Nahuel Molina scores for Udinese in 3-2 loss vs. Spezia


Nahuel Molina scored for Udinese in their 3-2 loss vs. Spezia.

Molina scored once more and once more a great goal. With the score at 0-0, the ball in the penalty area fell to the Argentine and a shot with his left foot hit the side of the goal and gave Udinese the 1-0 lead.

The 24 year old now has seven goals this season, the most for any defender in the top five European leagues. Molina has also been included in the Argentine preliminary team for the match against Italy next month.

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  1. Absolutely u r ryt but we need him still, yes we need him, Cox matter of game sitiution, some time team need advantages of more attacking, even from a defenders.

  2. Yes we need both of them, since molina iz one who’s adopted with national team morthan foyth but foyth is more complete, matter of defensive work. Dats primary assignments.

    • A wingback is a fullback defender who has a heavier emphasis on attack. In a typical 3-5-2, it becomes 5-3-2 when the team is defending. Hence a wingback is often in defensive position deep in his own half.

      Molina might not be great in tackle and defending but he has pace and that’s 50% of the job. Some famous fullbacks like Jordi Alba are not amazing defenders but often their pace bails them out because they manage to track back on time.

  3. Can’t wait to watch Molina Messi combination. As soon as Hakimi entered today all the rhythm was gone!! What a buzz kill !!

    • Yes, that is a deffenetly good news as seems like he keep’s on scoring and not only scoring goals, but great and fantastic goals too as his finishing has improved a lot, though allready presenting Arg he has been terrific and quite good passer and seems to read also the game pretty well too !

      • Uhm even, if we considered what people said abt an england ‘s right full back Walker and Alexander Arnold, anol iz better than walk even in a opinion poll while walker is more good in defensive work.therefore Arnold iz very creative player, help to make a good attacking role

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