Paulo Dybala: “I don’t feel like I am in the Argentina team for the World Cup”


Paulo Dybala spoke about his place in the Argentina national team for the World Cup.

Dybala is back in the Argentina national team and scored in the 3-0 Finalissima win vs. Italy. He was brought on as a substitute and scored after a Lionel Messi assist.

He spoke to ESPN after the match about his place in the team for the World Cup. Here is what he had to say:

“I don’t feel within (the team) for the World Cup. There’s missing a lot. You have to continue working. The Argentina national team has incredible players in every position. It’s not easy. I will give my best from now until the World Cup.”


  1. I love you guys…. You are real fans: CRAZY, IRRATIONAL, and a lot of FANTASIES…. every time an argentine player kicks a football he deserves to be in the NT !!!!!. As long as I love Dybala I don’t see him in the national team. Although Alvarez is new and unproven but I rather have him in the team because he is a true striker. in my book, players like Gonzalez, A. Correa, Dimaria are all ahead of Dybala.

  2. I will say it again for what it is worth. Dybala has been the second best Argentine player in the big leagues this season. It will be dumbfoundingly stupid and criminal to leave Dybala behind and take the likes of J Correa or Meza etc.

    It will be a crime against football. I love football and the Argentina team because of the kind of football Maradona played. And Messi plays. Dybala is one of the same endangered breed. Players like them make football worth watching.

  3. When Martin Palermo scored in our last game against Peru, Diego gave him the World Cup guarantee ticket as a present.

    Dybala scored against Italy in a prestigious cup. Even if he had been behind many players before the game such as J Correa, A Correa, or Alvarez. Now he should make a strong case to make the World Cup. That goal changes his pecking order.

    A Correa should be worried. Simeone doesnt play him and he is behind every attacker in pecking order today. He needs to do anything to get out of Atletico as soon as possible. At least ask for a loan or something.

    • Yes, i remember that when Diego gave the spot to Palermo so why not Dybala and is he just respecting other team mates by saying in this way or is there might be a slight translation error, perhaps ?

      As i truly hope either one above instead of him having kind of low morale issue with himself as that is not going to help anything at all, but i do understand that one can lost his confidence, but he scored a great goal !

      And afret that i would like him to be a bit not necessary selfish,but rather uplifted!

      Come, on Paulo u can truly make the difference as Leo also spoke about being tired at some points which is natural at his age so Dybala Arg will need ! But, it is up to him after all, so i truly pray more appearences and more positive vibes from him too!

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