Nahuel Molina set to leave Udinese, Juventus, Tottenham Hotspur interested


Nahuel Molina is set to leave Udinese with Juventus, Tottenham Hotspur and several clubs interested.

Molina could soon be on his way out of the Udinese. The Argentine finished the season as the defender with the most goals across all of Europe’s top five leagues as he scored eight goals.

Only 24 years old, the right back joined Udinese from Boca Juniors back in 2020 and has since become Argentina’s starting right back. Udinese club director Pierpaolo spoke with TuttoSport about Molina. Here is what he had to say:

“Molina… is a player who, due to the interest he is attracting in Italy and abroad. He will be difficult to keep.”

Several European clubs are being rumored to wanting his signature. Media in Italy are heavily linking Molina to Juventus with rumors of Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid also wanting to sign him.


  1. No the Spurs want another target for the right wing back named Djed Spence from Nottingham Forrest. It is strange that the Spurs badly need RWB, but never really serious about getting Molina, one of the most improved right wing back in Europe.

    I agree if he really somehow moves to the Spurs, He will be the automatic starter though.

    • I think in Conte’s system molina will get first team slot for sure bcz Tottenham does not have fixed RB or RWB emerson & munier are not reliable. At Juventus its 50-50 bcz they prefer defensive(Danilo) RB coz Sandro is offensive LB

  2. I think we are capable of taking on a “parking the bus” team. But we should be aware of the teams that looks to shake our momentum or flow of play through fouls with pretty good defense. I think most European teams now aware about us after the finalissima. Like I am expecting an opponent playing like France in the semis last wc against us. How could we tackle those teams?. Our midfield has to be at their peak to win each KO match. Scaloni must look on it. We need dybala atleast as a sub. Players like macallister j correa won’t do any good in those situations even as a sub. That’s why creative players like buendia are more suitable to us.

    • The reason Scaloni’s team can manage against Parked Bus Defences because this team utilise every inches of open spaces and creates there own Spaces. Molina is very important to break parking buses.
      This is the difference between Scaloni and the rest in the past.

  3. When it comes to RBs I think Scaloni basically answered who his preferences are.

    1. Molina
    2. Montiel

    Foyth played as a DM for a few minutes vs Estonia when he replaced Mac Allister before dropping to right CB in a back 3 formation with Nico Gonzalez and Montiel playing as wingbacks.

    • He answered nothing. He just gave both foyth and montiel some game time. Interesting that foyth subbed on before montiel. He may tried foyth in dm because to see if we get any injuries in dm or rcb position can he do the job or not. We may see foyth starting at rb in tough matches. I saw foyth warming up when pezella got injured. So foyth can be 2nd sub for rcb position as we lack in that position and he also can play as a rcb in 3-5-2 formation. So scaloni trying him out but he is just trying him out for emergency situation he is still the better rb than montiel

      • Montiel is better I guess.
        Because of Messi & ADM, We need someone who can take that extra workload and also share attacking responsibilities
        That’s perhaps too much for Foyth
        Foyth is more of an emergency backup or a tactical player I think

        • @basu arnab by your logic foyth makes more sense. Montiel is one guy who can be called as ” Jack of all trades master of none” He is neither a great defender nor a great attacker. If we want attack we should play Molina if we want defensive stability we should play foyth

          • But I think Montiel will be ahead in the pecking order.
            Don’t know how will that go in the WC though.
            But I think if we need a Goal and Molina gets injured, Montiel better one to rely on in that case.
            Foyth is the defensive backup.
            Montiel the offensive one.

      • Anuparno, I think it’s loud and clear. Scaloni does not see Foyth as a right-back, as simple as that. Foyth is a central defender and Scaloni treats him as such. Playing both Montiel and Foyth at the same time, in different roles is as clear of a statement of intent as it can get.

        • @enganche we will see that in world cup. Montiel has copa final tax but if he continue to not get any minutes in Sevilla thn scaloni most probably will not risk montiel in wc. U can’t start a player who is not getting any minutes in club level in a very important wc match even giving sub role is risky. Remember during copa he was a regular rb in river plate. Plus foyth provide height to the defense that will help us defending the set pieces

          • I think Montiel will get more minutes over Navas this season. Montiel also has Zanetti endorsement in a recent interview to TYC Sports. Navas is a Sevilla native, a club legend and Montiel was always going to find it tough to start but Navas is aging now so more minutes to Montiel this season are likely.
            Foyth should be in the team but in a supporting role off the bench when tactical flexibility is required. A modern fullback he ain’t. I think it’s clear by now.

    • Foyth is best without a shadow of doubt. Foyth is going to be used in RCB,DM,RB spot, Scaloni knows it perfectly that Foyth is immense in defensive responsibility and why not he has done great against world class wingers of top club he was better than them for the most part.

  4. Molina is 24 years old he isn’t 26
    This guy it’s so crucial to our play in right hand side His sprinting and overlapping whenever we attack add different dimension in our game, surely he is becoming one of our key players, hope he moves to juve or real Madrid as they looking new rb. Please no to Atlético and Simeone.

  5. If you rewatch the first few minutes of the game vs Italy you will see Molina with a defensive block and interception on one of the Italian players, either Raspadori or Spinazzola, I don’t remember now. His defensive game is improving as well.

  6. Juventus would be ideal club. But he should not touch Atletico Madrid and any English club with a 10 feet pole. Dimaria, Molina, Paredes, if all three could move to Juventus then they could play good 3 months of futbal together. Would be great for the national team. However premire league flop of the decade toxic Pogba is also headed back which could lead to less playing time for Paredes who is miles ahead of Pogba!

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