Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez comments on himself, Argentina, Finalissima vs. Italy


Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez commented on himself, the Argentina national team and the Finalissima match vs. Italy.

“Dibu” is with the Argentina national team and spoke about himself in goal. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say:

“I don’t define myself as crazy in goal. Everytime I come to the national team, I have a plus from when I put on the training shirt. AS they say, the “national team mode”. There is a very nice group, we play truco (game) until 11:00 pm. The famous Scaloneta is getting stronger.

“I’m a calm kid. I only get the adrenaline rush in the matches. My wife tells mine “how could you be one person and on the pitch another person?”

“Everyone is talking about the World Cup right now but my head is in Italy, it’s an official trophy for the national team. After that match, we can talk.”

The Argentine also spoke about Kylian Mbappe’s comments in regards to South America.


  1. Scaloneta with high expectation, true this the golden era ; an era of transition between Messi, Di Maria, Otamendi and new generation Cuti Romero, L Martinez, Julian Alvarez. An excellent combination of maturity and strength. Vamos Albiceleste

  2. Highest scorer for Atletico Madrid this season, A.Correa has wants out of his current club. He is tired of lack of playing time and being subbed at critical moments. Molina, Lautaro both should stay away from that club, especially next season. The lack of playing time and unnecessary rotation will kill their form and rhythm.

    • Villareal is inquiring with Madrid if they want to sell their no-2 GK, they simply don’t see fighting for top 4 spot with Rulli between the posts!!

      MbaapeFC aka PSG is very serious about selling Neymar. He is not in their plans and sporting director Kylian wants him out. Newcastle seems quite interested but Neymar wants a move to a bigger club , however if PSG administration don’t want him in the club anymore, he will be forced out. I won’t be surprised if he eventually agrees to move to Newcastle. With Mbappe taking the responsibility of scoring most goals, it will take pressure of off Leo’s shoulders & lot less burden on his aging body and with Neymar gone Messi will be the no-1 creator of their midfield , that means he will see a lot more ball which should boost his confidence before the world cup. Win win situation for for both Leo and Argentina!!

  3. I think Ocampos can be used as a CF. Instead of LW. He is tall strong. He will be good replacement of lautaro martinez. I think he has potential to become a CF.

    • Why mentioning a particular individual? Yeah Messi is a legend. But after all we are Argentina fans. It’s through Argentina we love Messi not the other way around. So yeah if we win finalissima it’s 2nd for DePaul, celso, papu and for all. Moreover it’s another trophy for Argentina.

      • They are sidekicks. Sidekicks r important bt they are never been credited for the wins. Maradona won in 1986 no other players r mentioned in credits. Cups will be updated in their stats nobody will say copa America was won because of depaul or dimaria. And locelso not even contributed much didn’t play all the matches and not even top 5 players of that squad and papu didn’t even play in the important matches he only started in a meaningless match against Bolivia.

        • Side kicks? Get out of from that 86 wc. It’s been 36 years without a wc. All players are ready to give their 💯. We all know Messi would be man marked in the wc. And I wish if we win this wc it should be remembered for the team effort rather than the individual brilliance.

        • You think players like Valdano, Burruchaga, Ruggeri, Enrique and Brown are forgotten because of Maradona 86 performance in Argentina.
          I don’t know where you get your theories but your conclusions sometimes about legends is just far off the truth. Like only 5 legends per nation comment?

      • Here is lots of members who are fans of Argentina because of messi. Neutral fans attracted towards a team because of some individual. 1st Maradona started this trend and messi carry forward it.

  4. Yes he is right. Targets should be one at a time. No need to think about world cup so early that’s coaches job leave it to them. Only target should be winning against Italy

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