Argentina training in San Mamés, rumored XI for Finalissima match


Argentina trained at San Mamés on Saturday as coach Lionel Scaloni is finalising the starting eleven.

The team trained in front of fans on Saturday as they will fly out to London on Monday. Their match against Italy in the Finalissima is on Wednesday as they will want to add another trophy to their cabinet.

Lionel Scaloni has all of his players available with everyone with the team. Per a report by TyC Sports, this is the rumored eleven for the match:

Dibu Martínez; Molina, Otamendi, Romero, Acuña; De Paul, Guido, Lo Celso; Lionel Messi, Lautaro, Di María


  1. Argentina won 1-0 goal by Castro. It was a bad game, we were lucky to get 3 points. When Garnacho and Luka were taken out, Argentina were worse.

    Garnacho clearly is our most dangerous player. He wasted 3 chances but I am confident that he will shine throughout the tournament. His confidence level is amazing for a 17 years of age.

    Soule started out bright but then fade away. He needs to ask for the ball more.

    Luka needs a lot of work. He looked disconnected from the team.

    I like the idea of the front 3 of Luka, Soule, and Garnacho, but the problem with that is that we lack the real number 9 as none of the 3 is a 9.

    Maybe Masche should play 4-2-3-1 instead of 4-3-3.

    The defense was super poor. The right back and the 2 center backs were horrible. Only Aude looked good.

    Well it is the first time they played together (or second after that USA friendly match). The more time they be together, the better they should be. The next game is in 2 days. Can’t wait.

          • i want to know technically, is’nt it both the a/j correa and dybala similar type of players.i have this question because our attack is right heavy. if instead of taking 2 out of these 3 players we can take ocampos + one of these because ocampos provides an aerial threat which apart from lautaro none of other forwards provides. your insights are welcome.

  2. First half 0-0

    Garnacho has 3 chances. Too bad nothing was on target, all the shot was too high. He was the most dangerous player and he clearly thinks that it is his team. He always takes his man whenever one on one, similar to the young CR7.

    Soule played Messi role. The playmaker, was everywhere. He was the provider most of the time. Show some excellent first touch. If Garnacho and Luka had been more composed, he would have had 2 assists.

    Luka played Di Maria role as right winger. He was a bit ineffective in the first half. Most of his dribbling was unpredictable.

    The captain Infantino played De Paul role. Will be a good box to box midfielder for us in the future.

    Paz is more like a more offensive minded Palacios.

    Another one that looks good is Julian Aude. He is not just a defensive minded LB, he got skill too. He should have a bright future for Argentina. We also have Carboni as LB.

    Number 13 Genez is really poor
    Number 2 Di Lollo also pretty bad.

    Argentina wasted a lot of chances. But at least we create a lot of chances. I am sure we will come up with a win.

  3. Romero moving like messi cut in and dribbles but not as fast as the legend though
    Surprise to see grancho took the free kick i thought soule is better free kicker

  4. Champions league final (yawn). Not interested in any games not involving any Argentines.

    My heart is set on Argentina u20 – Saudi Arabia in less than 7 hours from now. That is better than CL final to me.

    Hope the big three (Soule, Luka, and Garnacho) will start.

      • Our midfield is better. 3 reasons why our midfield would shine against Italy.
        Lo celso playing for the 1st time since he regained his form in club. That form will boost his confidence. Waiting for his best play till date for the NT.
        De Paul is just opposite. He wants to fight it out for the NT irrespective of his club form.
        Guido also in good form. His last match against real proved that he can play best against good teams. Very determined to play for NT.

        • We will see how good our midfield really is on 1st june. If our midfield can dominate italy’s midfield thn im relieved because though chiesa is not there and immobile all other players from euro winning campaign is there so we are playing with one of the best in Europe and if our midfield can dominate their midfield thn they will perform great against all other nations except only spain maybe

  5. Unlike Rulli against Liverpool, Thibaut Courtois was mentally solid and had an amazing match today but I wouldn’t consider him the best Goalkeeper this season. He has conceded a lot of easy goals both in laliga and champions league this season and is not always impenetrable like he was today!! Also, tired and burned out Liverpool let unmarked V.Junior run into the box on a half fledged attack for a tapin. There was no player protecting the right flank which was very unlike Liverpool!!

    • it is about the day, for us rulli was exceptional against bayern but bottled up against liverpool. it is not that real madrid won but the whole liverpool bottled up. also liverpool bench strength is poor they bought keita and firmino when they require goal. messi have scored pretty well against real till 2018 even though he does not have a supporting cast where as mane ,salah and diaz combined never created a half decent chance. the two goals scored by real(one was cancelled by var) was not any great move but defensive horrors by liverpool. also most of the crosses by liverpool on the box were wayward. and they don’t have the technique to dribble and do short passes near the box if the space is tight.
      but kudos to real madrid that there midfield and defence was playing like argentina.

      • The way Rulli wetted himself against Liverpool only a fool would have him in the team. Even Villarreal is inquiring about Madrid’s no2 GK to replace him. Regarding Liverpool bottling up, they created more chances than Madrid and due to some good saves from the goalie , bad luck and fatigue they lost. Similar to what had happened to Argentina in 2014 final!!

  6. We should appreciate Higuain scored against Curtois then in WC 2014. I always had the feeling that we never scored when we faced Allison, Curtois or Neuer. In real competition, we only had this goal again them

    • That kind of stats is meaninless though. They said Messi cant score against Chelsea and then he did. Argentina never beat Brazil in Brazil and they already did. No team lost by 6 goals at WC knockout stage and Brazil did.

      Plus, Neuer was being clowned around by South Korea and Mexico in 2018. Their perfect qualifier record proof to be meaningless aswell.

      Lautaro scored a stunner against Liverpool at Anfield, in case you already forgot.

      • I meant Argentina against them in the real competition. At club level, I think we got a lot more, e.g. Aguero also scored against Courtois just before he retired, Messi against Neuer in Champion League

        • I think in 2019 or something Messi scored a penalty against Allison. It was a friendly in Saudi. We won that match. In official matches I think no. But records are meant to be broken. Let’s wait.

        • Messi Argentina only faced Belgium once at competitive game and that was 8 years ago so thats 100% inconclusive.

          As for Neuer, Messi has done it at CL more than once. So to say Messi cant score againts him solely in “once in 4 years” tournanent is just nitpicking. Thats as silly as saying Van Persie & Kevin De bruyne cant score againts Sergio Romero.

          As I said if weaker team scored againts him in previous WC , anyone else could.

          If Curtois is unbeatable, Belgium would have won something by now.

  7. Neuer single handily won Bayern 2020 UCL, Cortious single handily won Real 2022 UCL, PSG and Liverpool were certainly better team respectively

  8. Liverpool was the better team in the finals had more chances yet they lost its shows finishing what a good goal keeper capable of thankfully we have EMI this time arround😍

    • Cortious is on another level, on par with peak Neuer. Emi Martinez at best Allison/Ederson level.

      • Not only are Allison and Ederson not on the same caliber so as to be separated by a slash, but your opinion of Cortious is clearly just from this game.

        Also, if you don’t want people to immediately recognize you as Romance King/Sadiq, you need to try a lot harder

  9. The starting line up is as solid as it can be other than the injury to parcedes with Guido replacing him. Guido is perhaps better defensively than parcedes but he will commit acouple bad passes from His own 18 yard box per game. Hopefully, italy do not capitalize from them. I like our bench/substitutes of parcedes (Guido), Gonzalez (dimaria), palacios (locelso), J. Correa (Lautaro) and tagliafico (acuña).

    • Have you seen Guido misplacing passes like that? I’m not sure he has that tendency. In fact his passing is very underrated here. It’s much better that it may seem.

      “He[Guido] is similarly comfortable when contributing to building possession, and ensuring a sense of balance is maintained in midfield, through anticipating the opposition’s movements and adjusting his body position accordingly. The aggression he applies to doing so contributes to his effectiveness, and ultimately his teammates’ ability to progress forwards.

      From his favoured position at the base of midfield, Rodríguez constantly scans his surroundings to build a picture of what is unfolding around him. If he detects a potential overload, he swiftly attempts to capitalise, and is therefore particularly effective at the point of transition, when he prioritises playing to those in superior attacking positions and with greater attacking potential.

      On the occasions he is contributing in the final third, he is similarly effective at detecting the position from which he can provide the greatest support, often leading to him receiving the ball, and shooting at goal. Though not a regular goalscorer, he is also strong in the air, when he proves difficult to mark and capable of jumping with height, and comfortable at taking the ball with his back to goal before (below) again passing it to a teammate in a position to attack or even shoot”.

        • Yeah, people sometimes make the distinction that “Paredes is better at passing” which is true because Paredes is one of the most elite passers in Europe, but that isn’t really a good comparison between him and Guido because Guido’s passing is also top notch. Some of his long balls are exquisite

      • Yeah Guido is in good shape now. But I think he analysed Guido on the basis of that last Uruguay(away) match. Yeah he was bad that day. A desperate Uruguay team which put pressure on us. And Guido made so many mispasses that day.

        • You can’t make assumption by just 1 game paredes also under performed in many matches.guido was the best player of Betis this season. He was immense this season.

  10. Real Madrid won…that means…Real Betis(Guido & Pezella) in Champions league..and Villarreal(LoCelso, Rulli & Foyth) will be in Europa league right..?

    • Rules have changed, the winner only qualifies directly if they fail to make it through their league. In this case it will be 4 teams from Spain not 5. Had Madrid finished 5th, only then five team would have qualified. Feel free to correct me!!

    • Disagree on both accounts mate, Lo Celso is neither slow nor lazy in defense, in fact he hustles quite a bit and his defensive contribution is excellent.

      His weaknesses are that he is too left footed at times, his finishing could improve and in the air he is not that great (but in his position that’s not super important anyway).

    • Did you miss Villareal matches or what? Not only GLC contributes a lot in defense, his ability to hold onto possession has been the highlight of his Villarreal career so far!

    • Locelso is not slow and quite decent defensively but yes he is lazy not hardworking enough. We will see how good our midfield really is against Italy. Im sure it will not be a walk in the park that’s for sure. Lets see how Molina and otamendi perform.

    • Lo Celso is Argentina top assister in qualifier with 5 direct assist. Lautaro has 3, Messi actually has zero in qualifier. Lo Celso is good passer especially to link up the midfield and final third with his low pass ability. Our goal against Colombia in Copa started from Lo Celso long throughball to Messi from the deep.

      De Paul has a good cross and long pass but he’s doesnt have ability to put a throughball. At least I never see him doing it at national team. With Paredes absent , Scaloni probably feels we needs at least someone who send a throughball for Messi and Lautaro.

    • Lo Celso’s tackling is underrated and he’s never been lacking defensively or a passenger in the team. Otherwise why would all of his Tottenham coaches insisted on playing him in a double pivot or deep. That may not be his real position but they recognize that he’s capable of doing a job there

  11. Nico Gonzalez or Julian Alvarez should start ahead of Di Maria, and Lisandro Martinez ahead of otamendi

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