Finalissima celebrations: Players, fans in Argentina, Wembley


Although the Argentina National Team has always made people passionate, it has been years since it transmitted the level of fanaticism of recent years. Both the players and the fans have a huge confidence in this team that makes the joy overflow every time the Albiceleste plays. This is why there were more than 60,000 Argentines in the stands at Wembley. Why in Argentina they went to celebrate at the Obelisco and the players sang and danced madly.

Also, if there is something that characterizes this team is how united they are. We can see it on the pitch; when an Argentine player is fouled and all his teammates jump right away. And off the pitch; when they go on vacations together.

Here are Argentina players celebrating the Finalissima win in the locker room and in the bus:

Fans in Argentina did not lose the chance to go to the Obelisco and celebrate another title from “La Scaloneta”:

Thousands of Argentina fans supported the team in London:


  1. Uruguay beating Mexico so far playing almost an away game with 90% Mex fans in attendance in Phoenix. Ecuador beat Nigeria earlier. Let anybody underestimate South American opposition at their own peril.

  2. El Principe, you mention no goals conceded in nine games with Cuti as a starter which is a great stat but also very interesting is that not one goal has been conceded with Cuti, Emi, and Otamendi playing at the same time (704 minutes). If Otamendi keeps his head cool in crucial moments and nobody gets injured we have a very solid defense for the WC

  3. Watching the videos above is beautiful to say the least…..Corona Extra is flowing, dancing, singing……….etc good for them and WE WANT MORE OF THAT PLEASE

  4. One of the reason we were able to easily demolish Italy was the match was far cry interms of physicality we are accustomed to. Argentina has played against CONMEBOL teams 4 times each in last 3 years. Matches in COPA and WCQs are extremely physical , brutal tackles, fights , shit referring, altitude, boiling hot weather etc….When it comes to technically gifted players , they are even abused more. Messi had almost had his leg broken against Venezuela and it took him 6 months to recover from it. Finally, yesterday we met a team that likes to play more futbal and less wrestling. Without that severe physical abuse , Italy was no match to our team !! First 15 to 20 mins it looked like it could be a tight match but in the second half Italy were bulldozed. Mancini looked awfully distressed wishing the match to be over soon. Italian bench was still trying to comprehend what was happening in front of them!! This insane pressing from everyone including the GOAT was something Italy hadn’t faced from any team, not even in the Euros. However, World cup is a totally different game and one mistake in a knock out match and its over. Scaloni can’t repeat the mistakes his predecessors comitted. Finally, we need that luck factor to be on our side.

    • Really interesting points. Our team has many technically good players that play in Europe but collectively has a lot of experience playing against very physical and rough teams. Yesterday proved that to be a great combination. All I want is some more practice against Europeans in the coming months if that’s possible

    • According to me italy was bad and mentally destroyed after failing to qualify. Plus they had 5 starters missing. We won good and it was great practice but still not the correct indication how we will fare against a European heavyweight.

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