Lisandro Martínez out injured for the rest of the season for Ajax


Lisandro Martínez is out for the rest of the season for Ajax.

Martínez is suffering from a muscle injury and will not take part in the three remaining matches this season. The club confirmed it on Wednesday.

The Argentine has played 24 league matches this season, eight in the Champions League and four in the league cup. Argentina play Italy on June 1 in the Finalissima at Wembley in London, England.


  1. Godin11
    I think it is quite harsh to say that Buendia is better then Lo Celso when Buendia yet to prove himself in top flight football. He did all that with Norwich in second tier but yet to prove himself in top flight. Im not dissing Buendia or denying about his potential but if you consider him better then Lo Celso then it is very harsh. Lo Celso considered one of highly rated member by our coaching staff and it ain’t fluke that Aimar admire him so much. There is reason he moved from Spurs and it was better move definitely. He does all the work behind the scene it goes unnoticed, like his movements and passing. Even if you think about this season he did give quite good performances in CL. He was even man of the match in few games I believe. There is no way Buendia has any competition with Lo Celso if it comes to National team and even in club football Buendia has lot of catching up to do. I don’t know what you guys define when you say WORLD CLASS but for me it matter when they click for Argentina doesn’t matter if they are world class or not for club football. If our players doesn’t get injured then we have a very good midfield against anyone. We just need good back up to back them up. Also Foyth yet to live up his potential tbh. I hate to see him in RB personally. He was meant to one of our brightest prospect in CB positions. Unless Montiel and Molina mess up hard or get injured then i don’t see him getting in RB position to be fair. For CB… yes he can be added. Also I think there is atleast 1 spot still available to grab in cb position.

    • Bro with respect I see your argument
      Lo celso suppose to be is creative player How many chance does create let it a lone assists or score goals, did you see how weak lo celso shootings is? almost embarrassing …. finally you will never find me or see my post me using our players in world class term
      Because they aren’t expect great man Lionel messi. I can bring whole lot statics between celso and Buendia
      But no need I watched both of them playing For me is Buendia that is my opinion mind that I’m not saying Buendia deserves to play nt that different story .Just taking player to player to add that celso playing arg nt doesn’t mean he automatically better then other players.

      • Godin 11 this is just embarassing. It is not nice when you deeply going for the analysis of lo celso just to win your argument and comparing him with buendia. I am not against buendia. If that is the case means as a winger how much threat does Nico possess in attack? As a RB how good foyth is inaking ball forward?

  2. There still are people who think Lo Celso is not world class ? GLC should be an undisputed starter for us. And someone wrote Richarlison is ? You need to be really naive about football to think that. Our midfield is certainly world class.

  3. here is plenty of option in argentina mid but you have to choose only 7 of them..

    RDP,Paredes,G.celso,Gomes,Lanzini,a.correa,j.correa,Guido,Enzo,Baundia,palacious,domingues,alexis macllister,zaracho,lamela etc..

    my bet with..

    from the creativity perspective glc is not bad .. gomes or lanzini would be great choice to replace him..
    enzo has grit to match with rdp..
    correa is match with forward player guido in defence .. they names as midfielder

    • I like the players you mention. I do rate Lamela much higher than LoCelso even with Lamela being injury-prone. Whenever Lamela played in his limited roles for the NT he always performed great. He was never given an opportunity to play 3 consecutive games or full 90 minutes – just like Dybala!

  4. Guys, I’m worried about our NT WC chances. What do you guys truly feel (no fanatics but true observations)? I know we just won Copa, but at the end of the day, no one will remember 40 years from now.

    I look at Brazil and it’s not the same team we beat this past Copa. They have hungrier players, emerging players, and much improved players making a difference for their team. They also choose good career decisions and ensure they are 1st team players.

    Since Copa, DePaul is a rotation player, Paredes surgery, Emi is not the same stopper, DiMaria barely plays, and Messi is not in a good situation. The only solid player who is consistent is Cuti.

    As an unbiased NT fan, I think we as fans have gotten too cocky for winning Copa after so many years of failure. We forget we were a counter-attack away from being knockout by Colombia in Copa (Pezzela w/ the yellow card saving tackle on Luiz Diaz). Then penalty shootout. We held on for dear life against Brazil and we act like spoiled kids. Did we forget the year before they beat us 2-0 in 2019? Or 3-0 with their B/C squad against our A squad in 2007 Copa? What about our 4-3 friendly win (Messi hattrick) in which they managed to go toe to toe with a young inexperienced team. This is not me being a secret Brazil fan. I just want all of us to truly put things in perspective. When was the last time we beat Brazil 3-0?? How many times have they beaten us with more than 1 goal? I will admit they did avoid us from 2012 to 2015 (don’t think that was a coincidence). Honestly, I wish we beat them 3-0 in the final!

    Again, this is my observation. Don’t hate me. What are your guy’s thoughts? What do you guys see in LoCelso that I don’t see? I don’t rate him high. I think he is average (at best) and does his job, but what is the difference between him and say, Luca Biglia or Enzo Perez? To be even Vazquez (Sevilla/ Palermo) was better.

    I hope we turn things up in WC. Again I’ll say, I hope we play the best football we’ve played in 3 decades in WC 2022 and surprise the world.

    • We will cross that bridge when we come to it!! Argentina and Brazil can only cross path in the semi-final. Scaloni knows how to play against them and we have a match against them in June which will gives a good idea of their strength. Both teams will go all out against each other even though they have qualified.

      To answer your other question. Yes,our main players are either having poor season or warming the bench but if you look at it in a positive way they will be well rested!! Messi had a very relaxing season physically , Dimaria has played very few matches along with Depaul, Paredes and Locelso!! They will all be fresh unlike 2014 WC where our important players all came injured or half fit to the world cup!! Since most of these players have been playing together for almost 4 yrs they will need few matches to get back the chemistry they have built! My only concern is Messi’s scoring form. We need Leo to be back scoring regularly before the world cup. Even at 35 years of age Messi will still be our most important player!!

      • @SulaV Good point about 2014, NT players being well-rested, and having 4-year chemistry. Regarding Brazil: yes, you are right, “we will cross that bridge when we get there!” Good answer since there is plenty of time between now and then – the form of players can change.

        I’m anxious bro! I can’t be disappointed this time around my friend.
        I appreciate your feedback.

        • @wisdom: Brazil vs Argentina will be a close game and we will win by 1 goal. The reason why we are doing well is because we defend as a unit and then we attack as unit. We have finally got the balance and anything less than reaching the final would mean , we underachieved.
          Last world cup, we were not even sure of starting 11 so we should rejoice the moment. Copa America Champions and soon, we get a chance vs Italy to make another mark.
          I don’t know about you but I’m hopeful that we will win Arg vs Brazil match in June.

    • No need of winning 3-0 or 4-0. Just get a win by 1-0 and can still a dominate a match. We were always that kind of team. Not only against Brazil but against most of them. We dominated Brazil during the home qualifiers of 2018 wc. But we lacked the finishing touch and game was ended in a 1-1 draw. 2007 copa also we had chances. Brazil were just waiting there and looking for the fast counters. We were always toe to toe against the Brazilians but something lacked to finish them off. 2019 copa also the referee just helped them. We just want that killing mentality against that bananas.

    • Wisdom, you seem like a very honest person and i will try to answer your question which you have put it very respectfully. But my reply also goes to some other people in here who constantly rate the yellow team as the invincible flawless team! Don’t get me wrong, Brazil has always been our rival and one of the greats, like us, but we should put things as they really stand!

      So, Argentina-Brazil head to head as of 16 November 2021. Here we go:

      World cups: 4 matches played, 1 win Argentina, 2 wins Brazil, 1 draw. 3 goals for Argentina in total, 5 for Brazil.

      Copa america: 34 matches played, 16 wins for Argentina, 10 wins for Brazil, 8 draws. 53 goals for Argentina in total, 40 for Brazil.

      Confederetions cup: 1 match played, 1 win for Brazil, the infamous 4-1.

      World cup qualifications: 9 matches played, 2 wins for Argentina, 4 wins for Brazil, 3 draws. 9 goals for Argentina in total, 15 for Brazil.

      Panamerican championship: 3 games played, 1 win each, 1 draw, 4 goals each.

      Total official matches: 51 matches played, 20 wins for Argentina, 18 wins for Brazil and 13 draws. 70 goals for Argentina in total, 68 for Brazil.

      Therefore, we have the upper hand in both wins and goals scored when it comes for official matches.

      They are ahead of us, only if we include friendlies as well. Therefore, total including friendlies: 109 matches played, 40 wins for Argentina, 43 wins for Brazil and 26 draws. 162 goals in total for Argentina, 166 for Brazil.

      Moreover, biggest win between the two rivals: Argentina-Brazil 6-1 in 1940.

      All the above are facts and not just unreal exaggerations in favour of the yellow team!


      • Above statistics is misleading. This include very old matches like we won 12 copa before 1960s.most of this win comes when we were not even born. In world Cup Argentina faced Brazil 3 times out of those 1 was drawn and 2 other times Brazil came victorious. That’s not a very good record to be honest. There is reason that Argentina fans deep down their heart fears to face Brazil in wc atleast im concerned to face Brazil

        • Oh really?? Does it seem to old for you??
          What about Brazil’s victorius wcs in 58 and 62? Do they seem old enough to you?
          Do you know that 5 out 9 copa americas that Brazil won, if not more if i am not mistaken, they won them at their own soil??

          You guys are unbelievable! Once some of you are bitching and moaning that Brazil has more wins and goals against us, history and facts do not suit you because they seem to old for you!

          Do you know what? Don’t mention then 5 wcs for Brazil because i don’t think that you were born in 58, 62 or even in 1970. Are we ok now?

          And by the way, you are the one who says unreal facts. In wcs, Brazil has beaten us twice and we have beaten them once. Not that far as you mentioned before.

          This is what i am talking about guys. Some of you are not objective at all, you are saying things the way they suit you most, i don’t know if you are doing it on purpose, but what i know is that discussions and “judgement” in here are getting way too poor!

          A far cry than a constructive criticism and a rational conversation.

          And personally, i am not afraid of Brazil. I worry about the frequency of favours they take!

      • @waveride. Thanks for sharing the stats. But you have to admit in recent times last 10-20 years, the only time e really whooped Brazil was the famous (Riquelme golaso)4-1 victory.
        Again Brazil is an opportunistic team, they win WC when they have an easy road. They avoided Spain and defeated a depleted Spanish team in the 2013 Confederations Cup (after fan’s constant harassment and infamous hookers allowed to entire Spain’s NT hotel). Brazil also avoided Argentina after that 4-3 friendly game in which Messi scored a hattrick. I did mention that Brazil was young and went toe to toe, but I did fail to mention that we only became a true team after that match. They avoided us like a plague and scheduled friendly games with Scotland, Switzerland, England, etc.

        With all that being said, I have observed since our Copa victory:
        As of today, Our players in slight downward trajectory and Brazil upward trajectory (they no longer need Neymar. In fact they may now play much better without him).

        Vini Jr (looks more dangerous than Neymar at times), Rodrygo (now scoring goals for fun – all that was missing in his game), Richarlson (always a nusense), Antony (don’t sleep on this guy). Even Gabriel Jesus woke up last two weekends. At this point did we think Dybala would be making a downward or lateral move to Inter (even though it’s a better move for his career)? On here, we take about Alario, but every time I watch Bundesliga, he NEVER plays. It’s what I see with my eyes. Hopefully, we turn up and I can look back on my worries and laugh.

  5. Yellow banana certainly has more players playing for big clubs but don’t forget their arguably second best player V.Junior had his wings clipped by Foyth twice this season and Real with all its Brazilian super stars couldn’t get pass Rulli!!

    • Vinis is overrated bum. He is no where close to other young players. RM are in CL because of opponent mistake and Benzema carrying the team(Like Messi in 2019).

  6. For me lo celso is world class …we are going to struggle to score goals and lo celso will help us to disbalance the opposition’s defence. Player like lo celso makes his teammates look good rather than himself.
    He will always be under radar but going to be a game changer for us in world Cup.
    The only weakness lo celso has is lack of intensity.
    And Mr ddr and whatever u are,
    Did u really see the Villarreal vs Bayern first leg?

          • Over the last 6 games, despite only starting once and playing just 141 minutes (26% of available minutes), no player has provided more assists or created more big chances for Aston Villa than Emi Buendía. #avfc
            Gerrard plays Coutinho because of friendship
            But performance wise I don’t think he did much for last few muchs to deserve in starting spot.

    • @shubham
      yes i did. I didn’t see GLC destroy Bayern. I personally invite you to my home and we can watch together. If you 26 year old becomes world class, i will be more happy than you.

      What is your definition of world class?

  7. This Brazil team will be hardest test for Argentina on worldcup. They have young players like Rodrygo, Raphinha, Vinicius. Their only slight weak point is defense with lines of Militao, but rest of department they outmarch Argentina.

    • They got Adriano, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Juninho, Kaka, Robinho, Lucio etc back then, didnt even pass QF. The current squad only has 10% the talent that their old team has.

      • Lol what kind of logic is this?? 😆😆 this is not 2006 wc it will be 2022 wc everything has changed they lost to France in 2006 who was quite strong also. 2006 France side had zidane, henry, makalele, abidal,thuram, viera, young ribery and barthez in goal. Nowadays every team is weaker. Argentina also weaker than 2006 also Germany is nowhere near as strong as 2006 no italy from this logic doesn’t stand.

  8. Before WC18 Liverpool-Real in UCL final and i ran my first marathon that day, now before WC22 Liverpool- Real again and i will run my second marathon on May 15.

  9. Thank God we won Copa otherwise you Varzilain fan boys would go bananas about your yellow shit. Who cares Madrid or Liverpool win CL and some Varzilian players in it as long as we kick their butt in their fucking back yard. For you lot maybe Varzilian look world class but all I know that they handed their ass to our average kinda players, they got served pretty good. I bet your yellow butt still hurts . Club football means no shit as long as our players get first time football. Things changed now. Our players become piece of machine that work so well when they play for Argentina 🇦🇷 . That’s enough for us.
    Don’t quit SorinXcresp0

  10. Todays game just proves that no matter how much money you spend, no matter how many star signings you make, mentality triumphs all. The key aspect to winning the biggest trophies, irrespective of how good the team looks on paper.

    • tomar matha r mundu. real was really lucky to win the tie as they got 2 bonus penalty and city missed loads of chances. and madrid in not a bad team on paper either they are also a great team. obviously their mentality is superiors over city but it’s citys fault that they give madrid the chance to fight. madrid were lucky against psg, chelsea and in this tie too. but they worked hard to get here, never gave up that’s their main strength.

        • tomar j ki bujh ase ta tomar kotha tei bujha jay. Kicu penalty ase gaol bound are kicu ase jegula theke goal hoto na but penalty paowar karone gaol hobe shegulake lucky bolsi. R penalty gaol to r open play te hoy na ta baccarao jane but mone hoy tumi jano na.
          r madrid ki cityr theke on paper e kharap team naki! na madrid cityr theke kom taka khoroch kore!!!

          • City harar pichone pep er o dos bruin ar mahrez k substitute kore duita defensive midfield ekhanei here bruin na thaka mane city attacker mull jaiga ses.

  11. Liverpool vs Real Madrid. 2 teams. Both have tough mentality. Both knows how to do comeback and win. Will be good to watch for neutral fans..

  12. Pep Guardiola’s over thinking paid the price.he never learned from his mistakes.he substituted KDB and riyad mahrez. The two best creative player for man city.he always over thinking.can’t rely on the basic.Rodrigo what super sub he is.vini jr having a bad game for him.vini jr’s every first tuch was awfull today.

  13. Real madrid deserve this win they dominated man city. Pep again proving those 2 ucl was all about messi and messi alone. Real madrid has the winning mentality thats what count. Liverpool vs madrid will be a cracker of a final. This shows why it was vital to win copa before the wc. 1st trophy is always tough. Copa win will give us confidence and its all about confidence

  14. While the outcomes of the champions league haven’t been my favorites I must say they’ve provided some insane emotion and entertainment this year. Ridiculous.

    • Yup, it is sad. People hype up LoCelso and Foyth on here. I think it’s only because we don’t see too many players that are better.

      I remember someone here argued why are overrated Brazilians worth more than are “great players”. That person said Vini Jr, Richarlson is garbage. Two years later you see why even Rodrigo is a starter. Vini, Richarlson, Rodrigo – all world class starters and difference-makers that make impact. LoCelso still a scared player – but he is the best we have.

      Anyways, I pray we can be some kind of Italian team that defends collectively and has brilliant moments and wins WC 2022. Perhaps, the NT will surprise me and play the best football in decades. Only time will tell.

      • Wc is still have time u never know some great players can emerge in this time. We surely will play pragmatic football no doubt about that

      • Celso deserves to be hyped especially when he destroys Bayern in the 1st leg of a CL QF game. The kid is one of the best CMs around, he became a starter in his first season at PSG when most players his age would’ve just warmed the bench, then he owned la liga at Betis and then….he went to no growth spurs and things went to custard! But despite of that he kept performing for the NT (at Copa and the WCQ where he’s 3rd ranked for no. of assists) and now he’s turning it on for Villareal.
        As for Foyth, well not that many of us rate him very high, although most of us recognize his talent and I must say he’s handled himself very well throughout this season, whether be it at la liga or the CL (don’t forget how he owned Ronaldo, Sancho, Bruno, Vinicious and -at times- Coman).

        • there you go..the funniest comment

          Lo Celso “destroyed” Bayern? do you even see or understand anything?
          Lo Celso “owned” La Liga? I guess Betis won the Liga then.

          In your Romance king like fantasy with GLC, you are making yourself a clown.

          • If you don’t agree which is fine, but why do you call names especially Mamoun. He has been a respectful poster before I have seen you on this website and that itself is credible.

          • And there YOU go (again) ddr1123, always resorting to names when someone makes a comment you don’t like or agree with, why don’t you try and skip the name calling and just state why you disagree with someon1’s comments, here let me show you:

            Lo Celso “destroyed” Bayern? do you even see or understand anything?

            Yeah I understand reasonably well, Celso “destroyed” Bayern in the 1st leg. He created the winning goal and 2 potential others had Celso’s team mates finished their chances not to mention his tackles, recovery and maintaining possession. I’m more than willing to “dicuss” this match as soon as you watch it.

            Lo Celso “owned” La Liga? I guess Betis won the Liga then.

            That’s your argument? Seriously mate! Good lord, I guess Zindane didn’t own WC06 because France didn’t win it, even though Zidane was clearly the best player of the tournament and thus he “owned” it.
            See Celso was voted midfielder of the year and “best signing of the season” by MARCA (one of Spain’s top football papers) and was voted into the the la liga team of the tournament DESPITE being in a team that came nowhere near the top 4, THAT -IMO- is “world class”.

            “In your Romance king like fantasy with GLC, you are making yourself a clown”

            Hey, always happy to entertain and make people laugh, which is what good clowns are supposed to do, especially when the world is full of people who take themselves WAY too seriously.

          • Mamoun, spot on. People also forget how well he does while wearing baby blue and white. Easily one of our most important players and it really shows when absent. No one Can fill his shoes 1-1 right now. (Deep central B2B mid)

  15. Naturally people don’t too much care about their present but they love to think/care about their past and future! After getting new gf they say..oh my first gf was better and beautiful and after breakup and getting 3rd one and say my 2nd gf was Better and beautiful………..Mankind
    Btw vini jr looks more dangerous than Neymar

  16. So my posts have been getting removed. I don’t know why. I thought I was just forgetting to click enter….And I don’t say anything offensive or even nearly controversial. I just talk about the game and players. I’ve been commenting on this forum since it was first created, for some years now, And before that on the Argentina world cup blog. So I don’t mean to be dramatic, but this is probably my last post here on Mundo. Either way, most people don’t respond or participate with what I have to say although I have been watching the world cup since 1990 and I’ve also actually been to Argentina as I was born there…. I guess that’s my fault too.
    And also what’s bad news, is this injury to lisandro Martinez.
    All the best

    • I also can see this blog being handled Unprofessionally. This place becoming so toxic and its not fun anymore. Many guys used to discuss here and you feel now its kind of dead now. Any other good Argentina football related blog u know??

    • It just could be a technical glitch- so take it easy. I am sure that many here, including myself enjoy reading your posts.

      If somebody has to be banned for bigotry, it is Kevin. But, somehow Mr Brown managed to bypass him, apparently for his undeveloped country narrative and little infatuation for Foyth (which is not even close to Kevin). I guess, people has become are more tolerant of anti-Muslim bigotry (which Kevin has mastered) than other forms of prejudices!

    • It must be a glitch or something, I don’t see why anyone would delete your comments since you are generally mellow and fair with what you say. Most people enjoy reading your posts including me. Weird, but I wouldn’t leave

    • Bro, snap out of it. I had plans to include you in as an hounarble, guest appearance on the hall of shame 🙂

      Sometimes posts get deleted when they are in a thread with other posts by unsavory characters, when the boss is cleaning up.

      For what it’s worth, I like your posts, not limited to asado related on game days…

    • Your posts were likely removed when (or if) you were replying to an account which has been deleted (if you replied to an account which has been deleted, your reply automatically gets deleted). Trust me, I haven’t deleted any of your posts or any posts which are not from “troll” accounts!

      I would hate to not see you commenting anymore!

    • SorinXcresp0, as others and Roy pointed comments (just like yours) were also removed since they were replies to Mr Brown. Dont worry! Nothing malicious happening

    • Why can’t you be consistent with your opinions? Not everything is there to get compared. We have two World class CBs at our disposal and that’s a great advantage for our team.

  17. That’s too bad, I hope he recovers for the Italy game.

    This probably means more minutes for Tagliafico because Blind will take Licha’s spot.

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