Marcos Senesi called up to the Italian national team vs. Argentina


Marcos Senesi has been called up to the Italian antional team for the match against Argentina.

Senesi could soon represent Italy. Per VarskySports, Italy coach Roberto Mancini has decided to call up the Feyenoord defender for their national team.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has yet to call up Senesi to the team. Should Scaloni include Senesi in the team for the match against Italy, Senesi would become the first player in history to be called up to two different national teams for the same match.

Even if Mancini does include the 25 year old in the team, that does not mean he will play. According to Mirko Calemme, Senesi prefers to play for the Argentina national team.


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  2. If Sensi can get a call up by Mancini for Italy, which is a country well known for defensive strength, he deserves a call by Argentina ahead of LMQ or Pazella. How many of us believe that LMQ and Pazella would have been to the Italy national team in their current form?

    Player selection has always been controversial in Argentina.

  3. I have not seen much of him. 15-20 mins here and there. I cannot judge. He is not a kid, he is 25 years old. Have been around. No top club have ever shown any interest in him. Not even in Dutch league, where he plays.

    If Scaloni and co. found out players we didn’t even know the names of, like Garnacho etc. they know what Senesi does. Not too worried here.

      • That’s ok. I really don’t consider 25 to be a start of a career. I agree players can have longer career these days, due to improvement on health, meds etc.

        They were more like rumors. No one ever made any offer. E.g. Real Madrid made offer for Mbappe, but PSG rejected. No offer for him.

        Anyhow, he now has made history 🙂

  4. How good is senesi i Don’t know.there is many things about senesi’s matter.if he is world class then why any big club haven’t shown their interest on him.speed is another issue. But overall i reckon if he deserves national team then scaloni should call him.

  5. Mancini wouldn’t call him without Senesi agreeing to represent Italy!! I haven’t watched him much and don’t know how good he is compared to our current batch of talented defenders and only time will tell how big of a loss he will be!!