Marcos Acuña not fit, Nicolas Tagliafico to start for Argentina in Finalissima match


Marcos Acuña is not fit to start for the Argentina national team as Nicolas Tagliafico will be in the eleven for the Finalissima match.

Acuña is not fit as Tagliafico will start for Argentina. According to Gastón Edul, the eleven is confirmed. Here is the starting eleven:

Dibu Martínez; Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Guido Rodríguez, Lo Celso; Messi, Lautaro and Di María.


  1. This hurts us as Acuña is SOLID not only in defense and attacking up the left but most importantly in transition defense where tagliafico is lost!!
    tagliafico is a good as a back up but this definitely takes a dimension away of scaloni’s scheme both on offense and defense.
    Acuña plays with huevos as where as Nicolas has little balls … #truth 😂

  2. This is a real setback. Acuna is far better compared to Tagliafico. Remember the 2-2 game against Germany. Acuna changed the complexion of the game, the moment he came in. Before him Tagliafico was clueless. It was a game where Acuna, De Paul, Paredes, Alario and Ocampos saved Argentina. It is unfortunate that Alario is not in the team.

  3. It is better to use taglifico more bcz he needs more playing time with NT.He is a proper .back.Acuna is different.WC matches are very difficult so scaloni should use proper wing back more..

  4. These players Acuna j .correa N.gonzales and Occampos are very imp.players for Arg. bcz they can run well tackle dribble crossing and can score as well.They always keep thr performances more than average..

  5. Don’t worry about Tagliafico, he is fine. Ajax approach to football involves attacking fullbacks so Tagliafico is not deficient in that department.

    • I always liked tagliafico, I think is one of those under appreciated players, in my book he is reliable player that gives you 7/ 10 in every game.

    • Yeah he was just superb against chile in the away match. He can make good attacking play than both Montiel and foyth. But sometimes look error prone. May be lack of concentration. Like that late tackle on vidal during the copa match.

      • Yep, to be honest the most recent matches of his have been good. Like you mentioned the Chile performance was great and he was reliable coming off the bench in the copa final.

  6. Tagliafico sometimes gets unnecessary criticism than he deserves. He started his career as a CB and that is why he is better defensively than when attacking but he is a decent LB and would prefer him over Acuna when defending a lead.

  7. Advantage Argentina: no veratti no spinazzola no tonali. Looks like Italy not talking this cup seriously. Dissapointed without verratti chiesa or tonali Italy midfield looks quite average. We will not get the proper test we were hoping for. This should be cakewalk for Argentina.

    • After watching full season of Verrati with PSG, I don’t think his inclusion would have made any significant difference!!

    • Spinazzola is just coming back from a long injury, Chiesa has not recovered yet I think. Italy wants to test a new generation of players perhaps.

  8. Bad news, though Tagliafico is more defensively solid than Acuna. This might guarantee that Molina gets a start to have more attacking output from the right.

    • Yes, Molina most likely starting and I’m sure Tag will do fine.

      Shame about Acuna though because an attacking fullback might provide greater output since GLC and Toro occupy and they don’t do well on the wings (contrast to RDP who owns the right wing). I suppose we’ll see more of ADM on left….. + GLC + Tag and Messi + RDP + Molina on the right.

  9. Fabrizio Romano
    Juventus have been in advanced talks with Ángel Di María for weeks. Argentina coach Scaloni: “If Juventus are looking for a winger, he is among the best to the world”. 🇦🇷 #Juve

    Negotiations ongoing on the details of the contract for Di María to join Juventus

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