Boca Juniors are crowned Copa de la Liga champions after defeating Tigre 3-0 in the final


Boca Juniors defeated 3-0 Tigre in the Copa de la Liga 2022 final and were crowned champions this Sunday.

Marcos Rojo, Frank Fabra and Luis Vázquez scored for the “Xeneizes” with the match played in Córdoba, at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium.

Former Argentina defender Marcos Rojo opened the score right before half-time with a powerful header which Tigre’s goalkeeper was not able to manage. Already in the second half, when the team from Victoria was close to finding the equalizer, the Colombian left-back Frank Fabra made it 2-0 with a stunning kick from outside the box that hit the post before going in.

With Tigre’s players demoralized and five minutes remaining, the young promising forward, Luis Vázquez, who had entered a few minutes before to replace Darío Benedetto, closed the score with a decisive header.

With this win, Boca Juniors reached their 72nd title in their history.


  1. According to reports psg going to appoint Portuguese ruben amorim as a coach. Ruben is now managing sporting. I don’t know anything about him. Is he good?? He has a difficult job of utilizing from all 3 superstars Neymar, mbappe, messi. Pochettino failed to extract best from messi. But as he is a Portuguese he can be little tilted towards Brazilian or Portuguese

    • He lead sporting CP to Portugal league title last year and has the reputation to improve young players. He is incoming sporting director Luis compos 1st choice to replace pochettino. But I also same doubt whether he will be able to handle egos of PSG. My preference is Zinedine Zidan.

  2. Some of our players finished the season in excellent shape: Molina, Guido, De Paul, Lo Celso, Nico Gonzalez, Lautaro while some are recovering from knocks and injuries: Emi, Romero, Licha but should be ok to play.

    Depending on what Mancini would want to do, use his younger generation or not, we might see this Italy

    Donnaruma; Di Lorenzo (Calabria), Bonucci (Mancini), Bastoni, Emerson (Spinazzola); Tonali, Barella, Pellegrini (Veratti); Raspadori (Insigne), Zaniolo, Scamacca (Immobile).

    I personally don’t see any area of the pitch where they are significantly stronger than us.

      • Obviously I want Argentina to win, but, i am expecting Italy to win this one. I spoke to my Italian friend, them crashing out of the wc was a fluke, covid related, it crammed all the qualifiers into a short period of time and it happened to be at a low point for them and bad luck, if you zoom out over the whole year they did excellent (30 game unbeaten, euro, etc) they are a good team.

        The key factor is that they have something to prove, like we did last copa. They are going yo play their hearts out. Meanwhile, we have players who do not want to risk injury prior to the WC. Unless we really click early and take control, if it becomes an even match we could get outrunned, outhustled and pressured non stop. Missing Paredes too is a big concern, guido is ok but has shown he cant handle being pressured and we may loose control of the midfield.

        Fingers crossed.

        • Yea, I think Italy has a chip on their shoulder now and might be playing with added determination and with a point to prove after missing out on the WC.

          • Thats not true wo Paredes Lo Celso and De Paul creativity dropped, ARG played only ugly wrestling matches with Guido, they have to play deeper with Guido to compensate his lack of creativity and progression.

        • Paredes is lucky that he is injured. Otherwise his deficiencies would have revealed. He is not a great dm he also struggles against quality opponents. This may well be a blessing in disguise for Argentina national team as guido is in fine form and if he performs well here he can even start in wc if paredes underperform or gets injured.

          • Like vs Real when he was bossed Modric and co. completely, Real midfielders seemed like schoolboys next to him till 150 minutes, then after his injury PSG midfield instantly collapsed and couldnt even make two passes under pressure. Guido is good defensively but zero in progression and composure compared to Paredes. Guido will never dominate.

          • De Paul and Lo Celso will drop deeper to compensate for Paredes absence, plus Guido’s passing while not as good as Paredes is not that bad either.

          • Paredes vs Guido in last year per 90:
            Passes completed 98 with 95% vs 58 with 85%
            Progressive passes 5,5 vs 3,1
            Progressive carries 5,2 vs 2,5.

            Guido is a classic old school destroyer.

          • With Guido – 1) GLC and RDP have to drop back to help bring the ball forward to compensate for Guidos lack of ball progression.

            With Paredes – 1) GLC and RDP have to drop back to defend to compensate for Paredes lack of defense. 2) Even though Paredes clearly superior to holding the ball, moving the ball around, I also think GLC and RDP have to drop back to help push the ball forward since Paredes isn’t that creative and forward driven.

            “Stuck between a rock and hard place” applies…

    • Spinazzola is the best of Italy national team.Wothout him Italy was not same in Euro.

  3. In my opinion Molina is a perfect fit for Argentina. He is not Zanetti, but his off the ball movements helps Messi and Di Maria a lot who often operate on the right wing. Molina’s work rate and stamina is amazing. We need a wing back like that.

    If the right back is too defensive, then it would be much easier for the opponents to man mark Di Maria or Messi (just double team them) knowing that our wing back is not a threat.

    Defensively, Molina is not the best but not a liability either.

    • Well put!
      This became an issue for Messi in Barca after Dani Alves left with no adequate replacement.

      Basically a RB like this allows for creating overload on the right wing which draws defenders away from a central Messi or Di Maria. If not it gives Molina space to feed crosses to Lautaro.
      The fact that he also adds a goalscoring threat make crosses from Acuña and Lo Celso more dangerous

      Udinese is a really good stepping stone for our players in Europe, but I think Molina will move on this summer. Inter, Juventus, Arsenal and Atletico are interest. Inter likely to sell Dumfries, and Juve need a Cuadrado replacement. Either of these clubs would be perfect, but I would prefer Inter. Arsenal and Atletico… Please no

      • Arsenal would be a good move. As fast pace of premier League will test him and Atletico can also be a good move as simeone will improve his defensive play manifolds

  4. I was watching the villareal vs Barca match yesterday, Lo celso has visibly become more confident and his one touch pass, vision is very very good. Even under pressure he is delivering accurate passes most of the times. I just hope he carries on in this club next year.

  5. Highest ranked fifa team goes to WC if Ecuador decided to quit WC for some reasons themselves like War, Politics, Pandemic I think. But if they’re cheating, a Conmebol team should replace them instead. Hardly Italy has a chance here

  6. If there is no messi we dont have any player to win individual awards be it golden boot or ballondor
    I wish god could have gifted aguero now instead of messi-ronaldo era

  7. Anusparno claiming Molina is bad at crossing… Let’s look at statistics. Actually let’s compare them to CL finalist fullbacks

    Crossing accuracy in league this season (Sofascore)
    Molina: 32%
    Carvajal: 23%
    Mendy: 14%
    Vázquez: 23%
    Alexander-Arnold: 30%
    Robertson: 23%
    Tsimikas: 22%

    Foyth: 14% (1 cross in 25 games)
    Montiel: 21%

    7 goals = Highest goalscorer of all fullbacks, wingbacks and defenders in Top5 leagues. Outperforming xG by 2.87 and underperforming xA by 2.45 (poor conversion by teammates)
    Molina 7 big chances created, beaten only by TAA (18) and Robertson (9)

    • Molina 1.1 accurate crosses per 90 min
      Beaten by all Liverpool FBs (2.6, 1.6 and 2.0 respectively) but Molina has only 44.7 touches per 90 min, while they have 97.1, 90.3 and 64.4, meaning they get to attempt more crosses and fail more with a lower accuracy.
      RM FBs 0.4, 0.2 and 0.6 from 58.9, 73.4 and 63.5 touches per 90 min

      • Spot on @Rattlehead as i advice everyone just ignore this kind of” Arg has weak middfield ” attitude as i just allways find only negatism coming out from him and also he clearly doesn’t understand the current state of Arg as instead while Arg is having one of it’s greatest run’s at least let’s be fair for long due all the greatest respect to the elder’s and former Arg national team hero’s and legends Still Arg has not been managed in this way like at the current moment for long time though ofcourse there few absessions as for example Coco Basile 93 and Bilardo before him and Menotti as 46 year’s ago+ Pekerman at 2006 and before that with his great work of the youth’s of Arg from that time, though one misstake cost it, but so it cost also Sabella who were the last great coach as Tata did also pretty decent job, though lack of introducing younger players was very slow and low…etc…

        So in my oppininon when i hear someone constantly repeating on this site, though every has a right for their own oppinion, but Still it just makes me sad to read someone posting at Mundo as stuff like ” Arg has a weak middfield or Arg’s middlefield is not the strongest, Ok it might not THE strongest of them all, but it is long time since Arg had such a good middfield and taking also in consideration that Arg has many options for middlefield and many great players as middlefielder’s at the moment !

        So for me i’m super happy that finally after long, long time Arg has got it’a middlefield back in place where it was last time at 2006 and since then Arg has not has had such a strong middlefield til’ now so kudos to all the players and Scaloni and his crew !

    • You are comparing fullbacks with Molina and Molina is playing for udinese as a midfielder or wingback. So when he will play for Argentina things will be different. He already played 15 games for Argentina if im not mistaken bt he didn’t impress me much. Lets wait for the future matches. Lionel scaloni was a right back or wingback so he knows better he must have seen something in training that he made him a starter. We will see how he performs. Comparing stats from premiere league and laliga with serie a is also not the right thing to do. Laliga and premiere league is way ahead in quality thn serie a which is now even lower in quality than french league

      • SOME stats are of course wrong to compare (depending on league/formation/system/position/role) which is why I didn’t make any further comparisons, but crossing accuracy is relevant in this case because crossing accuracy is crossing accuracy whether you play fullback or wingback in Italy or Spain or England – and you are downplaying Molina by saying that he is bad at crossing, which is statistically not true.

        You are presenting your opinions as if they are facts but they are actually based on nothing but your fanboyism and bias for Foyth. It’s ok to have a preference, but you win nothing and make yourself look foolish by downplaying a well performing competitor who you seemingly don’t follow in order to fit your biased narrative.

        Just because you love Foyth doesn’t mean you cannot like Molina and Montiel. They offer different qualities and that should be cherished!
        We have a modern fullback and great attacking option in Molina, a well rounded and balanced option in Montiel and a defensively strong option in Foyth.
        This gives Scaloni tactical freedom depending on opponents.

        • Actually im not against molina. Rather i said numerous times in past our 2 rbs should be molina and foyth. But i don’t like montiel atall. There is no need to select montiel rather we should include an extra midfielder or forward

      • Effin beautiful goal!!! For the NT, we do not see nearly enough long shots, except ADM. I don’t get it, is it tactics or players???
        RDP, GLC, Paredes, Messi, ADM, Gómez are all very capable…WE NEED MORE SCALONI!!

  8. Messi maria parades family in a single photo thats gone viral..but every one asking where is icardi family? Anyone know?😊

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