Lionel Messi on playing the 2026 World Cup, difficult of the group at 2022 Qatar


Lionel Messi spoke in an interview with TyC Sports where he commented on possibly playing at the 2026 FIFA World Cup and the difficult of the group at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Messi spoke about his first season at PSG and getting COVID but also about the World Cup. In regards to possibly playing in 2026, here is what he had to say:

“The truth is that I am thinking about this World Cup and after we will see. A lot of things can happened, football changes. And honestly, it appears difficult for me but I don’t have a clear idea.

“I never imagined I would played anywhere other than Barcelona and one day it happened that I had to leave.”

He was also asked about the group at the 2022 World Cup. On playing Saudi Arabia in the first match:

“We know from experience that there are no easy opponents. And it happened to us at the last World Cup, where we celebrated the group and in the end, it was complicated.

“The first match is always different, no matter the opponent, for the nerves. Fofr a lot of these kids it’s going to be the first World Cup that they play in and whether you want it or not, you feel the obligation to win. Because winning the first match at the World Cup is key for the matches that are coming after. But the truth is that this group is very excited, very eager and I believe we are preparing well for when that moment comes.”

On Mexico:

“It’s a national team that always costs us, that play very well. Although we were generally lucky and were able to pass or win, they play very well. The yhave a clear idea, with a coach that knows Argentina and they know us very well.”

On playing Poland:

“It is surely going to be a difficult group. It’s going to be difficult the entire World Cup.”


  1. My personal openion is that Messi can play 2026 WC easily. He’ll be 39 in 2026. In this age many legends have played wc, champions league & other major tournaments.
    Messi can be used as midfielder/playmaker role, at least as a super sub!

    • Unfortunately, Messi will need to retire after this world cup. One of the primary reason behind our disastrous 2018 WC was failing to phase out aging and washed up players like Masch , Biglia, Higuain , Enzo perez, Cabellaro. On top of aging players we had mediocre players in our starting line up playing in important positions like Rojo , Pavon , Meza. Players like Papu, Pezella , Icardi, Paredes should have not only been selected but integrated right after 2016 COPA final loss. Especially Papu, Pezzella and Icardi these three were enjoying peak form in europe.

      We can’t afford to have another disastrous wc again so the GOAT has to make his way out and focus on club career. I am sure he will still perform at highest level for another 2 yrs easily but he will need to hang up his national team boots, unfortunately.

  2. Most of the players will play their first world cup, and most grew up dreaming of meeting Messi once in their lives, now they are playing with him.
    Except the few Messi’s age, if you ask them who was your idol growing up they will say Messi.

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