Lionel Messi named Finalissima Player of the Match


Lionel Messi has been named as the Finalissima Player of the Match!

Messi had two goals as he was named the best player of the Finalissima final. It is now the second trophy he lifts for Argentina in less than one year.

The Argentine has now won 40 career trophies, with two of his last three being with Argentina. He had two assists for Argentina in the Finalissima.

Lautaro Martinez scored the first goal of the match off a Lionel Messi assist. Messi also had an assist on Paulo Dybala’s goal, Argentina’s last goal of the match. Here were his numbers for the match, this via Argentidata:

1st in assists (2)
1st in dribbles completed (4)
1st in chances created (4)
1st in fouls received (5)
1st in duels won (10)
1st in passes in the opposing half (46)
2nd in passes completed (58)

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  1. Honestly, after the tough South American qualifiers, Italy looked like a relegated club. We were all over them. Italy was simply humbled. It could have been easily 7-0 had it not been for Donna making those saves or a few open nets missed.

  2. Lots to be happy about but I’m especially content with several areas.
    Press Press Press + ball recovery. Holy shit. They did really well drowning out space and recovered the ball quickly numerous times.
    On the flip side, they did extremely well resisting Italy’s press. Calm and collected with available passing options at all times. Few very precarious moments were handled beautifully a la barcelona.

  3. What a match!! Messi was on fire today but again very unlucky, could have easily had 2 goals but for some strange reason this season goal keepers tend to produce very good saves against him!! I really wanted Mbappe out of PSG so that Messi won’t be isolated like this season but now that i think about it , it could be blessing in disguise. Mbappe’s obsession to score all the goals and have all the ball will help Leo arrive fresh and super hungry at the world cup, similar to today. He played as if he wanted to prove a point to Shit PSG and Poch why they are the reason he had a mediocre season, for his standards. Hopefully Neymar will be gone too, heard new Chelsea owners want to buy him as a signature signing.

    Regarding players missing from Italian team. Italy failed to beat Macedonia with those players and honestly overrated Verrati would have made zero difference, ZERO!!

    This team was playing after 2 months gap. Imagine the chemistry when training together for a month for the world cup!! Also with this win Argentina has once again proved South American qualifiers aren’t joke and any team can beat any team in CONMEBOL. I really want Ecuador to not get disqualified. They have the potential to beat everyone in their group including Netherlands and end up as the group winners. Lastly, Dimaria is clearly our 2nd most important player. He will do great in Juventus!!

    • Also folks criticizing Locelso for missing those two chances. First one was not as easy as it looked even though the goal would have been a big boost to his confidence and 2nd one , he was 1 sec too late to shoot directly. Moreover, top strikers also every now and then miss those kinds of chances, example Mr. Mbappe needs 3 to 4 chances to score one goal and GLC is not even a forward 🤣.

      Difference between Emi and Rulli, how comfortably Dibu was catching and holding every ball while Rulli would have punched most of them. Tagliafico is a different beast when playing for us. People are still mad at him for that fluke Pavard’s goal but he is quite reliable LB. Also Our insane pressing seems to have shocked and amazed european fans. Nevertheless, everything seems to be falling in place for us!!

  4. i forget the minute but i loved seeing Cuti punk that attacker really hard and he fell. Like “Woah bitch, get out the way”. Hilarious moment especially since we toyed with them at the end. Showed a ruthless aggressive side to our defense.

    • spot on, he was indeed ruthless. So many interceptions he made. Also, not only we toyed with them in our defence, but last quarter, we were toying with them across the field. So many beautiful dribbles, keep ups, tricks – happiness overloaded !!!

  5. whenever di maria scores at a final, we always win the title(2008 Olympic games, 2021 and 2022), I have the feeling that he will score the goal for winning the world cup this year, viva fideo! messi was exceptional in his role of playmaker, everywhere and probably his best match this year, really pleasant to see that

  6. We absolutely dominated Italy even mancini have admitted that arg outplayed them, I really loved what I saw from my beloved Argentina nt , give where credit is due di maria was simply sensational I’m gutted we didn’t see this kind di maria in his young days nevertheless I will take this di maria anyday over his young days.
    Tbh de Paul wasn’t as good as you used be but still had great game, lo celso he must and should had score the two chances he had simply you can’t miss those kind sitters.
    Lautaro Martinez what a player he is unsung hero.He always came up goods for big games , cuti Romero what revolution I’m praying to God that he stays fit and healthy cuz we need him so badly, tagliafico had good game , Palacios had great comeo played between the lines, forward passes link up well with messi .I like Palacios and he improved a lot looking forward to see him playing uefa champions league insha Allah.
    Messi no slowing down he is coming to win world cup in six months time God willing. I really don’t want Messi to retire I want him to continue till his 40s cus we will not going to see a great player like him anytime soon.

  7. LIVE DISCUSSION STARTS IN 5 mins. At Mundoalbiceleste youtube account. Cant wait to hear Roy and Seba and celebrate together. Meet u all in there. Tune in and subscribe.

  8. One more fight is left BOSS, one more and not bad for an OLD MAN eh as they called you, too slow to run, cant dribble, easily dispossessed PLAYS WITH NO PASSION after COPA forget about it……..poor Italians were frustrated and angry, they were punching air.

  9. But but….European teams are stonger. We are not tested properly against Europe????!!!,??
    We beat Brazil and even Brazil is stronger than any European teams at the moment. Most of the big European teams are still fixing their problems. Spain with the attack, France with the defence, Belgium and Croatia with age, England with the arrogance, Portugal with her majesty and Germany with the transition.
    Its the Europeans who need to test themslves against the South American heavy weights. Not us. Can they cope?
    Messi is aging like a fine expensive red wine. Watch out for him in the WC… PSG can $uk my @$$.

  10. My players rating:
    Emi 8
    Molina 7
    Cuti 8
    Otamendi 7
    Tagliafico 8
    Guido 8
    De Paul 7.5
    Lo Celso 7.5
    Di Maria 9
    Messi 9.5
    Lautaro 9

    Palacios 7.5
    Dybala 8
    Alvarez 7

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