Lionel Messi speaks on Finalissima vs. Italy, Kylian Mbappe’s comments


Lionel Messi spoke about the Finalissima match against Italy and Kylian Mbappe’s comments regarding South American football.

Messi gave a lengthy interview where he has spoken about joining PSG, getting COVID, playing at the 2026 World Cup and the 2022 World Cup. In the same interview, he has also spoken about the Finalissima match against Italy.

The Argentine will want to win another trophy with the national team. Speaking with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say:

“We want to win it. It is a nice test for us too. It’s the European champions. Had they been at the World Cup, they would have been favorites. They had the bad luck of being out but they could have qualified before in the group when they had chances to win the match before going to the playoffs. But they couldn’t and after, because of things in football, they are outside of the World Cup.

“Surely had they qualified they would have been one of the candidates: Had they have been at the draw, no one would have wanted to play Italy, so it’s a nice test for us to keep growing, to get better and to get to our objective in the best way possible which is the first match at the World Cup.

“For them too, it should be that way, they should take it like that. It’s an official competition, that is validated by FIFA, one more cup for us and we want to win it and this group takes another cup, for the group and for the people of Argentina as well.

“The truth is that it’s crazy that they won the Euro Cup and they aren’t at this World Cup. That Italy are not at another World Cup, for what that signifies and what Italy are in the history of World Cups. It’s a pity, really. Now I have team mates and friends too in my team, two great people with whom I have a very good relationship with, that helped me a lot since I got there. Above all Verratti and that gives me a lot of pain.”

In regards to Kylian Mbappe’s comments where he spoke about the level of play in South America:

“Obviously outside of training we talk but in this case, we didn’t. I didn’t see how he said it or what he said. But many times we would talk with the guys from Spain, when we would come back from the qualifiers and tell them, you know how difficult it would be for you to qualify for the World Cup if you had to play there.

“Colombia, the altitude, the heat, Venezuela… They all have a different condition that makes it much more difficult and that aside, they are all great national teams with great players and football there is more even every day, no matter the opponent. I believe we are prepared to play against any European country and now we have a very nice test.”

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  1. 🚨🎙 @gastonedul: “It is Paulo Dybala’s last chances to convince Scaloni that he deserves go to the World Cup. In Scaloni’s eye, he is not at the level in National Team, as he is in his club.” @TyCSports

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      What do you know about football
      You just so negative, irritating and most certainly you re f..king disturbing
      What makes so you sure that Italy will dominat in possession vs Argentina, why are always so little to Argentina nt. Do you know how good Argentina nt are ?
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  2. Finalissima 2022 Argentina vs Italy

    Referee: Piero Maza (Chile)
    Assistant referees:
    Christian Schiemann (Chile)
    Claudio Ríos (Chile)
    Fourth official:
    Jesús Gil Manzano (Spain)
    Alejandro Hernández Hernández (Spain)
    Juan Martínez Munuera (Spain)
    Tiago Martins (Portugal)

    This is FIFA match fixing. No argument.

    We need a clean win with the referees heavily against us. Congratulations Italy for playing with Massive advantage.

    Source Wikipedia

  3. Very concerning that Argentina have no friendlies coming up after Finalissima whereas every other qualified nation has a full calendar… why is it soooooo difficult to get us matches? I’m sure any country would love to test themselves against what the heck is the problem? Poor management by AFA? Shitty luck?

    • There is Estonia. Afa is trying for a 3rd friendly but i don’t think that will happen. We are playing Brazil in September though that’s not a friendly but we can treat that like friendlies. Thats 3 match confirmed im sure afa will organize atleast another 2 friendlies before wc so we may play about 5 matches before wc

  4. I predict Argentina will win the midfield battle and dominate, despite the hype Italy’s midfield gets. If that happens it will be interesting to see Argentina trying to score against a strong defensive team.
    I would love to see different options: some long distance shots, crosses, though balls, set pieces…

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