Argentina U20 team starting eleven vs. Panama at Toulon tournament


Argentina U20 coach Javier Mascherano has announced his starting eleven for the match against Panama at the Toulon tournament.

Javier Mascherano coached his team to a 1-0 win vs. Saudi Arabia in their opening match at the Toulon tournament. A goal by Santiago Castro gave Argentina the win as they top Group A ahead of Panama, who managed a penalty shootout win after a 0-0 draw against hosts France. Here is the starting eleven:

Francisco Gomez
Brian Aguilar
Lautaro Di Lollo
Nahuel Genez
Julian Aude
Maximiliano Gonzalez
Gino Infantino
Facundo Buonanotte
Matias Soule
Santiago Castro
Alejandro Garnacho


  1. We won 1-0 from Garnacho’s goal. The defense looked much better in the second half but I don’t think any of Di Lollo or Genez is national team material. They are just too mediocre. Genez wore number 13 probably he wanna be like Cuti, but he is nowhere close. Di Lollo is very slow to react in many moments.

    Gomez the goalie is pretty good. He has good size and is very composed for his age. I think he has a future for Argentina.

    Aude has an average game but you can tell that he is talented.

    M Gonzales is not bad as DM.

    Infantino is the engine of the team (like De Paul). The captain is pretty talented as he is always everywhere.

    Buonanote number 20 plays a bit like the previous Buonanote, Diego. Definitely can improve in the future.

    Soule is viewed by Mascherano as his most important player. He got one assist today and a couple of nice runs. He played in Di Maria’s role today, right wing.

    Garcia the striker is an orthodox 9. Let’s see if he can develop more.

    Garnacho had a quiet first half but his finishing is lethal just like his idol, CR7. Definitely our best player. In open space, he is extremely dangerous.

    Luka played 30 minutes and looked much better. He single handedly carried Argentina in the second half. If he would be calmer, he would have had an assist from a counter attack.

    Third game is against France. If France win against Saudi today, that means we need at least a draw against them to top the group. Rotation is likely but I hope not changing the whole line up.

    It is Argentina U19 against Panama U23 so it is not bad at all.

  2. Romero supposed to be better than garnacho. But look what looking up to a player like cr7 has done for garnacho .. Romero has no one In lazio to look up to or push him.. he needs to get out of lazio..

    • Romero is same kind of player bt garnacho is something different what Argentina doesn’t have right now and thats raw pace and confidence

    • For me all three are very talented, without doubt more talented than our previous u20 generation like Gaich, Almada, Nehuen Perez etc.

      All the three are unique in their own way. Mati Soule likes to provide. In 2 games he could have had 4 assists had our attackers finished better. Mati also tried to finish the ball in right moments. The comparison to Di Maria is really justified.

      Luka is the last and the youngest player to be compared to Messi. There is similarity but Luka is still too raw.

      Garnacho is the disciple of CR7 tree which includes the likes of Mbappe, Mane, or Luis Diaz. We never had any player like him in a long time: a super speedy right footed left wing who likes to cut inside and score. Most of our left wingers since Maradona era were either tradional left footed (Claudio Lopez, Kily, or Di Maria) or versatile player who can play as left winger (like Caniggia). Someone like Garnacho is super rare for Argentina. We are very lucky.

  3. They’ve to do something urgently about this shitty pitch. Even senior players would struggle to control and pass the ball on it.

  4. First half: Another ugly match. Panama is very physical, stronger than Saudi.

    Argentina only had 1 chance through Soule but his shot was wide and he was offside too. Garnacho was quiet. All the defenders were really bad (except Aude). The passing accuracy overall was horrible.

    The striker Castro got a head injury, maybe we will see Luka in the second half. Hope we will see an improvement in the second half.

    Btw Carboni brothers still have yet to join the squad as they still have their own primavera competition for Inter. Hope they will join soon.

    • Ground is very bad… both teams are struggling for smooth passes. I think the ground condition is the reason why there is low scoring in every matches.

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