Five star Lionel Messi scores a record five goals for Argentina in 5-0 win vs. Estonia


Lionel Messi scored what is a record five goals in one match for the Argentina national team in their 5-0 win vs. Estonia.

It was a first half which saw a very fluid Argentina. German Pezzella was fouled inside the penalty area as Argentina were awarded a penalty.

Messi would score the penalty, going to the goalkeeper’s left as he reached 82 goals for Argentina. He could have had a few assists but Joaquin Correa missed a clear chance in front of goal which would have been offside and Marcos Acuna missed a chance to make it 2-0 for Argentina.

A few minutes before half time, Rodrigo De Paul would run towards the Estonian back line as he would play a pass to Papu Gomez. He would pass it to Messi as the Argentine placed the ball into the top corner for to make it 2-0, his second goal of the match.

The second half would bring two more Lionel Messi goals. A great team play as Molina would cross it into the penalty area for Messi and with a number 9 like instinct, would score his hat trick!

On three goals, it was not eight hat tricks for Lionel Messi with the Argentina national team! He has now scored hattricks against Switzerland, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Haiti, Bolivia and Estonia.

At three goals, Messi would make it four. He would get onto a loose ball and dribble towards the penalty area. He would beat his defender and goalkeeper and score to make it four goals for him and 4-0 for Argentina.

But Lionel Messi was not done. Several efforts in the penalty area would be saved by the goalkeeper and once more, the ball would land to Messi. And he would score to make it 5-0 for the Copa America and Finalissima champions. Messi has now scored 86 goals for the Argentina national team.

Argentina are now undefeated in 33 matches.

@mundoalbiceleste Lionel Messi scores for Argentina! #LionelMessi #Messi #ParisSaintGermain #Paris #PSG #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste

@mundoalbiceleste Lionel Messi scores for Argentina! #LionelMessi #Messi #ParisSaintGermain #Paris #PSG #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste

@mundoalbiceleste Lionel Messi scores for Argentina! #LionelMessi #Messi #ParisSaintGermain #Paris #PSG #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ original sound – Mundo Albiceleste


  1. Very happy for Messi. But I am not too sure if I should be happy about the team B. So many chances were missed by Alvarez, Acuna, Correa and Pappu. It was again upto Messi to rescue the team like he did against Italy.

  2. Love love love our team!!! 🤍💙
    What an amazing week it has been! My first time watching Argentina live at Wembley, and what a display it was… We toyed with the European Champions and dominated every area of the game.
    To top the week off with a repoker from Messi was the icing on the cake. Making a fool out of Mbappe and showing the reason why Ronaldo is the international goalscoring leader.

    +2 trophies in 1 year after 28 year drought
    +beaten Argentina’s previous unbeaten streak record (31) – now at 33
    +the best fans in international football (except for this website full of trolls………)
    +very confident team, they are like family and love being together, they feel united with the fans and the fans feel united with them. Something every other nation should envy.
    +the best in the world

    Keep it up boys! VAMOS 🇦🇷

    • Gongratulations to be on stands of wemley to see our beloved Albiceleste to beat the current euro Champions feat. 7 players on their starting line up from the played a big part for them to win the Euro’s also great hear about fan’s being as United as current Arg Nt team as all your points are so, so true and just only one left to go, VAMOS LA SELECCION !

  3. It was a very easy game for our guys but not everyone had the best match. I missed the first 20mins but for the rest 70+ mins this is my review. Messi was on fire 🔥 today and he desperately needed this kind of match to get back his confidence. When nothing is going in for you a goal fest against a weaker opponent is best way to get back your scoring form. Dybala’s passes and off the ball moment were excellent and is making a solid case for himself. J.Alvarez surprisingly missed a couple of good chances and J.Correa today has convinced us and hopefully team management that he shouldn’t be picked ahead of Dybala , A Correa or Alario. With Nicolas Gonzalez to do the pressing and A Correa coming off the bench, J Correa’s selection makes no sense. I didn’t see Pezzella making any horrible or eye raising mistakes. He is fourth in the pecking order and his experience can be very useful to closeout matches. Palacios again showed why he is needed in the team. When fit his passing and ball moving ability is quite good and not to mention he is defensively sound. Had a good match against Italy too. Molina was also on fire today. His offensive skills clearly outshines his defensive work even though he is a very reliable defender.

    With Paredes, Guido and Palacios all capable of playing a holding midfielder role, I am not sure MacAllister would be needed but since world cup is 6 months away we need backup players like him & Oscampus. Also, very disappointing that AFA couldn’t arrange a third match, it would have been amazing to watch our team play a third match.

  4. This is why Ronaldo has so many International goals. Bolivia and Venezuela are so many times better than
    Estonia, Kosomos, Belarus, San Marino, Cypress, Macedonia, Georgia, Victoria, Sarah, Blah Blah.

    Mbappe’s thinks it is harder and Cristiano go wild scoring hattrics against these teams.

    But 5 goal was enjoyable to watch. Congrats Goat.
    Great reply to Europe.

    ON YOUR FACE!!!!

    • As I have mentioned multiple times , in CONMEBOL WCQs any team can beat any team. Venezuela and Bolivia were comparatively easy opponents but never a cake walk!!

  5. I thought almost everyone played well except Joaquin Correa, Pezzella, and Acuna.

    Armani was pretty good. Molina gets better and better. No wonder why Udinese believe they will lose him next season.

    MacAllister played it super safe. He knows his limitation but he still tried to impress Scaloni, so he just always gave the most simple passes all night. No killer balls at all. 100% the reincarnation of Jose Sosa: The super versatile player who was the king of back pass.

    Papu is amazing. I think Papu and Lo Celso as left midfielder is the best starting/back we have among all positions. There is 0 difference in quality between them.

    Julian Alvarez tried hard but unlucky not to score. I am sure he is the back up 9 now not J Correa.

    Messi is old. Past his best. Can’t dribble anymore. Lol. You guys are funny PSG lovers…

    Palacios is good. Both TYC and Ole praise him.

    Dybala looked decent. He finally is clicking with Messi.

  6. Scaloni asked Allister to play DM and Allister played his role very neatly. He will surely get more chances in the future. He’s an option for LM and DM. May be he’s not like usual Argentine player he’s more like an European kind of player.

  7. The BOSS is not back because he never left in the 1st place.

    Good games are coming up in the next few hours, Uruguay Vs U.S. and Ecuador Vs Mexico……lets see how the competition does!

  8. How Armani played??!! Is he the proper backup of Emi in WC?? But a match vs Estonia isn’t enough to give the answer.
    Glad to watch Senesi’s debut.

    Listen, if u really don’t want to kick out from WC, delete some shits from the squad. I hope all understand who r they!
    J. Correa, Mac Allister, Pezzella and????
    These assh**** r enough to knock you out!

    Anyway, big congrats to Messi for five goals. What if he played with this type of European teams every year! Ronaldo now 117 goals, Messi surely 150 even 3 years ago!!!! 🤣😍

    • mac allister and Pezzella got enough chances. Its time to give some chance to new players. Senesi played well. Buendia should be included in place of mac allister

  9. “Big Euro teams beat this kind of opposition with 5 to 10 goals.”

    In which universe Richard? None beat Estonia with 5 goal difference since 2019 June, since 3 years

    • This universe. Just check out the WC qualification scores from UEFA. France 8-0, Netherlands several times 5 goals or more. England scored 10 in one match against weak opposition.

      Imagine Messi would have played against the likes of Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Albania etc. every year. How many goals would he have scored? 150+

  10. I will pick alehendra garnacho,palacios,manuel lanzini.mac allister,j. Correa should be out from the national first half Argentina played lots of side passes only messi and papu were trying to cut inside,dribble,passes Between the 2nd half when dybala,palacios in then create more inside pass,cut into the box.especially palacois long ball was pin point as well as one two.i reckon garnacho will replace j.correa.j.correa was totally defence pezella was shaky.Any european conter attack pezella paid the Prize.finally dybala and messi.i said before dybala and messi pair the deadliest duo.something like silva and mahrez in man city.

  11. Foyth’s game reading ability is top notch one time he made perfect move to stop counter attack that was good by the way ball was already intercepted but Foyth’s movement was perfect he clearly know when to pick a player and when to leave that player.
    5 goal by Messi that is awesome.

    • My favorite Foyth moment was when he gestured to Montiel to return to the RB position that Montiel temporarily abandoned during the game. This was Foyth knowing his place and position which is not RB in the NT.

      • Foyth going to play at RB,Montiel is bench warmer,Foyth was also included in player of month in CL.Foyth and C.Romero will completely block that right flank against big teams.

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