominates lo celso may disappear quickly. If the team is in full form lo celso would be one of the most influential player in that match. That Thiago just marked lo celso well in that UCL match. They know lo celso is the thread in villareal attack. But unfortunately he couldn’t manage it.

      • I think his best position is either a left-centre mid in a 4-3-3 or behind the striker in 4-2-3-1 as a number 10. Using him on the flanks is not ideal. As for aerial duels, it’s not a must in his role so I think it’s ok. Fighting spirit wise, he may not be as tenacious as De Paul but he does hustle. We missed Lo Celso vs Ecuador, I feel like he would have been much more useful than Mac Allister in that game. With Lo Celso on the field we somehow tend to see more of Messi in decisive action, he connects the dots as it were. Needs to become a better finisher though to really add his game to the next level.

        • Paredes isn’t forward driven, most of his passes are fairly safe ….. backwards and sideways. Since Paredes lacks creativity and forward progression, GLC is needed most deeper close to Paredes helping the ball progress out the back. Some of our best games were with GLC deep LCM B2B along side Paredes with RDP owning the right touch line with freedom to roam anywhere (acuna needed on left wing). Many see him as a 10 or SS but he is needed most deeper and besides, Messi, ADM, Gomez, etc are 10s so GLC isn’t needed as much as he is needed deeper.

      • Logically speaking, it wouldn’t make any sense for us to play Lo Celso as right mid because that is De Paul’s position and we obviously need to accommodate him. For now the “LPD” midfield is going to stay in the order of those letters. But Lo Celso can play right mid when De Paul is out and he is good at it

      • I disagree, Celso has bags of fighting spirit, the kid gets stuck in and doesn’t ignore his defensive duties, which was one of the reasons why Mourinho loved him so much.
        Gio’s natural position is CM, that’s where he gets to take the ball deep in his own half and drives it forward and the fact that he hasn’t played in his natural position for club since…..I don’t know, since LAST season speaks volumes about his ability because even with Villareal he’s playing out of position on the right side of 4-4-2 and with the NT sometimes he playes on the left side of 4-4-2 but at the end of the day he always manages to make an impact.

        • Locelso should always be veering toward the left and forward. His position is left.
          DePaul roams around although he is kind of positioned on the center right. Paredes does have some creativity in passes, he just needs to control his temper and stay focused.

  7. PSG wants to keep Mbappe, a player who is selfish and greedy like Neymar. Unlucky for Messi…he’s a local boy..!
    But a team and coach working only for a player? Who is leaving next month? Ignoring the GOAT..!?
    Mbappe pass the ball to Messi only when he thinks he has no option to shoot… Neymar is not different.
    Messi will ruin his career(I believe he has 2-3 seasons left in him at the top tier) if he stays there with these two idiots, they always wanted the glory. Team’s performance is secondary to them.
    Either Messi should go to a new team
    Else Mbappe and Neymar should be out.
    Pochettino is a puppet of PSG’s owner and Brazilian director. Shame on this club. They don’t have any value. They don’t know how a club should work.
    If Mbappe join Real..they will teach the lessons to Mbappe. Waiting for that…
    NOTE: As Messi scored the most important season winning goal in the last match…Mbappe and his friend Hakimi..were little sad…🤭

    • Yes, it is so apparent that Mbappe , Hakimi and some other players have formed a group whereas there is a South American group especially Brazilian one but Messi is not close with them. The only ones are Paredes, Di Maria and to some extent Icardi.
      Sad to see Paredes and Di Maria leaving P$G which will make Messi further depressed.

      Waiting desperately for June to our match vs Italy

    • I doubt Messi will be playing in psg next year. I know there’s contracts involved, but his back office team will find a way. I don’t think he’s happy.

  8. Its because one of our members here claims they he is flying in with a private jet and picking up everyone else for the match including romance king, Icardi and his soon to be x wife. Alot of stops and alot of tickets.
    I forgot the members name. “He excels in Scalonis bed tho” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • I believe we should also do a quick pit stop in Canada after getting Chori in the US to rescue Enganche from his underdeveloped country, and any other Canadians refugees there may be (assuming they have concrete runways over there)

    • Brazil hosted 2 World cups. Now Argentina also hosted 2 World cups. 🔥🔥🔥. Winning this wc means we have 3 WC in 3 continents. Closing down the record of Brazil.

    • Malayali groupism,, I hate you PPL,, everywhere forming groupism…
      Plz do not use the word mallu here..this is Argentina fans blog…
      Bengali tamilian everybody here in this blog..we never use our unique…
      I played for muhammdin sporting, Mahindra United,
      Rafi is my best friend… I can smell the brain of mallus

      • Sorry brother , I really didn’t mean to ,I’m deeply sorry for my mistake, we are ONE here and everywhere Vamos Albiceleste

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