Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and Papu Gómez start for Argentina


Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and Papu Gómez all start for Argentina vs. Estonia.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has named his starting eleven for the match. Of the team which started the Finalissima, only three players will also start Sunday’s match.

Messi along with Nahuel Molina and Rodrigo De Paul start both matches. Here is the starting eleven:

Armani; Molina, Pezzella, Lidandro Martínez, Acuña; De Paul, Mac Allister, Papu Gómez; Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and Joaquin Correa.


  1. I will pick alehendra garnacho,palacios,manuel lanzini.mac allister,j. Correa should be out from the national first Argentina played lots of side passes only messi and papu were trying to cut inside,dribble,passes Between the 2nd half when dybala,palacios in then creat more inside pass,cut into the box.especially palacois long ball was pin point as well as one two.i reckon garnacho will replace j.correa.j.correa was totally defence pezella shaky.any european contery attack pezella paid the Prize.

  2. So anyone here still thinks that Messi has declined?

    I know it is Estonia but since Copa America until now, I don’t see a better player since 2021 than Argentina Messi.

    Here is the statistic of Messi in his last 16 games (beginning of Copa America)

    16 games
    14 goals
    7 assists.

    Find something close to that among all other players please…

    • With Argentina…Messi is same old Messi.
      He has set a clear target 🎯 that’s winning a WC. For that he will give everything.
      I believe Messi will play 2026 WC as well.

  3. If Lautaro played this game… Match would have ended with 10+ goals.
    Apart from Messi, Lautaro and DiMaria…our finishing is worrying. Dybala is must for WC. I would like Papu playing in LWF role than LM role. He’s a good finisher.
    Alario won’t miss easy opportunities.

    Messi, Lautaro, DiMaria, Dybala, Papu and Alario. These are our forwards who can finish better. Missing easy chances will cost big in the WC.

  4. 2nd half was much better than 1s half. though alvarez was unlucky to not score the goal. but very good performance. and dybala and messi can play together. palacios was much better than mac-allister. j correa was sub par. pappu was superb.

    • Blv me or not… Messi dybala is the most destructive pair of the world….
      Plz scolani I beg u … continue this pair for full 90 minutes & the world will see that…

  5. Dybala and Messi playing together was magic. We need 90 minutes of this against opposition worth the name. I hope we have seen the last of J Correa chosen ahead of Dybala.

    • May be against Saudi we could try dybala and messi together. But no chance. For NT papu is better than dybala. Dybala would be good as a sub. Macallister is pure average. Papu can create magic against these parking the bus teams. Pezella is over. Our forwards back up is still a question. Alvarez not looking good. Correa also looks avg. Apart from Messi dimaria lautaro no forward player is there to penetrate the defense. Alvarez correa still not dependable. Nico only got limited time.

  6. Easy win with little effort against a weak side.
    Good game for Messi’s confidence.
    No much to conclude as it was a one sided game all 90 minutes long.
    Enjoy the 10 extra days of holiday (compared to European teams)

    • The true is that Alvarez is seriously a miss pron,….
      Dybala is any day any time better better and better than these Alvarez, j Correa, alario, etc…

        • J Correa, Nico and Alvarez very suitable for Scaloni’s tactics but can’t score easy opportunities…! This is a big concern.

          • give Alvarez time , he will score. all of his shots were on target he was at least in right position to score. j correa was invisible today. nico workrate was better than correa.

  7. People here ask: What’s so special about Palacios?

    Answer: One two pass. Watch the game, his one two pass is the best among our midfielders.

    • Thank you elprincipe. I know some folks want Enzo but placious is tried and tested, he understands the system.
      After sometime , we have a system and it is working well though I will like someone else other than Messi to score as well.

  8. I like that this match isnt pretty. We need these kind of games to prepare for park the bus teams. I hope we learn a lot from today and Scaloni takes notes

  9. mac allister king of back&side passes
    Joaquin Correa king of miss chances
    Armani king of heart of scolani
    Alvareg king of confusion
    those who criticize lo celso , parades will understand now why we create more chances with them.
    those who criticize dybala will understand that he is class whereas joaquin correa is very very average player.
    if our back up is like that then garnacho can be incorporated here easily.
    and i am no comfortable with our back up center backs either.
    I am very satisfied with our starting 11 but very worried about our back ups as our coach prefers some not so good player.

    • U only know how to complain and whining.u r not happy about anything in this team. Tell me any other team better than this Argentine side. they played the B team still score 5 goals and created bunch of chances. I’m pretty sure even the mighty Brazil and France will not be able to beat this Argentine side so easily. The best thing they can do is a draw. I’m really.happy how this team performed with second set of players.

      • the team played first half will concede at least 2 goal against top teams, and won’t be able to score any as no defense breaking pass coming from middle. obviously its different with our starting 11.

  10. I hope Scaloni never starts with McCallister ,papu and DePaul against big teams its too attacking Palacios must be worried to not start both games when u are the only true Number 8 in the team. I thought Nico would start this Match because he has been important to this Team and he was Impressive all year for Fiorentina and moving to Sevilla has hurt papu minutes in the national team from being one of the best players in the world he is just another player in Sevilla because they just don’t play a formation that suits him so scaloni sees him as just another far i like the team my favorite players are Licha, Cuti, Julian, Molina , Nico and Palacios and if icluded Enzo

  11. Pezella is shit saved by Lisandro. J. Correa can’t score missed a golden opportunity. McAllister was okayish. We maybe 2-0 up bt we r facing prblm to cut open Estonian defense. Estonia parking the bus. I feel Argentina needs more practice against this kind of park the bus team.

  12. The second goal was good. Fast move.
    More than Armani, I am worried about J Correa as our striker. This will not give us WC
    I hope Alvarez gets the whole game and scores 1-2

    we should score 5-6 easily. We are not as clinical.

  13. First 30 minutes look like a training match practicing the passing game.
    Little pressure from Estonia.
    Big Euro teams beat this kind of opposition with 5 to 10 goals.
    Let’s hope for some fireworks.
    It is pretty lame so far.

  14. scaloni today using depaul as defensive midfielder,, macllister as right midfielder, lets see how maclister today performs

    • Looks like they don’t want score. only two players from Starting line up. Messi and De Paul. This is Argentina B team.looks like they don’t want press. Why doesnt Scaloni give chance to Dybala.

  15. I think by all these matches we know that Scaloni majorly has the substitutes in mind and generally it is expected to stay that way till the WC.
    1. Pezzella and Licha are the main back up CBs
    2. Papu is the substitute for Gio and also Messi if he can’t start.
    3. Tagliafico for Acuna
    4. Montiel for Molina
    5. Guido for Paredes
    6. Julian or Dybala for Dimaria
    7. Julian/Nico also for Lautaro
    8. RDP back up not sure- Macallister?

  16. My midfielder list is.
    Gio lo celso
    De paul
    Skill ways gio is just over paul but the great attitude and leadership quality de paul have,he is better in that case…

  17. What’s all this obsession with Joaquin correa and McAllister? Coach needs to incorporate more midfielders like Buendia, Enzo Fernandez. I would prefer Nick Gonzalez ahead of Joaquin Correa but Estonia isn’t a big team to trouble Scaloni.

  18. Messi and DePaul has no substitute…but why Molina starts again..? Foyth and Montiel have injury..?
    And what happened to Nico?
    I would like Estonia park the bus…and our players break them with beautiful football.

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