Mateo Klimowicz of Stuttgart turns down Germany call-up, could play for Argentina


Mateo Klimowicz of Stuttgart has turned down three Germany call-ups and is eligible to play for the Argentina national team.

Klimowicz, who is born in Argentina, has represented Germany’s youth teams. Having played for them at the 2021 European Under-21 Championship, he has reportedly turned down three Germany call-ups.

Per a report by TyC Sports, the Argentine born midfielder turned down the chance to play for Germany as he might want to represent Argentina. His father Diego played for Wolfsburg and Borussia Dortmund.

The 21 year old played for Instituto in Argentine before making the switch over to Stuttgart in Germany. He played for the Argentine club at the age of 16 and in 2019 joined Stuttgart.


  1. Rulli cost Villareal a place in CL final, he can not handle pressure sometimes he looks like idiot in pitch out of position do not know what to do next kind of. Foyth and Lo celso had good game again.

  2. Villareal forget in a crucial time how to defend.. They defended fantastically through out an year.but failed in a very urgent situations

  3. Villareal play the first half like France 2018 and the second half totally different; to be frank, i suspect the “Match fixing” and Rulli becomes the culprit, he destroyed his career. Foyth and Lo Celso should be in Qatar 2022., Lo Celso first halt is par excellence.

    Well Congrats to YNWA fans, Salah wish to meet Real Madrid in the final.

  4. Foyth is ARGENTINIAN.
    He plays for the semi-finalists of the Champions League.
    We should be proud and happy!
    The more players play higher level the better for us.
    Now let MR. Scaloni decide which player he wants to select.
    Scaloni lead us to the Copa title and he has earned a little respect and we should have a little trust in his selections.
    If Scaloni decides Molina and Montiel so be it.
    If Scaloni decides Molina and Foyth so be it.
    I will support all three and so should you.

    • This is not the talking point.foyth is playing high level is good.if he select we have no problem. But the problem is some people always stick with foyth and have been quarelling,argiung,bad behaving with others.

    • Nice positive post ghost.

      I’m actually not sure what the RB fuss is about. If 26 squad + 9 defenders go, who at this point will go instead?
      LB – Tagliafico, Lisandro, Acuna
      CB – Otamendi, Romero, Pezzela
      RB – Foyth, Montiel, Molina

      RCB sub is largest gap in quality.
      LB: Acuna—–> Tagliafico / Lisandro
      LCB: Otamendi—–> Lisandro / Tagliafico
      RCB: Romero—–> Pezzela / Foyth
      RB: Molina / Montiel / Foyth

    • Agree with everyone except Mr. Brown. He seems like he is on a panic button and seems like he will always be on the panic button. So no argument. I am gonna support Scaloni. So far i am happy and even if screws up
      in the future there is nothing I can do. I ll just keep supporting and hoping for a cup.

    • Listen to this if you are open enough to be persuaded (it doesn’t matter what we think other than building that hope and rallying support for the NT):
      None of the managers won any international tournament…Not even Pekermen or Bielsa. They couldn’t win any of the 10+ tournaments they played since 2002 and it’s the overall mentality to shoot ourselves in the foot. And even Scaloni lost it in 2019 but he corrected his mistakes and his in game management is more satisfactory and he seem to learn from those mistakes. He’s a young coach but also one of the few guys who’s got a coaching badge unlike so many other managers…he’s got some chops, man! Wouldn’t you want to support a guy who gave us our 1st tournament win in 27yrs? 27yrs passed with several world class players that could never win an internal tournament incl. Messi (you’d riquelme, aimar, walter samuel, ayala, heinze, crespo, zanetti, sorin, mascherano, cambiasso, milito, redondo, simione and so many more).

      Having said that, do you really think we should change the coach at this juncture? It’s doing a Sampaoli again (I love the guy for daring to take the reigns when rest of the so-called giants were scared to manage the NT).

    • On this note, I can’t agree more except that I will still be a little less critical to Scaloni. He had Devine touch on two major changes in the team, for which one reasonable person can question his selection. But he also took some good selection choices. Let’s see whether he follows the trend line or deviate from it.

  5. Foyth is the best RB in the world. it is proven.
    How is proven? what question is this. Mr Brown believe that. i trust him.
    He is from developed country. he knows better than us from underdeveloped countrys.

    • No I disagree, Foyth is the best central defender, DM and right back in the world. How dare you to minimize his talents. Only a person from underdeveloped country can say that.

      Che, Juani Foyth también es el mejor cinco, si hace falta – un nueve, no solo un lateral increíble….él es el fútbol encarnado!

      • It seems you still didn’t get it right, Mr. Brown. There are no issues about World Bank categorization of developed vs developing countries based on economics. What is wrong (and racist) is applying that economic model to classify people by their intelligence level, which you did in the other post.

        Do not beat around the bush, which some people from the developed nations are good at.

        I’m still waiting to hear which developed nation is blessed with an iconoclast like you!

      • Foyth is best for Argentina who can not see this are blind. After showing that kind of performance week after week,month after month they are saying Montiel is better and should play over Forth, these f****ng inland Argentine fans live in world upside down.

    • yes true. i admit it. i am obsessed with your football knowledge.
      No bad feelings that you don t give a shit about me. you are excused because you are from developed country !!!
      yes yes you got a fan sure. your knowledge attract me like a magnet !!!
      keep up giving us your lights man.
      i will be around.

  6. Anuparno sorry. the offer was about Mr Brown and kevin. By mistake i write your name. i wanted to write Mr Brown.

  7. What a childish argument on Foyth.. 1st he is not RB. 2nd in whole UCL he was just doing defending. He didn’t make FW runs. So he cant cross too… He is just a Right Side CB… whose jobs is to defend in villareal and he played good in UCL and La liga. But for national we have other options…

    • Molina will go to big club in summer don’t worry about him.. He is still far better can atleast do something in attack. What foyth do in attack ? He cant cross half way line… Go and check his map… Then argue….

      • As per your logic klopp would have never playe TAA. as RB. becuase they have best 3 FW in PL. they have 2nd best mid field and one of the best CBs pair in PL. he still play attacking LB and RB. second goal was also assist from attcking RB… As a team you always need more attacking player.

    • Montiel did what he told to do in copa america. What foyth did will all know about it. At 94 mint he become messi and try dribble past…

    • Around 65th minute of the game Luis Diaz dribbles past Foyth way too easily. Apart from not contributing much in overlap he does not always hold his line either.

  8. I hear you! Sucks to see our own player being the culprit! The guy’s heading for Mexican league after this and if not, he’ll be goint to a team far lower than Villareal’s calibre! Regardless, a mammoth effort from the team to get this far and they should be applauded!

    • i wonder my friend who is more obsessed. Romance king with wife of Icardi or kevin/Mr brown with Foyth. this is a real question.

      • Why don’t you guys ever nominate me for the hall of shame or for the troll or for anything. I’m offended. Please include me in the next list, thanks.

    • Then GTFO here troll, foul mouth is how you have been behaving here. Go and use other Google Chrome recommendations which would take you elsewhere. You have been disrespectful from day one, not to mention that your thesis about Scaloni is ridiculous and demonstrably false.

      • People don’t tend not to call names if opinion are expressed in civilized manner, which is not your case Mr_Brown. You even managed to lash out against the blog itself and its creators. But that’s ok, you will get the taste of your own medicine here.

  9. Anuparno i have notice that you are manager of Foyth and you promote him regularly here like kevin so i have an offer. if you give me 10% of the profits you guys earn from promos i will start to promo your customer too !!! i promise i can do it in dayly basis. you , kevin and me we can make impact about Foyth in Mundo. maybe i can convince and some of my friends to support our Foyth cause too !!! think about my offer.

    this one is for free.
    Foyth is the best player in the world after Icardi and Levandowski.

    • – And Scaloni Is same level as Pep and Klopp

      Straw man

      – 2 bum are preferred over Proven Battle Tested player like Foyth

      i confess I’m a massive Foyth supporter and i badly want to him included but how you can sit there with a straight face and omit facts like Foyth fucking BOTCHING it on multiple very important occasions. Foyth was Scalonis starter until his brain dead moments. Btw, i do think under his current form, hell be back.

      Also, there is also no need to put down Montiel or Molina just to prop up Foyth.

      – and Clowns Scaloni Sexuals

      I thought I’d heard every insult under the sun. You surprise me Mr Brown, your range of insults is vast.

      – will defend his rookie nobody ass

      Silly statement. That insult applied at some point under Scanloni’s tenure but now, we have fucking solid squad, depth, and gold silverware, if you’re incapable of acknowledge something so important, then there isn’t much to discuss since you will always be negative.

  10. Hopefully no injury to Emi martinez…. Else others are very scary. Rulli. Armani. Musso…. Expecting ladesema or banitez called for matches in june…. For foyth. He is just Right side CB. He can defend with few errors… But can’t give you anything in the attack..

  11. There’re some players who can’t keep their level and are so inconsistent and it will only impact the NT at the most inopportune moment. Foyth bled for a couple games and made us lose points in Qualifiers at the beginning! He may work fine in a settled team but not in a team that’s finding it’s way…he’s not somebody who can shore-up everyone around him. He doesn’t have the chops other than being a back-up player and let’s hope we get to use him very sparingly during the worldcup!

    Rulli doesn’t deserve to be in the 26 man roster as much as it’s hard for him to swallow after a string of wonderful saves! His main problem is his consistency and he’s similar to Caballero from 2018 (he’s an excellent keeper in his prime too) and no way I would want him around the team at this point other than after the worldcup and for friendlies! Get chances for Benitez and Ledesma…No stupid keepers like Rulli and Armani, for goodness sake!

    Lo Celso sealed his place for the worldcup with his performances as he offers something unique to the NT. Hope he improves and establishes himself more while staying away from those injuries!

    • You called Molina and Montiel two bums. You are an idiot. You didn’t even know Montiel had been injured earlier this season. Molina maybe not good defensively as he is offensively is more productive.

    • Is Molina a bum? My perspective is that he can be a back-up for Molina if we need to be defensive and perhaps even play Ocampos instead of Montiel! But again, Montiel showed-up in the Copa Final and perhaps we need to be fair to him but I don’t know!

      • Ignore Mr Brown. Scaloni can never follow his shallow advice. So according to his foolish logic Depaul was a Bum since he had never played UCL.
        He is contradicting himself.

  12. Villareal lost the game but Liverpool save Argentina from another Disaster like 2018 world cup.. So thanks to villarreal and Liverpool.. What i always say about this shitty error prone and thats happened today..are you kidding me? Totally stupid! All 3 are done by great shitty ruli..Foyth Gio lo celso are palyed very well.

    • Well said. We could have ended with another Caballero. Now it’s time for Scaloni stop his idiocy and give chance to Walter Benitez and Senesi

      • I don’t know about Senesi, Asaph! Heard that the guy is genuinely slow and perhaps a decent version of Fazio of the old! I rooted for the later for years until really seeing what’s the deal during the worldcup’18 which was an absolute nightmare! It’s better to have pacey defenders like Medina instead and should get rid of LMQuarta, Pezzella etc.

        And yes, agree that Benitez should be tried if he didn’t choose France already.

  13. Liverpool looked like a mid table team in the first half. Their so called world class defense and goal keeper shattered. If it had been 3-0 then villareal might had been gone for their defensive approach. That save was the turning point. Lo celso didn’t go for the chip shot. Fabinhos goal was also a defensive error.

  14. Jurgen klopp was keeping down andy robertson because of lo celso and moreno in both legs.Klopp respect lo celso and totally switch off in right side.though moreno had not in the first leg.klopp had been planning relentless attack on right side of the pitch with alexender arnold and salah and fabinho.only luis diaz have created problems for vilkareal.emery should have done better with proper game plan.if emery stop liverpool right side threat with an extra man then klopp had to go forward with andy Robertson.And if andy Robertson came forward the full right side area may be oppened for villareal.emery tactics was predictable. Kloop was smart with both lags.

  15. Liverpool was always going to win Villarreal has no stars and all players r mediocre except only foyth. Locelso is also decent bt he is not world class. They can’t continue the intensity for whole 90 minutes. Even in 1st leg Villarreal played well until 1st half and then bottled under pressure. They are exhausted not easy. And fresh diaz came when Villarreal defenders were tired and bogus rulli ruined it all.

    • It’s Rulli all over! The tactics from Emery were great and the players showed-up as well except the GK who’s a jelly! Have seen this guy time and again and he’s similar to Karius except he’s a lot more consistent in the league! He’s at best a 3rd back-up keeper!

      And comeon man, you say Lo Celso was not world class? He’s an elite midfielder! Check his runs, work rate, defending and creativity! The guy is Argentinian and not a lot of takers for us in Europe for a number of years! A player like Messi gets his reputation tarnished (all the more special as to how he managed to play like this and get the awards), Di Maria gets kicked out after winning Real the CL, Paredes (perhaps the best deep lying playmaker who 95-99% of the time doesn’t put a foot wrong) who they plan on getting rid of, De Paul & Correa who’re subs etc…

      I am looking forward to Inter next year if De Paul and Paredes goes there and Lautaro stays!

      And why keep saying Foyth is excellent on almost every post? That’s a weird obsession! He’s a defensive fullback and he’s going to always be a back-up defender and never in a starting 11 unless absolutely called for! Nothing special but also not bad from him which makes him “average”!

      • Foyth average?? 😆😆😆 lol ur montiel can’t even start regularly and diaz made montiel
        Look like a kindergarten kid 😂😂🤣

        • @Anuparno, You seem to be obsessed all over Foyth! Are you one of these cringe posters like Romance King from the past? Weird obsession, dude! And htf did you come-up with the assumption that I stated Montiel needs to be in starting 11? Learn to be a little unbiased in reviewing players performances…Nobody gives you a dollar to post on their behalf!

      • No, he handled him alright but the issue was the keeper, man! Sick to watch stupid keeping at a level like this! It smacks right on the face to watch those mistakes for spectators who wants a good match!

          • I stopped watching after the 1st goal from LV tbh! But not surprised b/c the guy is a central defender and a converted right-back who’s troubled with pacey wingers. He does alright but he needs somebody to support him.

  16. This is not a good sign for Rulli . Underperforming in big matches…
    We cannot judge player by just couple of match performances.. but definitely this year Rulli will not get Argentina call up,, may be in future he will get chance,, if he gain his confidence back .
    Scaloni would have watched this match for sure…He is not in good form, Surely he will drop him out from 26men squad…
    Emi, Musso , Benitez , better choices (may be Ledessma, but never tried him in big tournament like UCL or Europa)

  17. Rulli plays cause he is one of the best with feet. He, Armani and Musso are average keepers from what ive seem from them. EMI is our hope. Rulli made mistakes but Liverpool would have reached final wo it too. We have to try Walter Benitez in friendlies.

  18. lmao y’all are such fairweather ffans, two days ago people were saying rulli over dibu now he shouldn’t even be picked. frfr he is good enough to be a backup he is playing against liverpool with a subpar defense. if he had cuti and otamendi in front he would play ok but not dibu level. stop letting a few results change your image of a player this is a longstanding project and obviously the coach knows which players to choose

    • You are a blind man.didn’t know about football. Rulli is so poor when opposition press high.when fullbacks give cross into box rulli had done stupid things.either he come out the bar or catchable ball give punch.he is so poor.Against high quality Counter attacking team he will have nightmare

    • So you forget about Karius of Liverpool, G. Rulli performance before Semi was Amazing.But both leg of Semi he is terrible😖

      • Incredibly inconsistent and I get the vibes of Caballero in 2018. No way I want this guy in the 26 man roster!

  19. That three goal was not rulli fault.that fault is fabinho,luise diaz,sadio mane.those who are rulli fan see those goals.and juan foyth. You can’t play attacking football with a defend who play as a right back.he will play as a cb but not RB. He hardly go forward.juan foyath is so defencive didn’t know how to to go forward how give a perfect long ball pass.

  20. I said it earlier in the first half Rulli cannot be relied. Rulli such an idiot for conceding such a goal. Those defending him can see how bad he is. As for Foyth and Locelso they have been fantastic

  21. If opposition press hard or comes near Rulli becomes unstable in his mentality, no LA Liga team presses like that so Rulli is having some judgement problem.

    • Yeah that lo celso chance looks like a clear penalty. Allison bloody shit. Tackled lo celso just ignored him to score in this world watching game

  22. Want Villarreal to win but also city. If Villarreal go through with RM, RM are thrashing Villarrea.

  23. Fight till last minute. All the best lo celso foyth and rulli. Its been a privilege to watch you guys and reached till here. Go on keep improving.

  24. He’s got 4 appearances for the under 21 Germany team… We should keep an eye on him..
    Germany produces a lot of talents and they’re interested in him.. So Mache hopefully considers him…

  25. Thanks Roy I was just wondering how good is he and he why denied to represent the German team. Hopefully Macherano is aware of the situation and give him a call. Germany can piss off with our players they got some nerves

    • @insider He has a German citizen ship.
      Also, according to his stats for the season he really isn’t that good,… Yet. Other than the fact he is signed to Stuttgart, he doesn’t have much time on field.

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