Lionel Scaloni on Lionel Messi’s perfect match: “I do not know what else to say”


Argentina’s coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference after the 5-0 victory over Estonia and praised the five-goal scorer Lionel Messi:

“I do not know what else to say. It is very difficult. It’s like Rafa Nadal, what are you going to say? You have no words left to describe him, and especially for what he generates. It’s something unique and it’s a pleasure to have him in this group, to train him, his behavior and how he represents this jersey.

“We only have words of thanks. I don’t think he is just Argentina’s heritage; he belongs to the world. The day he doesn’t play anymore we’re going to miss him, so I hope he keeps playing and that everyone enjoys him and protects him because he’s a pleasure to watch.”

In addition to these words for Argentina’s captain, Scaloni also talked about the team’s

“In the first half, we didn’t play that well. They (Estonia) were stuck in the back and we couldn’t find the spaces. In the second half, we improved; we made a couple of positional changes, the game opened up and it was different. They have a fairly marked game idea and it was difficult to find spaces, but with patience we found it and the match was quite complete.”


  1. @El-principe
    “Scaloni already knows Palacios. He wanted to give a chance to MacAllister to test the water. That’s all.”

    What a nice defense..! That’s why Allister start 3 of last 4 and Palacios..nil.

    So, in that sense.. Scaloni know DePaul already..but still why don’t he try someone else there and keep on using him..? Scaloni knows Molina, so why don’t he try Foyth..?

    Scaloni and Brighton coach use Allister in different they know better than us. I am telling from the starting..this guy has a great positional sense, reading of the game all the qualities needed for Scaloni’s team. He may not be skillful like many..but he can be very useful player for the team.

    • Well, you will be in for a surprise. I agree with Enganche and Scaloni will not select Mcallister over Palacios.
      Palacios is a replacement for Depaul and it will stay that way unless god forbid, he has an injury.

      • Surely Palacios is not direct backup for DePaul. When DePaul not playing, LoCelso will move to right and Papu will play left. These three are different level than Palacios and Allister. Currently, Palacios and Allister are third choice for their position.

        • No disagree.

          Palacios is the back up of De Paul and it is very obvious despite your blind hate to Palacios and blind love to MacAllister.

          We have to be updated. 2 months ago yes maybe Palacios was the third. But the last 2 games the pecking order changes. Palacios has moved to be De Paul direct back up. Just like other pecking order changes too, for example 2 months ago J Correa was the direct back up of Lautaro, but now Julian Alvarez takes that spot. Be updated man.

          Against Italy, in such a prestigious game, why not Lo Celso played on the right and Papu came on in the second half replacing De Paul and played on the left then as your logic says?

          • I don’t know about the level of Mcallister maybe Scaloni wants back passes and side passes from him but I’m impressed with Palacios given that he was ready for 1-2 with players and move forward.

            @insider I don’t hate Mcallister but not my preferred type of player. That being said, if Scaloni sees something in him that I don’t, that is plausible.

    • You can say whatever u want. You are talking about the last 4 games. Ok let’s discuss. 3 games MacAllister started:
      1. Vs Venezuela. Argentine were shitty, only the subs the half injured Di Maria single handedly gave them the victory
      2. Vs Ecuador, arguably one of the worst Scaloni matches in his winning streak
      3. Vs. Estonia. He was not bad, but Argentina never played good anytime he started or on the pitch. Argentina looked good only in the second half.

      1 game MacAllister did not enter the pitch, Vs Italy: Scaloni best match as a coach. Enough said.

      Don’t be too happy that he started when Both Lo Celso and Papu were unavailable. When they both were available, MacAllister became redundant. That’s why the coach tried him as the third defensive midfielder as the left midfielder is well covered by Lo Celso and Papu. Again, injury factor. Because Paredes was injured.

      Had Lo Celso, Papu, and Paredes never were unavailable in those 3 matches. We would have seen Lo Celso/Papu against Venezuela and Ecuador, not MacAllister. And Paredes vs Italy. And Guido vs. Estonia. That’s for sure.

      Sorry man but your blind love to Sosa part II aka MacAllister needs a bit of better performance from the player himself to make a discussion of his worth.

      Brighton best winger is Trossard. Brighton best DM is Bissouma. Why would the European clubs be interested in them not MacAllister? Because they all watch the games.

      Every player deserves a credit when they play good. Armani for me not good enough but for me he played good against Estonia. So I admit it he played good. But when someone is average in any game he plays, we can’t say that he is better than average.

      • Worst match you put on one player head..? Nice Mr.
        You people treating him like.. Brazilian. Your Palacios the reason. Palacios didn’t start any game. Before Estonia match, Scaloni was planning to put Palacios IN for DePaul..but he didn’t. All the media until the last day wrote Palacios will be in first X1..but in the last changed. Scaloni doesn’t trust Palacios due to some unknown reason. Even against Estonia..! DePaul direct replacement Palacios..? Then we are in trouble. Closing stage of the Italy match is the proof for that..huh. When DePaul is not available we will see…who will start and the direct replacement for DePaul.
        For me, If DePaul not will be LoCelso and Papu Right and Left.

        • Lol u come up with your own theory to squeeze in MacAllister in the squad. Nice try.

          Lo Celso is the back up of De Paul on the right. So Papu has no back up, that means MacAllister is his back up on his left.

          Yeah right. Nice try bro.

          And for the record MacAllister played AVERAGE in all the 3 games. None of the tyc of ole game him more than 6 of rating. If you think 6 means good then we have different standard.

          For me 6 is average.

          I think u just got upset because 2 months ago or so I predicted that Scaloni will return to Palacios again. And that’s the case.

          You also wanted Hotspur to fail I remember that. You wanted either Arsenal or MU to go to the CL. A team with no Argentine. Are you really a fan or Albiceleste? Now your are busy promoting the average MacAllister. SMH…

          Look I am done witht Meza, Sosa, or Mariano Gonzales or those people. I don’t need any trash to be close to the team I support.

          • Also I am not that much of a fan of Palacios, but he did play good so I had to say it. Everyone knows that Palacios performed better than MacAllister against Estonia.

            You believe MacAllister played good against Estonia right? What matters is what Scaloni said. He said “we did not play well in the first half”. Sorry to disappoint you.

          • Are you really fan of Argentine..or Palacios? Why do you hate Allister too much? I wanted Tottenham to suffer.. because of what they have done to LoCelso and Foyth. I hate Tottenham..a mid table team always… luckily they are in Top4 because of ManU struggle.

      • Get the fact right.. Allister played good against Venezuela..he was the reason behind first goal.
        He played every match good..not excellent..but not bad.

        • Just be careful if u promote a mediocre player. People will attack u when they finally show how shitty they are. In the past, some people here promoted the likes of Sosa, Nico Gaitan, Gonzalo Pity Martinez, and the most famous one was Meza. And we all know what kinda players they are with time.

          Now you promote MacAllister, just watch out one day because he will show how average he is and everyone will remember it is you who loves him that badly.

          FYI, I always attack anyone who promote mediocre players and say they are better than they actually are.

          In the past, I attacked Sosa. Sosa was loved highly by the owner of this site, Sebastian Garcia and I attacked him because I was so sure that he is shitty.

          Then I also attacked Nico Gaitan, Gonzalo Pity Martinez, Lucas Pratto, Benedetto, and Meza because of the same reason. Some people promoted them here and I told they they are good for nothing. Years after (Now) we know the answer right.

          Now I do the same to MacAllister because he is the worst Argentina I have ever seen wearing number 10 for Argentina.

          Also, I am neutral on Palacios. He is just another Argentine player for me just like Pezzella, Otamendi, Montiel, Molina, Lo Celso, or Nico Gonzales or Papu in that if he plays good I will say so, if he plays bad, I will say so.

  2. This transfer window is important to some of our players.

    Dybala needs to find a club, Inter a strong possibility but nothing concrete so far.
    Di Maria most likely to Juventus.
    Paredes situation unclear for now but linked to Roma and Juventus.
    Joaquin Correa may or may not remain at Inter on loan.
    Angel Correa needs to move.
    Molina linked with Juventus and Arsenal.
    Tagliafico needs to move.
    Senesi likely going to a new club.
    Lisandro Martinez linked to Manchester United and Barcelona.

  3. If FIFA allows 26 player squad then it will be 3 GKs, 9 defenders, 7 Forwards and 7 midfielders. World cup starts November 21st, 2022 and teams should submit the official squad by Oct 20th 2022. Training session starts 3 weeks before the the first match. So Scaloni will have to decide his final list of players after September friendlys.
    Don’t be surprised if FIFA allows only 23 players, in that case it will be 8 defenders, 6 mids, 6 forwards and 3 gks. Players will have 2 months of club football and the 2 friendlys to prove their worth to Scaloni. If only 23 players are allowed then the fight for the 6th striker/Forward position will be fierce!! Dybala needs to be on gear 4 from day 1 with his new club if he wants to get selected ahead of A.Correa, J.Correa and Alario. With J.Correa’s multiple misses against weak Estonia and constant poor finishing for Inter last season and A.Correa going through minor heart surgery Scaloni will keep a close eye on Alario.

    For the 3rd GK spot it will be Musso vs Rulli.

    For the 7th Midfield spot Scaloni seem to like versatile MacAllister. Remaining 6 are DePaul, GLC, Paredes, Papu, Guido, Palacios. If 23 players are allowed MacAllister should missout.

    For the 9th defender, it could be between Senesi vs Foyth, most likely Foyth due to his versatility. Again, if only 23 players are allowed for the 8th defender position it will be between Foyth vs Montiel.

    Messi, Lautaro, Dimaria, N.Gonzalez, J.Alvarez are 100% through. For the remaining 2 spots or 1 spot it will be between Dybala, A.Correa, Alario and J.Correa. The selection of forwards seems to be a difficult decision for team management.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. This is the exact situation. Yes the players will have a chance to prove his worth in September and probably early October only. After that, they have to impress in the friendlies before the WC.

      For me I prefer 23 than 26. Because even if you take 23, usually not all of them are usable anyway. Usually we rely on 18-19 players only if not less.

    • “For the 7th Midfield spot Scaloni seem to like versatile MacAllister. Remaining 6 are DePaul, GLC, Paredes, Papu, Guido, Palacios. If 23 players are allowed MacAllister should missout.”

      You are correct on 26 squad but Palacios won’t make it easily in 23 squad. Palacios will have to fight with Allister. Their form will decide. Just to remind you, Allister started 3 of last 4 Argentina matches. This is not possible without the coaching team trust.

      Palacios currently considered as DePaul’s backup. But in the actual scenario, if DePaul not playing, LoCelso will move to right and Papu will play on the left. So, it’s open for both Palacios and Allister to grab the 6th spot.
      Allister has an edge as he played three different role in the last 3 matches. Palacios slowly getting back to his best. So it’s not easy to predict now.

      Anyway I believe, it will be 26 squad and both will make to the WC. Nico Dominguez chances are getting faded because of the injury.

      • It will be interesting to see who Scaloni will pick between Palacios and MacAllister. One advantage Palacios has over MacAllister is his height but it will depend on his fitness too. Lets see what happens.

        • That will be w big surprise if Svaloni chooses McAllister over Palacios as they are both different players. That being said if Scaloni had to choose between two, I think he will choose Palacios.

      • MacAllister only started because Lo Celso and Papu was suspended for 2 games and Paredes was injured. Without those unavailability, no way he would start. Against Estonia maybe because it was a meaningless match, but no way against Ecuador and Venezuela in WCQ matches.

        The key match is Italy one. Those who played in that most important game were supposed to be the ones Scaloni trusted the most. That match was a final, against the Euro champ. MacAllister was wearing training jersey for that match along with some others who did not get the gold medal.

        For me it is a weak argument that just because he started in 3 of last 4, that means he is the coach favorite. Plus, in none of the 3 matches he played good. He played average in all 3.

        • Mac Allister were wearing training jersey or not…he was named in the substitute list of that match. As per you, Paredes got the medal..and Allister didn’t…meanse.the medal meant for 23..that was for first X1 and substitutes (Allister also)..went to Paredes..!
          Meanwhile… Palacios didn’t start any of the last 4 matches…that’s not a good sign for Palacios.

          • Scaloni already knows Palacios. He wanted to give a chance to MacAllister to test the water. That’s all.

            No one here thinks that MacAllister played good for Argentina in those 3 matches except you.

            Plus Against Italy, he was not bad, but all the minutes he started, Argentina played boring. Only in the second half Argentina played good.

            Even Scaloni said the same thing. He said Argentina did not play good in the first half.

            As for him among the subs against Italy, I think there is an error of news because all the substitutes got the gold medals. Watch the replay again who got the gold medals in the ceremony, you would not see MacAllister there. I think his place in the substitute either was replaced by Paredes or Argentina had a man short because why would Paredes out of nowhere where Argentina jersey then?

            I told you that match is a serious match. It shows the real current pecking order.

          • For me MacAllister vs Palacios is the same as Rulli vs Armani.

            Rulli started against Ecuador, so people think he won the number 2 spot. But then Scaloni already knows Armani, he wanted to test the water by playing Rulli (we already qualified anyway when playing Ecuador).

            Then against Estonia when Emi was unavailable, Armani is back. So who is the real number 2? I say Armani. Put MacAllister in Rulli’s position and Palacios is Armani’s position. Scaloni was trying to do the same to them.

    • I have big doubt on strikers list.

      Messi, Lautaro, DiMaria and Nico are the only 4 sure bet. Alvarez inclusion will be purely based in his first season in Europe. Can’t exclude Dybala and Alario. They rarely miss big chances.
      So, my prediction;
      Messi, Lautaro, Di Maria, Nico, Dybala, Alario.
      Papu can play Nico’s role in an emergency situation.

    • Well written SulaV! I agree on what u wrote as that is current reality or at least it seems so…any how even i do understand how important Pezzella’s experience will be, well i can’t unfortunatly say the same when it comes down to his pitch performing as i do not want him to play for Arg at WC as truly a great player he was and Still is, but the age of his is showing and showing him too much and we all have seen that allraedy at multiple times for a quite time, so i would pick Senesi instead of him or Foyth and if it comes down to 23 players only, well here is my only personal pick and nothing else or personal against any other player or any other Mundo member as everyone has right to vote for their favourite’s or the one’s everyone think will suit and serve Arg the possible way in WC !

      Well, i quess Armani it will be as Dibu hopefully will stay fit and do not get injured as i do not hope anyone get injured either way as the back up’s are also important in case of serious drop of form as for current situation J.Correa for example, though i’m not going to say he won’t be included by Scaloni as i’m not simply even close Scaloni or any coach in the world so this pick up is just based on pure observation simply of my own and, maybe some for like Armani as just logical, though Scaloni has the cards in his hands so in the end we will see, just no injuries to any Arg Nt player, please !

      DIBU, Armani, Rulli/Musso or Musso/Rulli either way i think Armani will go, period !

      CUTI, OTA, LISANDRO, MOLINA , Acuna, Tagliafigo, Senesi, Foyth/Montiel or Montiel/Foyth as i see all theese players with all due respect for Pezzella currently playing better than him, period!

      RDP, Paredes, Guido, Lo Celso, Papu, Palacios

      MESSI, DI MARIA, TORO, NICO, Alvarez, Dybala, though it sucks to leave A.Correa out, and that is why i prefer 26 players as even as el_pricipe said Arg will be allready allmost complete with 18-19 players or at least can rely on them offcourse and hopefully staying fully fit and not injured, as that is what i’m praying on mostly, but the reason why i would rather hope for 26 instead 23 is that many players like A.Correa for example have been part of the team alkready so long even maybe not having that many minutes for Arg, but Still also those who don’t play that much or have not yet played that much are vital part of team as they been in this LA SCALONETTA&;CO. process from the beginning or at least long enough to have become an integral part of Arg Nt team as playing or not also that way Alario could be included too as i see many of our forward players being able to also defend when necessary and for sure it will be necessary too and it is never bad to add 2 xtra strikers and either one xtra defender or middfielder and in this case i would go for one more middfielder, well who will it be if 26 will be the case i will trust in Sacalonetta&CO., though i think to bring one very young player like Garnacho or Soule would not be an waste, though they might not be the kind of middfielder needed as i don’t even know really whatbis their best position as i assume Garnacho is a left winger and Soule,,perhaps a right winger, maybe…so if 26 it will be then Mc Allister even i do not fancy him at all could make it in the end as i have not seen much of Buendia wearing Arg Jersey compared to Mc Allister and Enzo’s time will come another time as this time he should have been alkready included if Scaloni and CO been planning on him etc…also i don’t really now what is Dominquez’s situation right now as he was truly great with Bologna and performing well in Serie A as bringing even back OCampos will do only if he has tremendous season all the way until the beginning of WC, though he is not a centerally suited so if Dominguez fully fit and playing a superb half season until to right of the beginning of WC, well then i would pick him as xtra middfielder, but all this depends on how everyone is performing though those 23 names mentioned above will most likely to go, if only with god bless they will all stay injury free and perform well and stay fit and ready !

  4. My 23 will be like this
    GK:1.emi martinez,2.juan musso,3.jeremias ledesma
    Mid F:1.papu gomez,2.paredes, paul,4.guido Rodriguez,5.lo celso,6.manuel lanzini
    Forward:1.messi,2.di maria,3.martinez,4.dybala5.julian alvarez,6.garnacho.

          • Exactly, Messi was injured and not ruled out.
            And comparing Garnacho and Enzo with Messi?

            Look at Gavi, he is 17. We don’t have any 17 year old at that level.

          • @flying birds lol ur comparing garnacho with 3 of the best ever messi, ronaldo, pele??? Btw i would like to see garnacho in wc squad bt lack of senior playing time will go against him. If not 1-2 left wingers are suddenly injured noway he will go

        • So much bias for Garnacho. Why not Soule? Is it because he doesn’t play in England and have as much support from the press? Taking any under 20 player who hasn’t made his NT debut yet is hilarious.

    • I won’t risk with Garnacho, Angel Correa is a must for me. Lanzini is good but defensively not his strong attributes. That’s where I would prefer likes of Buendia, Enzo Fernandez. As for GK, there is no way Scaloni will drop Armani regardless how bad he plays.However I sense that Musso will be second choice

  5. I see some of us are skeptical about revealing too much/peaking too early etc. I don’t think so! It’s about having an IDENTITY before going into the tournaments. This group is definitely capable of playing at a much higher level and with consistency provided they get more game time and continue to develop.

    Avid football fans know which team plays with a set group of players and it’s not a revelation to opponents if they’re doing their homework which they should for the world cup. It’s about winning 7 games in a span of 1 month and considering that it’s going to be a mid season tournament, I am hopeful that our players arrive with the right mentality, skill set & preparation.

  6. A ton of flack for Joaquin Correa although his best attributes are dribbling & physicality that’s needed on that left wing. He’s doing justice for what’s he being asked for and the same goes with Ocampos on the right. These players have similar profiles and are tricky players as they also do a ton of pressing as well as some defensive work. These players give the team a different dimension…I would say we should keep both of them as they’re multi-purpose too!

    I would love to see the 26-28 man roster for the WC with all our players fit and in form…
    3 GKs: Emi, Ledesma/Benitez (highly not possible as Scaloni prefers Armani & Rulli), Musso
    8 Defenders: Romero, Otamendi, Lisandro, Acuna, Molina, Foyth, Senesi/Pezzella/Medina bc he’s fast (Pezzella’s probably going although he’s not good) & Tagliafico
    8 Midfielders: De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso, Papu, Guido, Palacios, Lanzini/Enzo/MacAllister (Enzo can’t be in unless he proves in Europe and I don’t want another Meza or Pavon) & Dominguez
    7 Attackers: Messi, Di Maria, Lautaro, Dybala, Alario/Alvarez (depending on how he plays with City the next few months), J.Correa, Ocampos/A.Correa

    This group of players allows us to play so many formations without feeling like a fish out of water.

  7. After this there are approximately only 2 months left before the final WC roster due date. Why 2 months? June-August pretty much holiday/preseason/start of the season mostly. The players pretty much inactive. So only September and October. These 2 months are the last chance especially for those who are still fighting for a spot to prove themselves.

    Players like A Correa, J Correa, Palacios, MacAllister, Dybala, Foyth, Montiel, Senesi will have to at least play regularly and perform good in September and October.

    A Correa really needs to move somewhere. He is in danger of losing his spot especially others play in his position is catching up with him with good performances such as J Alvarez and Dybala.

    So please don’t say “it is too early to predict the WC squad”. 2 months not too early I guess.

    So “2 months” before the final WC squad this is the latest pecking order based on the last 2 matches.

    GK: Emi Martinez, Armani, (Rulli), (Musso)
    DR: Molina, Montiel, (Foyth)
    DC: Cuti, Otamendi, Pezzella, Lisandro, (Senesi), (Perez)
    DL: Acuna, Tagliafico
    DM: Paredes, Guido, (MacAllister)
    MCR: De Paul, Palacios
    MCL: Lo Celso, Papu
    10: Messi, (Dybala), (A Correa)
    Winger: Di Maria, Nico, (J Correa)
    FC: Lautaro, Julian Alvarez

    These are the 30 players called up for the last 2 matches.

    The ones without () I believe are safe.

    The outsiders that were cut that still have chance: LM Quarta, Nico Dominguez, Buendia, Ocampos, Alario.

    The wild card: Enzo Fernandez, Garnacho (?)

    Well if Enzo keeps playing good and if Garnacho suddenly will be a regular starter for MU?

    The final WC squad will be in the beginning of November.

    • i think dybala is in unless he really become bad in those 2 months which i doubt. perez is out .senesi has a chance because instead of 9 defenders if we take 10 defenders (3 backups for nearly each position in defence) . we cover for any eventuality for defence. reason being lisandro/foyth can play as dm then why take a mac allister then.enzo has to move to europe and take the league by storm to have any chance. the 6 midfielder you shared are already locked forwards, only one place remaining for which both A/J correa,buendia,ocampos and garnacho will fight. for goal keepers i have no comment.

    • For 26, cut 4

      Attackers 7 – weak link J Correa. World Cup few chances occur, need clinical attackers

      Mid 7 – No cuts but surprised MacAlister over Dominguez. Who knows what Scaloni will do. Midfield 7th is a mystery

      Def 9 – I dont see how left footed senesi will make it when Ota and Lisandro ahead unless he drops pezz and ota on right if needed.
      highly unlikely though . Perez not a chance

      GK 3 – My guess is Musso

    • Out of all the names I believe, J Correa is in serious trouble of losing the spot. If its a 23 man squad I think it might be –

      1. Emi. 2. Armani. 3. Musso/Rulli
      4. Molina. 5. Foyth/Montiel
      6. Cuti. 7. Otamendi. 8. Lisando. 9. Pezella
      10. Acuna. 11. Tagliafico
      12. Paredes. 13. Guido
      14. RDP. 15. Palacios
      16. GLC. 16. Papu
      17. Messi. 18. Dybala
      19. ADM. 20. Nico G. 21. A Correa
      22. Lautaro. 23. Alvarez

      Now this looks pretty final to me.

      add a def, a mid and a forward if its a 26 squad.

      any 3 of (Mac Allister, Buendia, Alario, Ocampos, Montiel, Senesi, Perez) these player can be add ons in the 26 man squad.
      LMQ and Joachim looks like out to me.

      I dont really see Garnacho or Enzo in the WC squad maybe post WC. Because this squad has a chemistry and there is not enough timd to blend new comers in right now.

  8. Anuparna!! I reckon even pep gurdiola can’t satisfie you.what are you want from a national team. National team Couldn’t be like club team.A strong club team have best player in every position but you couldn’t have this in national your logic is out of imagination.

    • I just replied to rattlehead because he mentioned my name unnecessarily. I prefer caution and everyone should respect opponents. Europeans won last 4 wc for a reason and they have a pattern. They peak slowly and don’t show all their cards once

      • Spain was top favourite in 2010, Germany in 14, even France before 18 after a great Euro. Now european teams are simply not good enough.

  9. I just wished World Cup 2022 would start tomorrow or next week and not end of this year. Been a long time since the team has been this stable and cohesive and it is all positive and on a uptrend with Messi. Can only wish for this to be sustained and be even more positive come World Cup.

  10. I will pick alehendra garnacho,palacios,manuel lanzini.mac allister,j. Correa should be out from the national first half Argentina played lots of side passes only messi and papu were trying to cut inside,dribble,passes Between the 2nd half when dybala,palacios in then create more inside pass,cut into the box.especially palacois long ball was pin point as well as one two.i reckon garnacho will replace j.correa.j.correa was totally defence pezella was shaky.Any european conter attack pezella paid the Prize.finally dybala and messi.i said before dybala and messi pair the deadliest duo.something like silva and mahrez in man city.

  11. Messi=Elegance, Clinical, Vision. If the world cup started now, Argentina could have won it with this Messi. He is really fit if you look at him, no fat, strong against more physical and tall defenders. Back to the top again.

  12. Foyth and Dybla showed why they are important for team. Argentina need both of them. Against solid attacking team Foyth should syRt and Dybla’s short passing in final third is best.

  13. “We only have words of thanks. I don’t think he is just Argentina’s heritage; he belongs to the world. The day he doesn’t play anymore we’re going to miss him, so I hope he keeps playing and that everyone enjoys him and protects him because he’s a pleasure to watch.”

    Messi is just Messi.. GOAT

  14. Estonia, the type of team that European big teams play in qualifier & Euro , definetely competitive as Mbappe said LMAO

    Messi would have had 300 goals by now if he plays in European qualifier.

    Argentina scored 8 in 2 games (could have been 15) , thanks to Mbappe for the motivation.

    Mr Anu is in tatters.

    • We didn’t play top 5 European sides so my point stands. Italy was morally disturbed after elimination and it will not be easy to play against European heavyweights. In last 3 years Estonia lost 8-0 against germany 6-2 against Czech Republic 5-0 and 4-0 against Netherlands and 5-2 against belgium. So we can see how weak Estonia really is and Italy is also lost to North Macedonia and didn’t qualify so obviously they are weak also

        • @kitty these r friendly tournament u can’t conclude anything from these friendlies. Otherwise in a real tournament France would not have lost to denmark Netherlands could not have beaten belgium 4-1 spain would not have drawn with Czech Republic and England would not have lost to Hungary. Even in a real tournament Portugal would not have that easy against Switzerland. Portugal won 4-0 against them no way they will win with that margin against them in a real tournament even Switzerland has capabilities to beat them. So these 2 matches were good practice but we still need to improve to win the world Cup

          • Talking about France, their defense is overrated. Likes of Kimpembe and Varane are too much error prone. Same applies to Brazil with likes of Alex Sandro, Marquinhos, plus aged Dani Alves & Thiago Silva. Only England, Netherlands, maybe Portugal can boast having one of the best defence.

          • Again i have to remind you that theese are not friendliess anymore as uefa nations league was created to get rid of those european friendliess as now everyone is deadly serious and want’s to perform at top level as everyone want’s to go either up all the way or at least be promoted from level B AND C AND NO ONE WANTS TO DROPOED FROM LEVEL A so please stop calling them european friendliess as u are constantly doing and how on earth u can now or predict the score between Denmark and France in the WC,,Ok i understand that the french might have more experience from previous WC’s, but do not TaKe lightly this Danish team or in fact any team weather they are european or not as everything is alkways possible at WC as 1990 Cameroon beat Arg with 0-1 with Rover Milla’s goal luckily Arg beat the x-Soviet’s 2-0 and draw 1-1 with Romania, okay i get it allraedy it happened very long ago as it was 32 year’s ago and tthen 10 year’s later Arg failed with Bielsa completly even being the only and the only contender to win WC so Yes europe has tradition of their own, but so has SA!

            In fact when u are talking about constantly theesevso called of european friendliess of your own which they are not any more!

            I Sense kind a bit of MBabbe attitude from u so do not be shame to admit if u admire him as many do obviously specially in Europe, but as fan of Arg since 1978 i do not give shit of any Europeans so called Giants as only the Dane’s are close, but never can be the same than Arg for me as i even prefer Uruguay before the Dane’s and i hope Arg will rather play against the french than Dane’s or the best option will be Peru, but that we will find out after they have played against Australia etc…

      • “It will not be easy to play against European heavyweights”
        Wow what an analysis, I’m sure no one ever had any hint of that, genius👏🏻👏🏻

  15. I’ll repost for visibility:
    Today Messi became the first player in football history to reach 1100 goals + assists in his career.
    769 Goals, 331 Assists in 974 appearances

      • Outstanding stats.

        Can we organize few more friendlies against these European sides? the ones that the likes of England, Portugal, France has been playing in their qualifier all the time ? San Marino, Faroe island, Estonia etc … Mbappe is so right, tougher oppositions!

        • Rattle unfortunatly as good as it sounds we will have somehow include Arg to Uefa Nations league as in fact, maybe in the future FiFA will arrange something similar as called maybe just Nations league, perhaps…but i would not be surprised if any of those teams mentioned will opt for game against current Arg as even they know they will loose mostly by high score or not Still i don’t think that there is no nation right now in the world that would want to face the current Arg so AFA has start to work their ass off…stay well!

        • Messi is more than goals and assist. His ability to create multiple key passes and chances every match due to his extremely superior vision and footballing brain 🧠 makes him better than any offensive player in the last 2 decades. Comparing his goals and assist with CR7 is an insult to the GOAT!!

      • Please let’s not think about that yet as surely that day will come, but i just hope he keep’s on playing as it doesn’t matter for me as long as he is with Arg Nt where he will be at club level in the coming year’s and so on, long live King Leo !

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