Rumored Argentina XI vs. Estonia, Lionel Messi set to start


Lionel Messi is set to start for Argentina against Estonia.

Messi, Nahuel Molina and Rodrigo De Paul are expected to be the only three players who started the Finalissima against Italy that would start the match against Estonia on Sunday. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will make several changes to the team on Sunday as many of the substitutes are expected to play.

Three players have been discarded from the match against Estonia as Ángel Correa, Emiliano Dibu Martínez and Leandro Paredes are all out. Per Hernán Castillo, here is the eleven:

Armani; Molina, Pezzella, Lisandro Martinez, Acuña; Papu Gómez, De Paul, Alexis Mac Allister; Lionel Messi, Álvarez and Joaquín Correa


  1. About the Enzo discussion I don’t believe he should be taken to the world cup with the reason that there are months left and he’s not integrated into the squad. This is a really basic concept that we have seen many times play into Scaloni’s decision making. He values chemistry highly and never makes drastic changes. I also don’t believe we should take too many players without European experience, and the exception goes to Alvarez because he will be playing in Europe soon and is an exceptional talent that happens to play a position we lack in. We aren’t desperate for midfielders like we are for a second striker. At the same time, I think it is pretty disrespectful to compare Enzo to Pavon or Meza. He is much more promising than Meza ever was and is not the same player as Pavon no matter what the shitty year old recycled clips of him dribbling the compilation videos may lead you to believe. Every youtube video I have seen of Enzo is pretty bad and I could find you better passes and clips in a single game from him than those 9 minute videos. They like to hype up his dribbling which isn’t in the four best parts of his game. Don’t judge a player solely off of videos.

    • i saw enzo game specially last few games like match vs colo colo , banfield and parts of few more games.. you said you have better clip i want to see that can you able to share it?

    • point was not comparison between enzo and pavon. point is alvarez got to team because he started to play good against good opposition in WCQ.enzo may be a good player but we will not put someone into the team just because he is playing good in argentina league. we made the mistake with pavon ,by directly putting him in national team without knowing weather he can perform in big stage or not. with enzo i dont have this info because he has not played in copa libratodores final stages + we dont know whether he can play against top class opposition. these are all question cup is not a place to test your young players. in any case enzo was called up by scaloni and have not given him any minutes.

  2. Richarlison and Vinicius were seen fighting in training ground and they had to be separated.

    Few weeks ago, I saw a video where Neymar was poking fun at Casemiro and he had a angry response.

    I don’t think Brazilians share a good dressing room as ours.

    Same goes for France. Mbappe has huge ego. Benzema was always a trouble maker for France. These two will surely fight for limelight.

    Ego was always a big problem for France as they field players from diverse background. Remember 2010 WC? There was a mutiny led by Evra. 2018 success came only after all trouble makers were removed. But now it’s back.

    Healthy, united and spirited dressing room is key to world cup. We have it. The dressing room is even better than 2014. A healthy dressing room with Bilardismo approach in field is the strength of Argentina.

    Soft beautiful football does not work for us. We go hard!

  3. Mac Allister is very underrated here he is veET good midfielder, has vision for pass, good positioning sense. He will surely go to Qatar.
    My ranking for midfielder
    1 De Paul
    2 Paredes
    3 Lo celso
    4 Guido Rodriguez
    5 Papu Gomez
    6 Mac Allister
    7 Palacios

    • In India, I generally go to facebook and search Argentina vs Estonia live etc. and you should get a lot of results. Some will work out of those.
      That is how I watched all the WCQ matches because they were not being telecast live in India.

  4. Best midfielder selection according to me :
    3)de paul
    4)lo celso

    For me mac allister should not be even considered. Buendia is more talented than him. I included Enzo because there should be a back up for de paul.

    • Why do you keep Enzo ahead of Papu? I mean Papu Gomez is a world class player, its a shame he was not selected in the NT earlier, even at this age he performs everytime he gets a chance. Enzo might be talented but I dont think we can say he is better than Pappu.

    • These are pretty damn good midfielders and all of them are decent if not world class.
      1. Paredes (decent above average when it comes to NT he has performed as a world class Midfielder)
      2. Guido (Decent same goes for him)
      3.De Paul (Off course world.class in NT eventhough he did not perform in club level due to stupidity of Simione)
      4. Le celso ( Above average in my view. Performed well in CL)
      5. Palcios (I have not seen him playing in club but he is also decent at least average)
      6. Enzo (Munro readers rate him high and I have not seen him playing. He is young and has lots of room for improvement and would love to see him in NT
      7. Papu ( I rate him world class as he has already shown his ability to the world. Has lots of experience and can rely on him)
      8. Buendia ( recently shown he is capable and atleast above average in my view. Need to show his capability in the NT)

        i know this highlight don’t prove anything.. but you can see his individual skills as midfielder, anticipation, visionary etc..
        i think scaloni see him as only defensive midfielder this is why he is not selected or less chance in world cup squad, since paredes and guido already in the plan

          • enzo was called by scaloni against uruguay wcq. the point is we found pavon weakness during the world cup.enzo is a good player for river. but is not tested against european players. we have not seen weather he has big match temperament or not as he has not been part of any copa libertadores semi final or final. . also in argentina league games has bit more open spaces and it is not as speedy as other prominent leagues. so we dont know how he will perform in tight spaces and his reaction to speedy players. there are lot of ifs for his selection which we dont know + player integration in the team is also a concern because of time constraint.

          • enzo is surely is big talent, his passing, long shots, holding into ball, taking ball forward is excellent.. it doesn’t matter he plays in tight space or not i will suggest watch his upcoming game.. he is not afraid to take the ball right direction even he is surrounded by the player, he is a good header, he is physical, the complain you talk that he is not play in tight i will sugest you watch his play you will surely get your answer.. integration in the team this may be factor… this is why i wanted inclusion of enzo in those friendly match.. he is surely de paul may be more calibre or quality of player

          • when did scaloni called enzo. what do you want to say with this video, in your video it is clearly says pavon has weakness in finishing.. and in truely he has weakness in finishing.. otherwise he is not bad player… now what you try to prove with pavon.. pavon plays as winger where you must have to be goal thread and enzo plays in defensive midfielder or central midfielder.. two player plays in two different position.. and enzo has no significant weakness,, pavon didn’t attract top club but all of the top club wants to achieve enzo.. specially city,, i don’t need to talk about more who is manager of city. a lot of people call pavon as failure but i won’t talk that he is good player .. he may not be very good he is not too bad either.. he has problem with finishing.. now the assumption you try to say that scaloni see that or that bad in enzo … that is beyond my understanding.. how you people know that scaloni see that or that bad in player.. did you people appoint secret agent on scaloni mind..
            why this mundo user thinks argentina league is weak league and player of this league can’t be included until they play for europe..
            franch included 19 years camavinga in there squad.. then why 21 years enzo can’t be

          • camavinga can be selected because he is playing in european league but there is no guarantee that he will succeed. it is quite possible that he becomes france mezza because he is also not tested much on big stage(he is only a substitute).he also got selected because france is currently struggling with their midfield selection. they dont have options in midfield.young players directly inducted in midfield and defence are prone to errors. in aregentina case all the youngsters have proved themselves in wcq and copa ,so the concern is not there. let france play with camavinga and touchemeni and then let see which team control the midfield better.

          • i will suggest you to watch copa again.. since argentina wins everyone forgets weaks part of the team .. according to you camvinga and touchemeni going to be meza .. ok let see what happen.. i hope you will not try to altercate your comment or try to put a excuse on your comment.

          • do you know if they will not crack under pressure. i have seen too many instances to know that most underrated but a important skill is playing under pressure and have chemistry. france was hyping up saliba as well . see what happened to him aginst denmark. they have rushed these two. because pogba is out of form and out of team. rabiot had a sub par season and kante is the only decent midfielder left. touchemeni record with respect to cards is pretty bad. we will see how they perform under press.

  5. News update from Daniele Longo twitter:

    Inter are open to let go Bastoni to Hotspur with the right fee. They prepare to replace Bastoni with Marcos Senesi.

    Daniele Longo
    Secondo il @CorSport sarebbe #Senesi il possibile sostituto di #Bastoni.

    Il difensore 🇦🇷 del Feyenoord piace molto anche alla Roma 🔴

    (Tier 1 source)

  6. what give me bad feeling.. inclusion of armani, macallister .. and not inclusion of enzo , ladeshma who is very good in close range .. if squad is 26 player then i want alario in the team.. enzo as compulsory inclusion.. i’m not against palacios but i want palacios as 24 number inclusion

    • I notice you always talks nonsense.. Have you ever played football in your life? Are you know better from scoloni who help Argentina getting 2 trophy after 28 years?
      Who is Enzo? How much time you see enzo? Are you seeing macalester or placios games?
      Enzo may have potential but he is not playing top Ligues.He may come after world cup, if he essential scoloni take plz stop ur enzo game.After Emi 2 and 3rd goalkeeper are not up to the mark. Muso had bad season..and a average goalkeeper is better than unpredictable error prone shitty i think scoloni is right to take Armani who also have World cup experience. So stop complaning, think positive or you can contract @Anuparno who is very good singer!

      • this is another dumb*** mundos comes to talk self nonsense.. how long you watching football?.. and what international player or pundits are you that you know everything about football.. give me the link i want to know .. what kind of pundits are you?
        you notice i’m talking nonsense.. did i ever played football so you must be a international player or pundit to have knowledge about football.. give me some link so that i can gain some knowledge about you too.. by the way i’m following palacious from the time of river..
        according to you since alvarez is not playing in top league he also should n’t included in world cup squad..

        • Scoloni called grancho, nico gonzales from Bundesliga 2, before called up how many guys know about them?Scoloni and his team Know More than us.And Julian Alvarez case he got selected before copa,from then many months is gone and scaloni already ovserve him closley. And for your darling Enzo case, its very risky to introduce new player just before world cup. In 2018 what happened we all saw…Meza, pavon hype was same even more and result is you know.
          And in this world you only cleaver and we are not! Rabish.totally rabish
          And yes i played football..its my fault to reply you who are just a attention seeker…

          • do you know anything about flunky, parasite . you are living under scaloni skins or success. there is many times i’m also noticed you come with some absurd comment in past there was arguement.. little did i talk on your nonsense comment..
            scaloni called garnacho yes scaloni called, yeah he called garnacho,, who is only 17 year,, he calls nico,, and other player he also didn’t called di maria in the past. as he is in build up process or transition .. alvarez what did you say he watch him closely.. how long he watch him closely after watching alvarez closely, he stop watching closely other player who is doing well…

            in here a lot of people say south american football is hard bcs it has some hard condition, then what makes to think that argentine league football or copa libertadors is not top tier football competition.. according to you inclusion enzo is risky then inclusion of alvarez wasn’t risky in copa squad. how many matches he played before copa..
            darling enzo,, man i haven’t any specific choice to over important any player from my personal choice.. it is talent which is talks about the player..
            city, juventus, ac milan isn’t a fool club to choose a good talent,,, when aregentine player get less valuation then the brazilian player..
            i’m attention seeker, as i said lol commentator

        • @Brightk world cup is an another level competition. We have a lot of players who have European exposure like macallister Dominguez buendia fighting for that midfield spot. Talent is different Experience is different. Look at Alvarez match against Brazil. He looked out of the game even with this much months of experience with the senior team. And he is slowly gelling with the team. Like this Enzo needs time. He has that talent but playing in the wc is not every body’s cup of tea especially in his age.

          • prior to romero inclusion. here is lot of discussion happen that why scaloni is not including romero, rather he is including all those below average player .. and he finally selected romero at last moment prior to starting competition i will say it was late selection, and romero started playing good from the first game but romero suppose to be selected more earlier than he usually selected.. same goes to emi martinez some extend, i have doubt if armani didn’t fall into injury, did emi has chance to play as first choice goal keeper,,, enzo is talented player he isn’t experienced in top european leage.. but he has better performance in top south american club football like copa libertodores.. enzo can be selected specially in current friendly.. as he gives lot of physical presence in midfield like de paul.. he is 21 years old.. i will suggest watch him how good he is .. it could be turn out to be standalone performence like romero for ar. all those top european club want to get his service for a reason

  7. Portuguese talented fullback Leonardo Buta leaves Braga to join Udinese, deal signed and medical also completed. Official announcement soon. ⌛️🇵🇹 #transfers

    Udinese director Marino says: “It will be difficult to keep Nahuel Molina this summer – many top clubs want him”.

    It seems like Montiel will go somewhere. Juventus and Atletico (are u kidding me) Madrid interested in him.

  8. For me I take it as:
    1. Armani start: Scaloni will want to see if Armani is good enough for being his second goalie. Rulli impressed against Ecuador. Now he wanna see Armani, although Estonia will hardly attack us.

    2. Pezzella vs Lisandro: Lisandro is the Dutch league player of the year. Pezzella also has quite a good season with Betis. I am sure Scaloni wanna see if Lisandro is good enough to be the main back up of defender.

    3. Julian Alvarez vs Joaquin Correa: Battle for back up number 9. I wonder who will play 9 and who will play left winger? Maybe they will rotate all night as they both are versatile.

    4. If Montiel or Foyth will come as a sub. Whoever comes as a sub will be Molina’s main back up.

        • How long have you been following Messi? Do you not know he doesn’t like to get substituted? Moreover his presence alone on the field means opposition’s defenders can’t press forward freely.

          • i have a hunch , that scaloni has figured out how to play messi and dybala together not for whole match but for last 20-30 min and we will see that in world cup not before i would prefer to see substitutes like senesi,foyth/montiel, palacios,dybala and the goal keeper

    • I think Scaloni have seen enough of Armani to know whether he is the 2nd in line or not. I don’t think he is testing Armani rather he settled with Armani as the 2nd choice.

      I thought his experiments with Joakin Correa and McAllister has reached the limit but apparently not.

      Scaloni hasn’t been always prudent or timely in player selection. I think we have to accept that just because he won something doesn’t mean he have no limitation.

      • in any match of consequence, scaloni has not played armani. so i doubt he is number 2 but i think he may be 3rd choice. out of 26 only his 3 choices are absurd as pointed by you. these 3 are the only blemishes in his track record.
        it has to do something in Argentina coaches mindset. in 2010 it was jonas guttirez, in 2014 it was sosa(though not selected in final squad), in 2018 it was pavon and mezza.

  9. So Argentina destroyed Itali.. I was busy last few days though i watched the match..Few days ago i said here.. “For italiy Gio lautaro de paul enough while messi is waiting for this match due to his uneasy situation with psg”. And we get the dominant result.
    And i saw some negative about gio and the truth is he is best on the midflied.Are you watching football?.. Yes he should take the chances but even number 9 miss that type of chances. Its true that he needs to improve his shooting skill.
    De paul played good but not up to the mark, maybe for lacking of playing time with AM.So maybe scoloni think he need playing time.On the other side I want dybala and nico get atleast 30 min and yes good to see Alvarej starting….

  10. Instead of Joaquin Correa it should have been Dybala or Martinez. Martinez should be given a chance to extend his goal scoring streak, which would boost his confidence in the box further. And anyday Dybala is more creative than Joaquin Correa. Alexis Mac Allister still far from the maturity as Guido or Palacios. Perhaps he fits into the scheme of affairs of Scaloni because of something else like fighting spirit. Still would have preferred to see Lo Celso get more time on pitch. He has been good as a game maker in Villareal and in this team too but he has been missing the back of the net even when the chances looked very easy.

    • McAllister is better than palacios atleast. Palacios is playing in a weak league like Bundesliga and McAllister proving himself in premier League. Though both r mediocre bt there should be a guido backup as paredes is very injury prone and we don’t know how paredes will be after this surgery

      • Disagree. Palacios is better. He can do whatever MacAllister can and much more. Know Palacios first before judging him. He has a good second half vs Italy too. He is originally our 6th midfielder (Paredes, GLC, De Paul, Guido, Papu) and will stay that way.

          • Before saying such prediction just be aware that players like buendia dominguez are all waiting for the midfielders slot. Next club season is vital for players like buendia dominguez Enzo palacios and macallister.

        • Mac Alister is far better than Palacios ,Mac Alister is better passer,better creative player, better dribbler and better shooter than Palacios.

          • Macallister is currently just like buendia. I mean both would be playing good if the opposition is bad. If it has quality they get vanished from the game. Atleast buendia has more creativity than macallister. Both has almost same speed.

        • Some people tend to judge a player just by the league they play in. Palacios was among the first choice midfield trio for Scaloni before he got injured. I will not be surprised if he regains that packing order again for Argentina in the future (only if he can stay fit). He is highly talented and should get out of the German league.

          • Rahman, the biggest problem is clearly people are just chit and chat talking and not watching the actual games, lol! As u said Palacios been allways in the core of team from the beginning, the. he had injuries that troubled him, but the end of this season he was truly a great again for Leverkusen as allways when he put’s on Arg Nt Jersey!

        • Fully agreed el_principe about Palacios superior to Mc Allister specially when fully fit as unfortunatly injuries have also troubled his career as it obviously can happen to many players etc… anyhow i see lot of chit and chat of this player better than another and i think this is happening simply, because people judging players or rating players without even watching them playing a single full game not mention multiple games, lol!

          I have never seen Enzo play so i can’t talk about or i won’t say he is better than someone else currently in Arg squad, though i do understand his potential which must be seen at International level and if possible playing regularly in Europe too as this not meen that Arg Nt must have only players who are playing abroad, no, not all, that will be silly and stupid of me saying someting like that, as most of Arg Nt player’s have come true Arg Primera before moving abroad etc.. as there are exeptions too etc…so i think before everyone starts saying this player is better than other firstly they should watch them play regularly where ever they play and secondly how do they play at Arg Nt as this is actually the most important thing that matters in the end, but offcourse players must get in that position as being called by Scaloni and Co. so we can see them perform , perhaps in Arg Nt, but this is the year of WC so preparations have started long ago as i’m sure Scaloni’s plans started allready when he was confirmed as full time coach of Arg and his sights were set for this WC as offcourse obviously he had manage 2 Copa’s before and now also Finalissima and i think he and his staff have done tremendous job as i have not seen such a strong defense and midfield combined for very long time and also in the past Arg was allways haunted by injuries of either key defenders or middfielders missing etc,,, but now Arg has so many options available or at least good back up’s as only up front Arg may seek Still super sub for Lautaro and i truly hope someone from this current group selected now will rise up and stand firm !

          and one more thing as Arg have had not allways, but Still had many very great middfielders in the past , but has Arg ever been or ever have such a unified middfield , well maybe, but that is very long ago as i’m talking about 1978 or 1986 and even during those periods every team was more relying on certain individual skills of different players as every team had allways a few players who were so skillfull that they could decide games by themselfs, well this is not the case anymore as Messi was lucky to enjoy his suberb skills and using them as by winning things on his own by Barca, but suring that period there were not really any other player who could do that in a way that Messi did and that makes Messi the best player obviously, though there were players important for their clubs for scoring a kot goals, but Messi was never only about only scoring goals as he has scored quite a few as he also had this vision in him which we see now more offtenly naturally as he has come more older so he has to decide if he will go for it by himself or do it with his team mates and i think he as every aging player realised that there is only one way to win everything with Arg which he obviously desires above anything else and the timing if Scaloni arriving with new Arg Nt players who have now allready in few year’s grown to monster players in multiple Numbers was just perfect fit for Messi as this been the plan obviously since the day one with Scaloni and Co to build a team that is not only Messi dependable rather playing as team superbly unified as one team and only and that is what Leo want’s and that is what Scaloni and Co and the rest of the players want as they want to win with Messi, but they know they can’t put all the weight on him rather they know how hard they all have to work to succeed with this plan and they have done it very well so far so actually i’m pretty sure that certain players might allready know that there is alimited mount of players going to WC and even everyone want’s obviously be there i don’t see this as fuss between themselfs as in previous WC’s there have been issues in locker room who is going to go and who is not as this not the case anymore rather i see it in this way that every player Scaloni has selected so far instead Meza, lol!(sorry) are doing there best to help each others out and they trust their coaching team as the coaching team trust them and i feel so sorry for the one’s who will be ultimatly left out ofthe WC team, but theese are FIFA’s rules so nothing to do about it as the one’s the coaching team will pick are the one’s who will go and there might Nobelin injuries as i truly hope not, but obviously they also been lreparing for this, but there is no team in the world that can cope with multiple injuries in the same time so let’s all pray that this won’t be the case rather Arg having the one’s picked by Coaching team who they think will be the best fit said suited go to the WC, PERIOD!

  11. England lost to Hungary, but nobody cares, if Argentina lose a game, this place would have gone nuts and ready to claim Varzil as no.1 fav lol

    Germany cant even beat Italian B team.

    • did germany plays a world cup final, semifinal, querterfinal, even group stage. they don’t able to win against italy, italy has no specific a team or b team . italy is under the development. as i know a lot of people come with the same attitude prior to 2010 world cup against germany. and germany surprised a lot of people.

      if argentina loses people who’s are going to nuts those who are extra flamboyant.. those who thought this team has no further space to improve

    • as i said this sides commentators are full of lol. nothing surprised.. italy was also played euro as underdog.. not as favourite but they made the surprise to win it..

    • You know what I like most, England is second favourite to win world Cup according to espn fc and other pundits.
      To them Argentina are fifth . I’m so happy that they keep writing off our chances cus I believe this Argentina have really good chance to win world Cup without been biased.

      • i believe too but i want this side should n’t stop looking at improvement and cautious about its weakness

      • England has been media favorite since 1930 and they never win anything outside home WC, how many years ago? 20 years before Diego even lifted the WC, that’s how long they havent win trophy lol

        Their biggest chance was last year but as usual they only won Hype trophy. Also, England lost 3 games in WC 2018, nothing outstanding, they just got easier route. We played 2 eventual finalists, they played Sweden and Colombia.

    • Stop underestimating Europe. European teams doesn’t give importance to friendlies and wc will be different. U can see many South American teams winning big in friendlies but in real tournament Europeans will always device a sinister plan to shackle them and ultimately creating dangers. They don’t peak early they don’t show their actual strength to the world because they know showing everything means opponents will device plans against them. Its like war. In war countries don’t show everything to the world there is called a surprising element. In today’s time its easy to make plans watching and analyzing the players videos

      • Theese are not friendliess anymore as every team seriously want’s to beat other in uefa nations league, they are only pissed because they have to play 4 game’s in 10 days, but Still this is biggest window for Europeans to gain their teams and plans ready for the world cup as rest of of uefa nations league games will be p,ayed in sebtember or at least the group stage game’s as i dont know exact date for the semi’s and the final and that is why we are seeing so must surprises as it is not because big european heavy weights are taking theese games lightly, no not at all, i have watched allmost every single one and the surprise Victories are simply an great effort from other european teams who are actually just closing the Gap to theese super heavy weights as everyone like to call them, including world media, pundits or who so fuck ever and offcourse themselfs too, lol!, but they all are dead serious as it is the year of Wc for GOD’s sake and there is not much time for preparations as before instead the scechdule has never been so crazy as they are literally killing the players specially when they will start playing european leaugues and Champions, Europa and confrence league straight after WC at 26,12.2022!

    • Exxelent stuff Rattle, as we are enjoying day by day first Copa won at Maracana now Finallisma against Italy feat. 7 euro champ players at least and England playing really poorly and deservedly lost to Hungary and then Mancini changed the hole team instead Donna and sent them alk home and set up a team against mighty Flick’s Germany who allmost lost and should have lost to this new Italian team that played first time ever together against Flick’s Germany + the icing on the cake as Dane’s beat Mbabbe’s and Benzema’s arrogant french team in Paris, wow only missing for the WC win with Messi and Di Maria and if not well Arg will win it anyhow sooner than later in the coming year’s !

  12. dybala is in for wc. it is confirm.. formation of argentina line up gives little bit worry of utilising set pieces rightly.. you can’t always ask for defender play in the up to attain set pieces.. with the structure of argentina line up.. messi, dimaria, dybala, gomes, de paul,paredes, locelso, lautaro,, lautaro is good but not tall header.. gives little bit worry on set pieces.. it is obvious argentina won’t be big thread in set piece..

    this mundo forum lol commentator thought argentina reach highest level there is no more needs to improvement they talks blah blah .. scaloni still pick armani which is subject to be worry

    a lot people thought germany is not a favourite in this world cup. german don’t play based on individual performance, they play collectively and their performance always comes in the right moment.. german always play with high ability in pace,, they have ability to get in the attack or taking the ball in opponent area very quickly.. german are intelegent.. since they play collectively they don’t need big name to surprise opponent..

    i saw several time argentina lose ball in good attacking position when it suppose to be best opportunity convert it in goal. in last copa di maria pace help a lot to cover this area, some extend de paul also give that strength .. last match vs italy argentina improve that area loosing ball before taking it to the attack. they are effectively carry ball in opponent box.. but not as quick as german can do collectively..

    dybala is great player individual talent wise.. but he is not as quick as dimaria, also he is not good header.

    a lot of people may thought german don’t give any thread .. i will say they are one of the contender for world cup, they have an excellent coach hansi flick. the way they try to attack which is very dangerous.. with time their performance can be come out as big surprise

    • Even for collective football Germany needs a proper Players for the job.German plays a high line of defence.tell me who are Germany Center backs, left backs and right is absurd to think since they have hansi flick all their structural problems will go away. Don’t underestimate your opponents but don’t hype them addition please also give your thoughts on their backup as well.which according to me is abysmal at best.

    • Excuse me, but who is exactly doing the talking about this and that and who is the great Mundo comentator, please i not mean any harm, but Open up your eyes a bit more also, please not be so negative as i’m not saying or no one i s saying that there is not room for improvement as every team seeks for this constantly, but It sis a process of every team at their own and some may aply certain way and others doi it in aslight different way, perhaps as every team has the right to choose for their own, but seriously we are talking about only less than 6 months or something close to that so no one can improve drasticallly in such a period as everyone has an idea of their players and their tactics too, the only concern for every team is only if injuries will occur, period!

    • Well, it did not work clearly against Italy new team were only Donna was saved by Mancini as also theese quiet young italians never palyed a game together as this was there first and i watched the whole game and Italy was clearly better team to me and should have won, but u are right about German’s allways rising their level in Wc or allmost every time as last time and also in the Euro’s they completly flopped, but Still Yes they have very good players but against this young Italian team it did not work at all and Flick was clearly not happy about this kind of perform at all, it may be due to long season that players beeen having, but Still German’s should have won this new young Italian side comfortably, but they did not as italians were clearly better, though it is only one game as every game is game of it’s own!

    • dybala is in scaloni plans. just see the formation when both messi and dybala were on field.messi was 9 and dybala playing in messi position. it is only that scaloni is not exposing this formation before world cup.

    • He played as a DM Against city and many others.. I think he is enough for astonia..he is good player but sometimes i fell bad for his safe passing.He didn’t want to take many risk as Gio de paul.

  13. Very attacking. Mid would get overrun by better opponents but this is what friendliest are for. Assuming RDP given more minutes to help with form and fitness. Dybala over Correa any day but Scaloni maybe giving another test.

  14. I like it. But I would love to see more of Nico Gonzalez and Dybala. Hopefully they will come into the game later with atleast 30 mins to play. Hopefully Senesi gets some minutes too.
    With Acuna and Molina we are going for a very attacking method which is the right move against teams like Estonia and Also Nico Gonzalez can come in as super sub.

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