Argentina flying to England, rumored XI vs. Italy for Finalissima


The Argentina national team are flying to England for their match against Italy in the Finalissima match on Wednesday with a rumored eleven being spoken about.

Argentina trained in Bilbao, Spain for their Finalissima match and are now flying over to England. The team gave several interviews there, the latest being Lionel Messi.

Coach Lionel Scaloni has not confirmed his starting eleven for the team but there is one that is being rumored. With no Leandro Paredes in midfield due to injury, this is expected to be the eleven:

Dibu Martínez; Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña; De Paul, Guido, Lo Celso; Lionel Messi, Lautaro, Di María

Nahuel Molina in place of Gonzalo Montiel with Guido starting for Paredes.


  1. I have been following a lot of the u20 instagram including Alejandro Garnacho who has the most followers out of all. The 17 years old Garnacho is chosen as the best u18 player in England. That is quite an achievement being the best among youth in the most competitive league.

    I can tell that he is an extremely ambitious player by looking at who he follows on instagram. Other than the majority of his teammates, he follows these players: Messi, CR7, Aguero, Mbappe, Modric, Di Maria. He clearly wants to learn from the best. I believe as a footballer, mental aspect is just as important as skill aspect. If you are incredibly talented and at the same time you are extremely ambitious and a hard worker, you will be successful no doubt.

    For example, I used to like Erik Lamela a lot. I thought he was super talented especially in his youth days. But the guy has amazing skills but mediocre mentality. He never believes that he is that good. He deferred too much to his teammates. He never wanted to show that he is man. As a result, he never really lives up to the expectation.

    Garnacho is quite the opposite. Argentina also have Luka and Soule, both are just as talented as he is. But if you watched the first game vs. Saudi. Garnacho clearly was “selfish”. But I would say selfish in a good way. Most players are too unselfish. As a result, they end up being no one. Garnacho always wants the ball, always wants to challenge his marker one on one. He wants the free kick duty. The man who scored 5 goals and 3 assists in 5 games of FA youth cup wants to show that he clearly IS the best youth player in England.

    He is that ambitious that he does not even post anything about the toulon tournament on his instagram at all. Being 17 maybe he can’t wait to go to the main event, instead of the youth. For me it is all positive.

    In basketball there is one player who is super ambitious and he becomes a legendary player, his name is Kobe Bryant.

    I see Garnacho mentality is a cut above his other teammates. For me he is up there with all the best teenagers in the whole world along with the likes of Giovani Reyna or Moukoko or Bellingham.

    Don’t forget guys, 6 hours before Argentina Italy, there is Argentina Panama tomorrow. So let’s watch both of them.

    • Mentality is as important as talent indeed but the right mentality has to be accompanied by humility. For me, the best mentality combines nerve, grit and a die hard attitude but without arrogance. Arrogance is one of the best recipes for failure. The key is to be humble, not afraid of taking initiatives and shed your blood for the shirt. After a long time i can say that our team has this mentality and young talents can benefit from that.

      • Yeah he seems to pick up everything from CR7 including his selfish attributes. For me it is fine. CR7 has always been selfish but he is one of the all time great. Most of the time his ego gives more positive impacts than negative impacts to his teams whatever they are: MU, Madrid, Portugal, or Juve.

        I hope CR7 stays at MU for at least one more season so our Garnacho can learn even more for another year.

        Btw I was just checking. The previous winners of young English player of the year are quite amazing such as Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Mark Hughes, Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood. Hope Garnacho will end up better than all of them.

    • How can you say that?? They may not have a great individual goal scorer bt anybody can score in Italy like bonucci and chiellini good in set pieces insigne and barella can score jorginho is very good in penalties. So u never know. Lets see

  2. The 0-0 draw against Brazil and the last qualifier match were the two worst performances of Argentina in the recent past. But this team does have players, who did not play in either of the two. Hope, they match the strategic game of Mancini, who killed the giants in Euro through excellent team management. The exit from qualifiers was a setback. He and his team have lot to prove. It’s the biggest test of Scaloni after the Copa Final. Last time he met an European team was Germany, where his young squad did well, specially in the second half. Lautaro would like to forget that match but De Paul played a key role. It’s again a Euro test for Scaloni.

  3. Hopefully we win tomorrow. Feeling Optimistic but i usually is wrong. So finger crossed we win tomorrow and grab that trophy.

      • Funny enough I was actually rooting for Hertha to be relegated in their playoffs because that would have given Ascacibar a great chance of leaving the club. In an interview he even stated that he regrets going to Germany. I hope he leaves because surely there must be some decent club with a good manager that could use his skill set.

  4. pretty decent line up.. guido is good player.. with the back of romero, guido , otamendi .. argentina defence is solid.. with this three in back both molina and acuna will get plenty of room to attack..
    only thing is complaining in my mind.. not inclusion of enzo .. enzo is both defensively offensively good physical energetic young intelegent player.. young player always has something extra skill to discover

  5. Spinzolla is very attack minded, Foyth vs Spinzolla would have been great if there is De Paul and Di Maria is right flank then Foyth can be tried, Mollina is also very good player.
    This season Mollina, Foyth, Guido Rodriguez and and Lo celso played really great.

  6. So everyone wants Brazilian players now: Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal/Hotspur), Richarlison (PSG/Arsenal), Raphinha (Barcelona), Bremer (Inter, Hotspur).

    Richarlison is so bad, why would others want him? Strange.

    So far only Di Maria, Lautaro, Dybala (free transfer), Lo Celso (Villlarreal and Betis) attracting others. I hope soon other clubs will want Molina, De Paul, A. Correa, Lisandro Martinez.

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