FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus targeting Nahuel Molina of Udinese


FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Juventus are all targeting Nahuel Molina of Udinese.

Several top clubs are looking to sign the Argentine. Per a report by Tuttosport, FC Barcelona are now one of the teams monitoring the 24 year old.

The Catalan club does not have a definitive starter with Mingueza, Dani Alves, Sergiño Dest and Sergi Roberto all having played at right back. Per the report, Juventus still lead the race in signing the Argentine.

Nahuel Molina has a contract with Udinese keeping him at the club until 2026 but Udinese club director Pierpaolo stated last week that it will be difficult to keep the player.

Molina joined Udinese in 2020 with Udinese asking €30 million for him.


  1. WC squad will be of 26 players, confirmed.

    Pep did not want Haland. He wanted Kane. City board had to convince Pep to agree on haland. So Alvarez has chance if he can show his quality.

    Inter wants Correa to be sold. Marseille is the interested club.

    I watched Spain – Czech Republic last night. Spain is good with one touch football and switch of play. They are the most press resistant among our opponents. However, they play a high line defence with slow and soft defenders. Their main players are young and inexperienced. We know their attacker’s names only because they are Spanish and got to play for Real/Barcelona/Atl Madrid.

    • Spain lacks an out & out striker who can finish chances and like you said their defenders are not world class. They have lots of great midfielders though.

      I thought Joaquin Correa was still technically a Lazio player on loan at Inter.

    • We may not even face spain. 1st they have to come 1st in their group plus then they will face mighty Brazil in quarters. My biggest concern is mighty France who if not come first in their group can be our opponent in 2nd round. And then in semis we will face mighty Brazil who will be out for revenge for the copa loss and stronger than the copa final right now that will be the toughest match and final will always be tough

      • Anuparno, honestly man, i have not personal issues with you, on the contrary, although i don’t agree with many things you say, i have to respect your right to do so and respect you as individual as well. But i feel the need to tell you, without any intention of creating a personal attack towards you, that sometimes your comments seem way too irritating to me.

        You express the definition “mighty” when refering to Brazil and France. Do you feel the need to use this word when refering to them or you are such impressed by both of them? You know what? It doesn’t matter. What does really matter is why don’t you use this word when refering to us? Isn’t Argentina mighty enough for you?

        Brazil and France are two of the favourites but i have to remind you that in the last 3 years Brazil failed to beat us, on the contrary, in the last 3 matches they lost twice and got a draw in the last one and even failed to score a single goal against us in those 3 matches.

        France on the other hand, didn’t face us since 2018 but looking at their performance in nations league they don’t really justify the word “mighty”.
        They may both are “mighty” but so we are.

  2. Looking at this nation’s league performance we can come to a conclusion that all European teams are not consistent enough. So it is both positive and negative for us. Coz teams from France to Croatia and Belgium to Switzerland all can become very dangerous in a particular day or otherwise performs a below game. So the wc would be exactly like our moto that is Take one game at a time. No opposition is more dangerous or less. Even it’s France or Saudi. That means we can face anybody. It’s all about unity of our team. Nearing the wc again typical hype is coming like that from Enrique. I mean these coaches knows this tactics and is waiting for the right moment to strike against Argentina. But they don’t know that this Argentina is far above than they think. It’s not a one way traffic.

  3. My only concern is about Romero and his high probability of getting injured. That 2 months is a bit riskier. That 3 men backline Romero should have to risk his physique. I just hoping he plays for barca in this 2 months. Hoping all goes well for Argentina.

  4. It doesn’t matter where they play in the two months before the world cup as long as they rest now and play regularly when the leagues start.
    If we are supposed to worry about everything, then the best thing is if they stay where they are and not to have to worry about getting used to a different team and different place.

      • according to news there is several big club interested on him, but he is not willing to move in this year, real,city,juve,man utd,ac milan a lot of club show interest on him.. i saw highlight of last river game where enzo make long shot goal.. but i didn’t see how his overall performance in that game. i also think scaloni will not select him for wc.. if he could be call up early it could be great assets for arg in world cup

        • If Enzo wants to play wc he needs to come to Europe this season because if he transfers to a European club and play good scaloni may consider him. If he continues to play in Argentina he has no chance. If i was Enzo i would have taken this risk because world cup doesn’t happen every year and who knows what will happen after 4 years

    • Sampaoli destroyed his careeer, he clearly wasn’t ready to be in the starting xi in a world cup. Too much was expected of him and he couldn’t deliver it.

        • Pavon was not a bad player every where he goes he plays well. sampaoli playing without a striker and playing pavon and dimaria on the wing was confusing who are they going to cross the ball to sampoli ruined him no doubt about it, Ibrahimović said he is to good for MLS he should not play in the MLS. US Media were furious for that comment. Maradona did the same to Otamendi In the 2010 world cup he was highly rated velez player after the world Cup no one wanted him ,because he played on the RB and muller destroyed him it took him time to recover his career

  5. Maybe its unpopular but i think Tagliafico is better than acuna right now and should start. Acuna played mediocre against Estonia and Tagliafico had a superb match against italy

    • Acuna is better than Tagliafico, You need to understand football better. You always comes with idiotic concept. By the way you were 99.99% sure of Brazil win in Copa America final. If you can be wrong in 99.99% stake then no one can believe you.

    • Acuna is more balanced, he is a decent defender and better than Tagliafico when pressing forward as he is a natural winger while Tagliafico started as a CB, which is why he looks better defensively.

      • I am a big fan of Tagliafico and in recent games he played well for us. Acuna is a better at providing crosses but Tagliafico is not necessarily a downgrade per se. Acuna seemed a bit rusty vs Estonia, either fatigue or still recovering from injury. When in form he’s certainly an asset. So much can change before the WC starts, who knows which player is going to be in better form. Just hope our core is in good shape.

        Sulav I think it’s a misconception that Tagliafico started as a CB, he was always a left-back primarily, in his Banfield and Independiente days. He was occasionally asked to play as a CB in Independiente, that’s all. Ajax much like Barcelona employs pretty attacking fullbacks so I don’t think they would have gone for a converted CB as their LB.

    • At this point i agree with you..Right now Tagliafico is better than Acuna.. And also offer defensive stability more than acuna.. Molina, acuna combination is bit risky. In world cup we need solid solid solid solid solid defence than think about attack

    • Acuna is better, at least compared to what I have seen of Tagliafico for Argentina (and some Ajax highlights). I follow Sevilla’s games. Acuna is almost always very good. Solid in defense. Great at going past players in offense. Tagliafico is good as well, but more by the book.

      • With Tag we are one man short in attack. He can’t give cross which is very important these days. I’m not against Tag but he should be always the back up for Acuna.

  6. Cuti, Tagliafico and Molina’s stocks have raised immensely after the Finalissma game. I think for growth’s sake, Molina should go to Barça. But Juventus will be the 2nd best option, as Molina already knows the league.
    Tagliafico should move to England (Arsenal, Spurs,Newcastle and Leicester City), Italy or Spain. He showed that he can play for serious club in that game.
    Cuti must stay with Conte for a few seasons because it good to have coach who values the player.

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