Argentina preliminary list announced vs. Italy, Marcos Senesi, Emiliano Buendía included


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has announced his preliminary list of players for the match against Italy.

Marcos Senesi of Feyenoord is included for the first time. As we reported earlier, Italy national team coach Roberto Mancini was going to call him up to their team.

Cristian Romero who is injured has also been included in the preliminary list. As we reported, he will miss the rest of the season for Tottenham Hotspur.

Leandro Paredes is presently recovering from groin injury but has been included in the team. As we reported earlier, he did train on Friday for Paris Saint-Germain but trained alone.

The two Premier League players Alexis Mac Allister and Emiliano Buendia both remain in the team. Both players took part in Argentina’s last World Cup qualifying matches.

Lucas Alario returns to the Argentina national team after over a year. Alejandro Papu Gomez missed the last Argentina matches due to injury.

Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina play Italy on June 1 at Wembley as it will be the Copa America champions against the Euro champions. Here are the players called up for the Argentina national team for that match:

Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)
Juan Musso (Atalanta)
Geronimo Rulli (Villarreal)
Franco Armani (River Plate)

Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla)
Nahuel Molina (Udinese)
Juan Foyth (Villarreal)
Lucas Martinez Quarta (Fiorentina)
Cristian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)
German Pezzella (Real Betis)
Marcos Senesi (Feyenoord)
Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica)
Lisandro Martinez (Ajax)
Nehuen Perez (Udinese)
Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax)
Marcos Acuna (Sevilla)

Guido Rodriguez (Real Betis)
Leandro Paredes (Paris Saint-Germain)
Nicolas Dominguez (Bologna)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton)
Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)
Giovani Lo Celso (Villarreal)

Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain)
Alejandro Papu Gomez (Sevilla)
Nicolas Gonzalez (Fiorentina)
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)
Angel Di Maria (Paris Saint-Germain)
Emiliano Buendia (Aston Villa)
Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus)
Joaquin Correa (Inter)
Julian Alvarez (River Plate)
Lucas Alario (Bayer Leverkusen)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter)


  1. In wc lmq,pezzela,perez are not important for wc stop them right now for defence!!
    Gk armani flop not needed!!
    Stop jaoqin correa he is not in form as alario is available give hin chance!!

  2. Scolani please add lanzini for creativeness in mid field he is quite important for attacking mid and can score goal, we doesn’t need dominguez , mac allister

  3. Its preliminary list. Don’t you read the headlines ?? 1gk will be removed it will be rulli. You can’t just called ledesema and removed him from actual list…

  4. Hmmm, IM just starting to wonder if Arg and Scaloni could try at some point afrter the FINALISSIMO to play with 3 at back and 2 wingbacks…etc.

    Maybe, something like this just for to have in a pocket as an option maybe against some opponent, perhaps ?

    Cuti Ota Licha
    Molina/Ocampos Acuna/Nico
    Di Maria/A.Correa Lo Celso/Papu

    Though, my only concern is not having Paredes having on the starting eleven with RDP, but LICHA is very good with the ball so, maybe to start with RDP and after scoring goal or hopefully 2 change and rest him wit Paredes sub as Paredes can hold the posession and control the tempo of game very well as obviously RDP being a monster is capabable of i think everything!

    So 3-2- -1-2-1-1 and and having subs Foyth and Tagliafigo and maybe even Senesi, who knows ?

    • Love your line up, at least in paper. Now is the perfect time to experiment again 3 in back. Now than ever, We have the right players for this formation.

    • He tried something like that for our first qualifier game against Bolivia I think that is our emergency plan if Taglia and Acuna both get injured or are out for a game

  5. So…

    The 9th defender: (one spot)
    Senesi enters the race vs Foyth, Nehuen Perez, and LM Quarta for the 9th defender. One spot only from this list. It seems like Foyth vs Senesi in the final 2.

    The 6th midfielder: (one spot)
    Paredes, Guido, De Paul, Papu, and Lo Celso are set for sure. That leaves 1 or 2 more spots. The big news is Enzo is not among the consideration. So that leaves: Palacios vs Dominguez vs MacAllister for 1 spot

    The back up forward: (one spot)
    Alario enters the race vs. Dybala, Julian Alvarez, Buendia, and Ocampos. Final 2 should be Alvarez vs Dybala.

    3 extra spots (if 26 players). I assume the other 23 not listed above are safe.

    • I still think that it will be 8 defenders , 8 mids , 7 forwards and 3 goalies. And MacAllister and Palacios will be picked ahead of Dominguez or Bundia as Scaloni has indicated MacAllister is a good fit for his high pressing game and Palacios has always been with the team and if it wasn’t for the constant injuries he would have played a lot more.

      Regarding defense the Foyth should be picked over LMQ and Monteil and Molina should be picked as RBs. And Rulli should missout. Experienced Armani will be a better selection than mentally weak Rulli.

  6. A good list.. lets look at the final one. I believe the squad is more or less set. So it will be difficult for any new player to walk in. No need to worry about Enzo now, he might be good but not proven anything in Europe yet. Also, this is the list for the finalissima, not sure if some changes may happen for the friendlies.
    Scaloni wants to keep working with Palacios and Domingues as they have been in the set up for long.

  7. The preliminary list is always a signal to the players that you are on the radar and if they will perform well in the fall they have a shot at making the final squad. It would be interesting to see who makes the final cut vs Italy.

    • Didn’t realize this was the preliminary list, it looks like our complete squad. That sucks because apart from Mac Allister or Armani I wouldn’t cut anyone out.

      • Yeah, I expect Mac Allister, Buendia and Perez to be cut. Possibly Rulli too. Not sure how large of a squad Scaloni can take to a friendly game.

    • Enzo Fernandez is a promising and talented player and he’s a having a great season. But you don’t simply walk into one of the best national teams in the world and of all times. I think we have players that are as talented but more experienced than him.

        • Palacios and Nico Dominguez are fine, they are much better than you are giving them credit for. Dominguez especially before his injury was among the best performing central midfielders is Serie A.

          • But whatever enzo Fernandez should have been included. Argentine press should mount pressure on scaloni by releasing some negative articles and criticizing scaloni 24×7 in their news channels

        • Anuparno@ ” Our midfield is damn mediocre and the substitutes of the starting midfield is shit except only papu and guido ”

          Well, i’m sorry, but i have to disagree with u about Arg’s midfield been mediocore as u are claiming, though Still not understand for what reason to put Arg’s current middfield players in a category of mediocore ?

          Actually i think completly the opposite as for long, long time Arg did suffer a lot with having much weaker middfield like let’s say for instance after 2006 Arg did not have had such a strong middfield since til’ now and i’m not comparing the 2006 middfield to the current one or doing any comparison’s with absolutly anything specially when it come’s down to Arg Nt !

          But, at the moment and allready for a quite long Arg been able to build finally a good and proper middfield with lot of options available and also with good sub’s too !

          This is work started by Scaloni and his crew and they have done a tremendous job as Arg is a current Copa Champion!

          RDP, PAREDES, LO CELSO, Papu, Guido, Dominquez, Palacios are all very good middfielders as some maybe equipped with different skills and atribution which offers Arg middfield centerally a good solid middfield and with wingers like DI MARIA, NICO GONZALEZ, Ocampos or even Acuna, A.Correa , J, Correa, Alvarez, Dybala and also Papu and Buendia can play as wingers if needed etc. As i see up front more LAUTARO and now Alario as back up for him and then after all theese players mentioned allredy who are involded more or less in a miidfield battle against any team and also competing with each others, well that is a pure luxus situation for Scaloni and the crew and i do understand Enzo is for sure a good player allready and might even be better than some of theese names, but Still without any International experience so it is understandable that he is not included at the moment, but keep on Mind that or this moment can change any time with any of our players and specially now as Cuti and Licha being doubts for THE FINALISSIMO, well it is good to have also options finally at back as Senesi even we have not seen him yet at Arg Jersey and Foyth is stepping up his game so when Cuti and Licha back to play, well then Arg’s defence looks quite solid too as that been also the kind of weak point after 2006, though we had Garay for some time at least, and Ota is been around for long as Pezzella too, but Pezzella is clearly getting a bit older from theese 2 CB’s so i see in this way that Ota will have to fight for the starting eleven with Licha and on the right Molina is good option when Arg is attacking, though offcourse he defend too, but Montiel and Foyth are maybe better at defending as Molina is great going forwards and at left, well there and up front i see Arg’s biggest question mark at the moment as Arg has only Acuna and Tagliafigo at LB and only LAUTARO as pure striker so it will be good to see Alario, but Still at least one or two more strikers as no.9’s are needed to at least to test before the WC as Arg is bit short up front or A.CORREA AND ALVAREZ+ J.CORREA and DYBALA WILL HAVE TO BE LAUTARO’s back up’s…but what about LB POSITION AS ARG HAS only ACUNA AND TAGLIAFIGO OUT THERE…?

          So don’t worry or underestimate our middfield and if u want to be concerned about SCALONI’s decission’s, well then try to figure out instead/rather calling out Arg’s middfield as mediocore, that who will be our LB back up and also find a Solution for LAUTARO’s back up….

          Enzo will come for sure when the time is right, but at the moment i don’t know yet, though i won’t Mind to see him as i seen Mc Allister played twice so in that way Enzo could play, but i think Scaloni want’s to see hopefully now Dominquez and Palacios in action at some point also Buendia could be given more minutes, perhaps…

          My point is that Arg need to play those guys who have not played yet so many minutes in previous WC’S, but now for FIBALISSIMO for sure SCALONI will go with what he thinks is best available and hopefully after that give minutes for DOMINQUEZ, PALACIOS, BUENDIA, A.CORREA, DYBALA, OCAMPOS, ALVAREZ AND MAYBE ALSO ENZO WILL BE CALLED…. ? As we never know what will happen in future, right?

      • I think as of now Scaloni considers him to be among the post world cup plans.

        @Anuparno I disagree. I don’t think our midfield is anywhere near mediocre and Palacios/Dominguez are not shit. Though personally many of us would agree that Enzo Fernandez should be in place of Mac Allister.

        • Our coaches are always dumb or stubborn when wc comes no wonder we didn’t win after 1986 even with so much talent. Every wc our coaches select their favourites and end up bottling. 2022 will also be the same. There was no point selecting 4 goalkeepers

          • Arg made it to final also 1990 and 2014 and luck was more on the German’s side on both occasion’s…! And u can’t put every Arg coach in your ”stuborn gategory”…!

  8. Great! Looks like he’s going to have to play one half for Argentina the other half for Italy lol

    I really like the list, one of the most complete ones we’ve seen from Scaloni. Really happy to FINALLY see Senesi. After the Italy call up pressuring Scaloni and the fact that both Romero and Lisandro are injured, it seems like the invisible hand is back at it again.

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