Argentina win Finalissima, Lionel Messi assists twice, Lautaro, Angel Di Maria, Paulo Dybala score


Argentina won the Finalissima with Lionel Messi assisting twice and Lautaro Martinez, Angel Di Maria and Paulo Dybala all scoring.

Lionel Messi provided two assists for Argentina as they won their second international trophy in less than a year. Lo Celso won the ball back in midfield as he passed it to Messi who drove down the wing and played a pass in to Lautaro Martinez as he scored from close range to give Argentina the 1-0 lead!

Lautaro Martinez had scored and was about to assist. He received the ball in midfield and ran towards the Italian back line. He played a through ball to Angel Di Maria who, just like against Nigeria at the 2008 Olympic final and just like against Brazil in the 2021 Copa America final, chipped the goalkeeper and scored!

Messi and Argentina continued to toy and torment Italy, especially in the second half. Messi, Di Maria and Lo Celso had several opportunities to score, with Lo Celso even missing an open goal.

Paulo Dybala was substituted on and he would score. Messi would dribble passed Italy’s back line and the ball would fall to Dybala and his shot beat Donnarumma and scored for Argentina!

The Argentina national team have now won two trophies in less than a year while being undefeated in 32 matches!

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  1. Alhamdulillah for everything! 🇦🇷💪✌
    Good vibes continuing & this Argentina is really at another level. Solid defense, correct & electric passing & dashing finishing finally, what an eye pleasing & effective game!!
    2022 may be going to be ours inn shaa Allah! 💪💪💪💪

  2. Argentina looks such a solid team. Even in WC2014, the team did not look as solid as it has looked in recent times and especially today. All the talks about Italy being weak are downright ridiculous. They were very strong, despite few missing players. This was a team which could have easily beaten best of the best including Argentina. However, Argentina made them look so much inferior. Our defence was rock solid especially Cuti. Tagliafico actually had probably the best game ever for Argentina. Players across the field were quick, were making quick triangles, using skill when required and beating tight situations again and again. Those tight situations for most teams would mean loss of possession and more chances for the opposition. The front three were on fire. Messi probably rightfully gets most of the accolade. However, Lautaro was brilliant. Not only with his goal and assist, but he was holding up and carrying forward the ball so many times. Di Maria – nothing can be said that would ever quite befit his contributions and his impact to games and especially to important games. Team needs to stay mentally calm and we are going to be one of the teams to beat in Qatar.
    I repeat, Argentina’s scoreline and gameplay made the mighty Italian looked garbage. Wait for the same trend to continue this WC season folks !!! We have arrived to the WC party.

  3. Today Argentina’s press was fantastic. Its tough sustain this amount of press in a long tournament but if we manage it thn nobody can beat us in wc

  4. Give this Argentina spaces and you will be put to the sword immediately. No one team will have the courage to play open football against this Argentina side in the WC. Vamos!!!

    • That’s what we will not get in the wc. Teams will play defensively and will try to hit on counters like what Chelsea did to pep’s barca in 2012 ucl.

  5. This Italy side was horrible i said previously as well without chiesa, veratti, insigne, immobile, tonali, berardi, spinazzola this would be cakewalk and it proved so. I hope now lisandro will get the chance against Estonia atleast

    • With them this would have been too, Mancini’s Italy is finished, specially mentally. This was like Brazil-Spain Conf. final in 2013 with a finished big spanish generation.

        • Tell us what those guys did in the Euros? Immobile was the most criticized player by the Italian fans. Berardi isn’t anything special. Insigne did very little and Tonali is still very inexperienced and wouldn’t contribute much. I think you just like coming up with some lame excuses. Very negative as usual.

      • Italy and Spain always had hard time whenever meeting Argentina. Their games don’t suit Argentina. I agree, even if they were full team, they would still have lost.

        • And Argentina always struggle against Germany and maybe France. I think Argentina will fear only 3 teams 1.france 2.germany and 3.brazil no other team can beat this Argentina side

          • I dont think we fear anyone. We would have beat Germany if not for the choke job Higuain did his whole career, and putting in old ass Palacios to go choke. We lost to France bArely while there was still corruption goin on in AFA. BRAZIL?? we just beat twice…. Formidible team but we arent scared. AFA is under control and working properly. Theres nothing to fear. Just respect and hard work.

          • Please tell me who are the defenders in germany team we can also check their fwd as well if you want. there is more than 50 % change that germany will be out in early rounds.

  6. Anyway, anybody here on or off this forum who thinks that Messi has declined. Sorry to say this. Eat your shit!

    I keep telling you that the REAL MESSI DOES NOT WEAR NUMBER 30 in PSG. Messi that we see today is the real Messi and he is at least 2 times better than the world second best player whoever that is, you name it: Mbappe, Lewandowski, Benzema, Salah or whoever.

    Just like Jordan. The number 45 Jordan is not Jordan. He wears number 23.

    One more time. Want to see the real Messi? Watch Argentina! He is the prime Messi. The Messi of old not the old Messi.

    • Until Messi can’t run anymore he will only evolve, not decline. He makes our team so dangerous, everyone goes off to mark him and then the ball can fall to a player like Dybala or Di Maria like we saw in the last goal. We have multiple weapons

      • Exactly, no more Messi dependence has made Argentina into a beast. Messi is a deep playmaker now…He disjoints the opponents defence and leaves DiMaria and Lautaro to have more space, If opponents leave Messi then he’ll eat them. Add a solid defence finally and you have a monster

  7. The standout players for me were Cuti, a beast; Tagliafico very solid; Lo Celso very involved; De Paul our midfield general, Fideo who is a big game player, Lautaro was immense, Messi.

    Dybala’s world class finishing an asset off the bench.

  8. The match showed Scaloni best available starters and KEY reserves. These players: Palacios, Dybala, Julian Alvarez, Nico Gonzales, and Dybala just earn their spots through their excellent performance.

    Palacios was good. His passing, one two pass and his off the ball movements were great. He linked really well with Messi and the original starters. Argentina did not look worse at all when he was playing. He had a bad moment in his first 3 minutes, after that he was just as good as De Paul.

    Julian Alvarez improves his confidence. You can tell that easily. He is our most improve player. Back in Copa America, he was considered “not good enough”. Now Scaloni tried him as the MAIN BACK UP number 9 instead of J. Correa. And I think he did enough to convince Scaloni.

    I thought Dybala would not make it, but Scaloni game him a chance and I think his goal should be enough to convince Scaloni that he gets his ticket to the World Cup. Especially if he would choose the right team next season.

    Nico Gonzales and Pezzella are always the main back up of Di Maria and Cuti/Otamendi. No surprise that they were playing. Licha was not playing because he was not playing futbol for more than a month already.

    The match like this where we performed amazing (one of the best of Scaloni’s era) against Euro champion should mean a lot for Scaloni when it comes to choosing team, especially after we had 2 mediocre performance in the last 2 qualifier games. I believe the reserves chosen today is his real back ups. Add the regular back ups like Acuna, Papu, Correa. Then we have our WC squad.

    One interesting thing was Foyth was among the reserves today not Montiel. Does that mean that Foyth has won his competition against Montiel? Let’s see.

    • El_principle usually I don’t like agreeing with you but you are spot on palacios, I liked his forward passes and his links up with messi. This guy improved a lot but pple can’t see it unfortunately.

      • Yes I am being neutral on Palacios. He was good. He played like Palacios that shined against Bolivia at La Paz. (I forgot Bolivia or Ecuador?)

    • More like Montiel has lost it. He has been injured and not a regular starter for Sevilla.

      Now who is our starting rb? Molina. He is an attacking rb. So if you want a defensive alternative , Foyth is your choice. Foyth does not add much to attack, but his ground defending is excellent. He can face any attacker, has CL semi final experience, a good professional.

      Montiel did great in Copa final, but don’t forget his performance against luis diaz in semi. Both molina and montiel struggled in that match.

      Saravia did great against Neymar in one match too then was really poor in copa 2019.

      • Yep, the difference between Molina and Montiel is becoming bigger and bigger. For now, having both Molina and Foyth as alternatives to each other based on the style of play is the best bet.

    • Yes the defense is great because Scaloni is not blind. And please accept Scaloni sees more and knows more of the players than me and you. Scaloni being blind is a wrong statement mate.

  9. This happiness and coordination is the strength of this team. Thank you scaloni for gifting this wonderful team to us. All the credit goes to that man💯💯💯. The target is that WC. And it’s still a long way to travel

  10. Find another match AFA vs Morocco or some good level team, vs Estonia Musso Acuna/Lisandro Senesi Pezzella Foyth Macallister Palacios Papu Nico Gonzalez Alvarez Dybala.

  11. At the current level, only France with their counter attacking ability with Benz-Mbappe duo at the front pose a threat in the world cup. Brazil, Spain & Germany are close in Tier 2. England, Belgium, Portugal and Holland are in Tier 3.

  12. Im starting to get the taste of lifting cups !!!!
    Congratulation my belove Argentina !!!!

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