Lionel Scaloni speaks at the press conference before the Finalissima vs. Italy


Along with Emiliano Martínez, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at Tuesday’s press conference.

Even though Scaloni didn’t confirm the lineup for the Finalissima to be played this Wednesday against Italy, he had several thoughts to share. He emphasized that although his team has not lost a match since almost three years ago (0-2 vs Brazil, Copa America 2019), they “are not invincible”:

“The important thing here is not to believe we are unbeatable. We are a team that won a tournament but the road for us continues”.

Talking specifically about the Finalissima vs. Italy, this is what Scaloni had to say:

“Italy won the last Euros. It is a national team of the highest level that has been doing a great job.

“I hope tomorrow we play like we have been doing. We have no doubt that we will compete. It is always important to play against the best to see where we are.”

Also, Argentina’s coach explained what does playing with the national team implies, what he takes into consideration for choosing one player over the other, and he complimented Marcos Senesi:

“Playing with this jersey always means competing to the max.

“We value the performance that the players have and not where they play.

“Marcos Senesi is a left-footed center-back who is tall and has a great touch. I hope he takes his opportunity.”


  1. First half: Another ugly match. Panama is very physical, stronger than Saudi.

    Argentina only had 1 chance through Soule but his shot was wide and he was offside too. Garnacho was quiet. All the defenders were really bad (except Aude). The passing accuracy overall was horrible.

    The striker Castro got a head injury, maybe we will see Luka in the second half. Hope we will see an improvement in the second half.

    Btw Carboni brothers still have yet to join the squad as they still have their own primavera competition for Inter. Hope they will join soon.

  2. Argentina Panama starters:
    Gomez; Di Lollo, Aude, Agular, Genes, M Gonzales, Infantino, Buonanotte; Soule, Castro, Garnacho

    Paz and Romero on the bench. Buonanote and Castro replacing them

    • Man Genez, Di Lollo and Aguilar are so bad. Unbelievable. They are even worse than amateur players. I am sad we don’t produce any good defenders at all. Those 3 making rookie mistakes 3 times in the first 15 minutes. Luckily still 0-0.

  3. I just heard an interview of Scaloni on ESPN, where he was asked about the number of goalkeepers and he clearly said that the idea is to bring 3 GKs to Qatar.
    Many people here were worrying about this fact, so they can chill. 🙂
    I think the 3 would be picked up from the current 4, based on their club form in the early next season.

  4. Comrades, moment of truth. This match will give us a picture of what we will face in the up & coming world cup.

  5. Lo celso after joining villareal looks like a completely different player. Now he can shoulder a team almost alone. He has that confidence. With de Paul lo celso and Guido we can expect extraordinary moves. More than the talent it’s their passion for Argentina that makes them extra special. I can sense it. It’s not Tottenhams celso that for sure. We can feel that difference from that Colombia match on 1 Feb. The next day after his official villareal move. May be all the desperation he faces during his spurs years made him to fight harder within his limits.

  6. This match will be a good test. I hope italy shows us our deficiencies so that scaloni can work on them before its too late. I want to see how locelso performs how Molina performs how otamendi performs how guido performs how acuna or tagliafico performs.

  7. All the best to our beloved team. Lets win it handsomely and then enjoy a discussion on youtube between Roy and Seba 🤞🤞

    • You can follow the match using Acestream, the link is updated about 30 minutes before the match. You can use google to search for it.

  8. Just now starting to feel nerves for tomorrow, I am really excited to see how we play against a strong European side after a very long time and apprehensive about what happens. Though I have to mention, in the case that we do lose and this site is flooded with complaints, I think we can’t have a bad result tomorrow no matter what. Even if we lose it will be great practice and a perfect time to get a bad result before the World Cup. We would still have time to evaluate a plan and correct. I’d much rather lose now against a European team than in the knockouts when there’s no going back. As we all know, not playing enough against strong opponents can be the reason for WC failure, and these results don’t always mean something anyways. In the short term missing out on this trophy will be sad but playing this game at all is great in the long run. And if we win — perfect, we will have more confidence and make a statement. I will go into this with a positive attitude no matter the result. The thing I most care about is growing and building into the WC.

    • Results are less important than the manner in which we play.

      Tired of the inconsistency and some of the dreadful footie we have seen in the past.
      I hope to see everyone at their best and a mix of players, including Lisardo, Dybala, Foyth, and Alvarez. And of course id like see a compact defense and an attack with big balls and purpose. Vamos

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