PSG interested in Marcelo Gallardo to replace Mauricio Pochettino


According to L’Equipe, Marcelo Gallardo is one of the three options to replace current Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino this summer. PSG will reportedly have a meeting with the current River Plate coach this weekend. Gallardo’s contract with “el Millonario” extends until December of this year.

Within the last couple of hours, the Portuguese Luis Campos replaced the Brazilian Leonardo Araujo as PSG sporting director. According to the local media, Campos would be interested in three possible coaches for the Parisian club, one of them being Marcelo Gallardo. The other two options would be Joachim Low and Thiago Motta.

Last week, Gallardo traveled to France and stayed in Paris for a couple of days, where he was seen watching the tennis tournament Roland Garros. Rumors say that there he would have had his first contact with PSG. Gallardo has been coaching River Plate since May of 2014, where he has achieved so far 14 titles, including two Copa Libertadores and one Copa Sudamericana.

On the other hand, PSG directors are not satisfied with their team’s results and performances last season, despite winning the Ligue 1. Paris Saint-Germain’s biggest goal is to lift the Champions League trophy for the first time in their history, and they think they have the players to do so, such as the Argentines Lionel Messi and Leandro Paredes (Ángel Di María announced he is leaving PSG after seven seasons). According to Fabrizio Romano, PSG are seriously thinking of sacking the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino:


  1. When looking at all the friendlies of those Europeans, I don’t care what all other experts say but I am convinced that as of now Argentina and Brazil are the strongest teams in the world, or at least the most in form ones. No way Argentina would lose 1-0 against Hungary like England.

    And we saw how difficult it was for Germany first team to deal with Italy second team. But we beat the best of Europe, with 7 of their starters, easily 3-0.

    I hope this is not peaking too early. I hope they can still improve.

    Argentina have very strong 18-19 players. All those 18-19, whoever start among them will make us extremely strong. I mean Papu or Lo Celso. Molina or Montiel. Acuna or Tagliafico, Paredes or Papu. Otamendi or Pezzella. Di Maria or Nico and so on you name it. Any combinations above are just as strong as other combinations.

    Our weakness is only: back up goalie (Armani not good enough), third back ups (the likes of MacAllister or LM Quarta is a serious downgrade compares to the first and second team). The good thing is LM Quarta already out of the picture. Senesi seems to take his spot.

    The first team (first half vs Italy) and second team (second half vs Italy) were one of the best, if not the best match in Scaloni’s era. Our third team display against Ecuador and Venezuela were pathetic.

    As for the future, I am glad that our defenders that are around 23-25 years of age are good talents because the Mascherano’s Toulon defenders have no future for us for sure.

    • Yes we need to improve and play well when it matters the most. And our biggest threat will always be France and Brazil. France has lots of skill physicality and speed they can be dangerous. Netherlands also looks good

    • actually we are weak in only 3 positions if the squad size is 26, 2 position as you righty point out is armani and mac allister. the 3 one though not a massive degrade but still a degrade is j correa (only with respect to goals)but he can be utilised in other ways. the other weakness I see is we are one quality winger short in left side. we are better than brazil or france in squad depth.

        • Dont include locelso he was even mediocre in Italy match. Apart from defending and maintaining the shape he is quite replaceable. Even if locelso not play we will be fine he is not that important just u can’t put McAllister in his place. Either it should be papu or buendia or even enzo who can replace both locelso and depaul

        • We have lots of depth in our squad. Look at the key players. Emi, Cuti, Lisandro, De Pual, Paredes, Le Celsso, Messi, Di Maria, Lautaro, Dybala. tell me any other team in the world that has this kind of attacking players in the world. We have Molina, Montiel, Acuna, Tagliafico all above avaerage

          • Problem is we do not have good nack up for GK position. We two correas and Palcios, Bunedia, Alvarez, Lanzini. All decent iny view

      • Yeah I agree. J Correa is not a liability but he is not a back up 9. The good thing is Scaloni seems to prepare Alvarez now as the back up 9. It will be interesting as J Correa and Alvarez both are supposed to start tonight. I am sure whoever performs better will be the back up 9 in Scaloni’s eyes. At least for now.

        As for left winger we have GLC (whenever Di Maria stsrts, GLC is the left winger/left midfielder), Nico Gonzales, and Papu Gomez. Actually pretty well covered. A Correa and J Correa can play there too.

        • agree with your analysis . but for left wingers the problem we have is none of them are potent goal threat may be except nico gonzales that is the only issue i am pointing at. also argentina has to work on converting goals from corners and set pieces that is also a area of concern. Messi is wasting a lost of free kicks of late. just an observation.

      • And at contenders they will stay with ESPN or any other pundits as it is absolute nonsense and only maybe applies on betting rate’s and nothing else as England will not win even the whole world will chant on ” football is coming home” as we saw last time at Euro’s it lead to ROME as many roads before, but Empire’s are ment be crashed so i will bet on against the french too!

    • @el_ principe you can’t draw conclusion from friendlies. European teams not giving even 50% because its a long season and they are considering this nothing more than friendlies and they have to play 4 matches each in 10 days they will be different beasts in the world cup no doubts about that

      • i have doubts on your supposition as european teams in previous world cup, had time to prepare before tournament starts. which is not true this time. nations league is what they will get as their preparation.due to hectic schedule in nations league ,we will see more injuries to their will see similar germany as you get in yesterday match.

        • Yes many things in this wc will be different. But europeans are master tactician they are not much skillful bt they will device some plans to nullify the attacking threat of opponents and find the loopholes in the defense.

      • Anuparno@ If u are saying that uefa nations league game’s are friendly game’s then u have badly missunderstoid the whole idea/philopsohy of uefa nations league and why it was created as the reason was or is that to get rid of those meaningless friendliess in Europe and to give chance for every nation to compete first with their own level and every year the levels A,B,C will change as at least one going up and one going down instead etc…+ as WC will TaKe place in the middle of european season i cludingvevery single european league+UEFA’s Champions league, Europa league and Uefa Confrence league so there is simply no time for any friendliess literally as the players will also return to their clubs at christmass or day after as 26th december at least premier league will allready continue and also other european leagues do not have their usual winter break so this is the biggest window for european teams and also for others too to figure and sort out their teams and plans ready for WC, period!

  2. Alejandro Garnacho joining some mid table Italian team will be great(at least on loan). There he will get regular chances and emerge as a great player in 2-3 years.

    • Tbh as arg fan I don’t fear to face any of European team at the same time I don’t want to carry away too much. I want all media, football experts and pundits keep doubting and talk sh…t about Argentina chances winning world Cup also I don’t like some our fans the way they are hyping our team atm don’t get me wrong we very good but not invisible

  3. Gallardo should stay away from that shit club. There is unmanageable ego between players. Front three hates to get subbed and whoever has to come off, makes his disappointment clear on the field. With front three playing every match and 90mis each, other forwards like Dimaria and Icardi played very little this season.
    Additionally, every position has 3 players competing so everyone else except the front three has to rotate that causes another conflict between manager and players. Sporting director intervened and forces Poch to play Donarumma against Madrid which back fired.

    No coach wants to take that job , not even Mourinho. PSG has to sell half of its players and plus Neymar if they really want to win champions league. With Neymar and Mbappe both playing they won’t be able to get the best out of Messi and even at his age Leo is still the greatest creative player right now. Yes his scoring has gone down hill but he is still a very good striker and if he wasn’t that unlucky with 13 times hitting the post , could have easily ended up with 15 goals in Ligue 1. PSG can only win Champions league if Messi becomes their engine, they have to adapt to Leo’s style of play and MbaapeFC who likes to score most goals can take on Suarez’s role but they will need to force out Neymar. Heard Chelsea isn’t interested on signing him anymore and he doesn’t want to go to Newcastle.

    Best club for Gallardo would be Sevilla. They have the players and budget to challenge Madrid , Atletico and Barca if Gallardo can manage them.

  4. According to reports Gallardo will not come as he prefers to stay until December. So Gallardo missed the golden opportunity to coach a strong European side.

    • I don’t think Gallardo would have been anywhere near a good fit for PSG. He’s actually saved himself and it helps the NT for him to stay in Argentina and develop talents. He is the type of manager that needs long term guarantee and a say in club proceedings. PSG are a bunch of spoiled kids that love money and care about their club image more than anything. He’s a serious manager.

    • Yes Hungary can make every big teams life hard with the italian coach conservative playstyle. In Euro 1:1 vs France, 2:2 vs Germany, 0:0 till 75 minutes vs Portugal, 1:1 in Wembley WCQ. And now this, soft penalty, tired, uninterested opponent but a win is a win. Btw imo Hungary is not stronger than Paraguay, def weaker than Peru or even current Chile. English 22 matches unbeaten run is over

      • Gongratulations to Hungary and hopefully one day they will reach back where they once were as it’s obvious that your country has had great players in the past and also in the present as i will never TaKe Hungary lightly specially what i saw from them at last Euro’s and Puscas Academy is very good academy!

  5. What exactly is the birthday and year cut off for being able to participate in this tournament? I wonder if Gaston Avila could have participated (30 september 2001). Masche probably went with the chemistry of both Boca U20 center backs but Avila is significantly better than them. There are also other names like Maximo Perrone, Alejandro Galarza, Santiago Simon, Facundo Farias, Alan Varela, Matias Palacios among many I must be forgetting who are all 20 or under and most of whom have extensive experience in the first division. Im sure some would be better suited to possession football. I know it’s unrealistic for many of these to be called up because of club duties, chemistry with the rest of the team, etc but anyone who takes this isolated result as an indication that we don’t have enough u20 talent needs to take a look again

    • This is 2003+ team, your mentions are older 2001 or 2002. They could play in Toulon but Masche tests his U20 players before U20 Sudamericana and hopefully U20WC.

      • Oh okay thanks for the explanation, I was wondering why other teams have much older players while we are ignoring better players. I hope he can find better 2003+ center backs

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