Lucas Alario, Exequiel Palacios both score for Bayer Leverkusen in 2-1 win vs. Freiburg


Lucas Alario and Exequiel Palacios both scored for Bayer Leverkusen in their 2-1 win vs. Freiburg.

Alario has scored for the second match in the row as he has reached six goals this season. It was a run by Schick as he passed it to an unmarked Alario who scored.

With the score at 1-1, Exequiel Palacios had the ball in his own half and scored as the goalkeeper was out of his penalty area. That was goal number two of the season for him.

Both players have been included in the preliminary Argentina national team for the match against Italy next month.

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  1. Molina’s scoring run this season is pretty impressive, I don’t remember such a prolific scoring from our wingbacks/right-back since Zanetti days.

    • He is not playing wingback or right back in Udinese. He is playing as a midfielder. So its not that impressive. Scoring as playing as a rb and scoring as playing as a midfielder is 2 different things

      • False, he plays as a right wingback in a 3-5-2, most of the time. I saw half of the first half and they were playing a 3-4-3 but this is a rarity for Udinese.
        Scoring 7 goals and further 4 assists (in Serie A and Copa Italia) for a wingback playing in a middle of the table team is quite impressive no matter how you look at it.

        • @mamoun what would u think if Arg would try play as 3-5-2 or 3-5-1-1 as there is quite many players amongst Arg Nt who could play as wing back’s and my concern is the LB position if Acuna and Tagliafigo will get injured, and hopefully not, but if so who would be the cover for LB… ?

          • @rivkyvilla Medina and senesi both can play as lb. So its not a problem. And as far as negativity is concern i have doubts about Molina. Comparing to zanetti is not correct. He until now played 15 matches for Argentina has 0 goal and a single assist so we can see clearly his attacking output for us is not that great so im assuming Udinese plays him in different position that helping him to produce decent attacking output. Im not sure he can provide that in our setup as a rb

          • @Ricky

            Technically speaking Argentina is more than capable of playing in a 3-5-2 system with the likes of Foyth and Cuti and Otamendi (to a lesser extent) having experience playing in such a position. Not to mention that Acuna and Monlina would make for very capable wingbacks, HOWEVER, I wouldn’t recommend it personally and luckily Scaloni feels the same way.
            A 3-5-2 system relies heavily on counter attacking, something that this Argentine team isn’t really great at, not to mention that 3 at the back would put a huge pressure on the defense and an Otamendi/Foyth pairing is already error prone as it is.
            If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, Scaloni oscillates between 4-3-3 (more emphasis on midfield control and then attacking intent) and a 4-4-2, a system that incorporates Dimaria and affords the team a strong defensive cover as we saw against Brazil in the copa21 final.

      • Anuparno@Nothing personal towards u, but sometimes i get the feeling reading your post’s that u might carry a bit too much of negatism with u as it somehow appears also in your post’s. though i don’t think u do it purpously, but maybe just accidently or unconciously, though offcourse u are right to Express your feelings/thoughts about everything as everyone else too, but anyhow all the best and just try to stay positive even i know it is not allways that easy in this crooked world we are living in and with so much trouble surrounded amongst us…

      • What are you talking about? He IS playing as a right wingback. They use a 3-5-2 formation at Udinese.

        I know Molina’s performance throws a monkey wrench in your Foyth narrative but please do not distort reality a la Kavinder…

  2. Finally no Neymar, Mbappe Messi connection started to work before the brazilian came back, and now again. Messi is super hungry in the last matches. Offside goals, woodworks and now goals finally. Vs Italy he will OK.

  3. Decided to skip PSG match to avoid mental pain and Messi score 2 in the first half. Have to watch the second half now!!

  4. I watched this game because of palacios
    He had good game before even scored the goal l I liked how he handle and hold the ball well unlike before when he used do one touch pass which sometimes no good .
    Made forward passes whenever possible
    Honestly speaking I like pala, and he will go world Cup as long he stays fit and relevant, plus bayer Leverkusen will play uefa champions league next season which even good.

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