Argentina U20 team for Toulon tournament, Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United included


Argentina U20 coach Javier Mascherano has selected Alejandro Garnacho and a very strong team for the Tournoi Maurice Revello (tournoi Toulon) which begins this month.

Javier Mascherano has picked several players from the top European youth academies and players from the local league for the tournament. Those from Europe are Franco Carboni and Valentin Carboni of Inter, Nicolas Paz of Real Madrid, Tiago Geralnik of Villarreal, Matias Soule of Juventus, Luka Romero of Lazio and Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United.

Here are the 22 players which have been called up:

Francisco Gomez (Racing Club)
Valentino Quintero (Rosario Central)
Agustin Giay (San Lorenzo)
Brian Aguilar (Lanus)
Lautaro Di Lollo (Boca Juniors)
Nahuel Genez (Boca Juniors)
Franco Carboni (Inter)
Julian Aude (Lanus)
Maximiliano Gonzalez (Lanus)
Mateo Tanlongo (Rosario Central)
Nicolas Paz (Real Madrid)
Tiago Geralnik (Villarreal)
Gino Infantino (Rosario Central0
Facundo Buonanotte (Rosario Central)
Valentin Carboni (Inter)
Nicolas Palavecino (Estudiantes de la Plata)
Santiago Castro (Velez)
Matias Soule (Juventus)
Luka Romero (Lazio)
Alejandro Garnacho (Manchester United)
Brian Aguirre (Newell’s)
Mateo Sanabria (Lanus)

The tournament will take place in France between 29 May and 12 June. For Argentina, here are the matches:

Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia – May 29
Argentina vs. Panama – June 1
Argentina vs. France – June 6


  1. Mascherano’s project with these kids is very exciting. Will be a joy to follow!

    With Toulon tournament now and next year U20 Sudamericano and U20 WC, it makes for a good base for chemistry building between some of these future prospects and hopefully a smooth transition into 2024 Copa America and 2024 Olympics shortly after for those who make it

    Without overhyping anyone, I must admit I get a very good feeling about this generation. And at this stage I couldn’t imagine them in better hands than those of Jefecito!

    AFA & management deserve credit for their emphasis of vision and building for the future generation(s) since Scaloni takeover.

    A WC win would not only be the perfect ending to Messi’s career, but it would also be the perfect beginning for what comes after Messi.
    The next generation filled with unprecedented passion and desire to fight for the shirt on top of the confidence of the remainders of today’s squad, on top of the already incredible support from their fans but on steroids – now THAT would be a sight to behold

  2. So scoloni declared squad and all are predictable names..i personally missing paredes ,bundia played well last couple of matches but at number ten position no chance…most of all are not like macalester but i am stand with scaloni here.. He is going to backup of Gio or even de paul..he is Very very good one touch player who need quality support and good passer also,good in positioning,can play any where from mid to attack.. Yes i watch briton games and sometimes i bored with his safe passing,overall not bad..
    Scaloni like garnacho and me too.. So this under 20 cup is a chance for him to impress scaloni..
    Why i think about grancho?the answer is we need speed and nowadays football is 80% all about speed. Only maria and nico has good speed..Dybala finishing is Very great we need him, i am not sure about 2 corea!

  3. Mbappe seems to be not able to reject the 200M salary ! Even though I want him gone to Madrid, Good for Messi, this is a world cup year and with Mbappe gone there will be lot of pressure on Messi and we want Messi to be fresh and fit when world cup arrives. But for long run Messi would have benefited if Mbappe left as he will be there main man and would get to see more ball that means more goals and that means more confidence. Real seems to be unable to match the 200M salary for 2 years and no control over player’s image rights!! They prioritized Mbappe over Haaland and they might end up with no one!! LOL

  4. Wow whatta team! Can’t wait to watch them. The big three in actions: Soule, Luka, Garnacho. Who knows we will see a lot of these big three for our national team in the future.

    • Obviously Luka and garnacho are big names but I believe Maximo Perrone (a highly rated CM from Velez) should also be there with them

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