Paulo Dybala’s agent meets with Inter


Paulo Dybala’s agent met with Inter representatives on Wednesday.

Dybala could soon be joining Inter. He has been linked to the club for several weeks as he will not be with Juventus next season.

With rumors linking him to the club, reports are now coming out in regards to a potential transfer. Per Fabrizio Romano, Dybala’s agent met with Inter on Wednesday at their headquarters.

The meeting took place on Wednesday but nothing has been agreed. Per César Luis Merlo, nothing has been agreed financially in regards to a 3 year deal.

AS Roma also have an offer on the table but Inter are in the lead for the transfer.


    • Lautaro moving to PSG will be sucidal. With front three wanting to play full 90mins, Lautaro will be a rotation player and will endup like Icardi. Mbappe is the main striker there.

      • Neymar and Mbappe playing same side…only one should play…then there will be a need of proper CF. For that, they need to knockout Neymar. They are trying…

        • Neymar moving out would be the best possible scenario for both PSG and Messi but doesn’t look like it is happening. He makes 35million in salary annually and has 3 years left on his contract and no team would be willing to invest 80-100 million in transfer fees and 35 million in salary for a 30 year old who is clearly declining rapidly! Also when all three MMN are playing they rotate to take the striker position but most of the time it is Mbappe then Neymar and Messi as usual plays on the right side.

  1. Unlike PSG, national team is not only built around Messi, every player honestly plays for La-Pulga and out of all the players DePaul is the most unselfish amongst everyone. One of the most important part of Messi’s game is the 1-2, inorder to be more effective Leo needs that cut back/ pass back which he was regularly getting in Barca and which is why Leo was able to help Barcelona win so many trophies . Last two matches Depaul did his best to help Leo. He provided everything Messi was used to in Barca. If DePaul was playing for PSG, the GOAT wouldn’t be playing third fiddle and wouldn’t be deprived of passes like he is now. Before Mascherano was very protective and supportive of Leo and now its DePaul!!


    A good post about our next generation (2001-2006 born players, next possible Olympics generation).

    • I like this, but honestly France and Germany, if they field their strongest teams are the favorite in the WC u20 next year as they both have multiple players who have already played for the Lique 1 (Nianzou, Camavinga, Ektitike, Aouchiche) and Bundesliga first team (Moukoko, Musiala) and be star of their teams.

      Our team for next year u20 is pretty strong upfront but weak in the back and Mascherano’s style of coaching doesn’t really emphasize the defense at all. Well it is still one year, hope we can still grow though.

  3. So it seems like Dybala to Inter is a sure thing. Dybala said he wants Inter and Inter want him too. It will be amazing to see Lautaro-Dybala before the World Cup starts.

    I also read that Skinniar is wanted by Barca. If he leaves Inter, their target is Senesi.

        • I think for many reasons. Still playing for Argentina as a back up to otamendi who is now regarded as a 2nd tier in Europe.Low competition in the Dutch league. Height might be a factor. CB main quality would be always height than speed.

          • Yes height is the primary reason. If he was 6ft tall he will surely will be a hot transfer target and if he was tall scaloni already would have made him starter over otamendi. And if he was a regular starter in nt automatically his value would have increased. I think Lisandro should stay at psg now. No need to move in a wc year. He is a fantastic cb and if gets chance in the wc he will prove all doubters wrong and whole world will be watching the wc and even a couple of solid performance will fetch him some good offers. There is a big chance otamendi Lisandro cb pair will play more matches than Romero otamendi cb pair as Romero has become injury prone lately and after playing 4 months grueling premier League season he can have niggles. I prefer Romero Lisandro cb pair bt scaloni didn’t start them even once only 1 second half and they were amazing in that half. If Lisandro goes to manu this season i have no problem as ten hag is there but in other clubs coaches may not trust him due to his height and mayb benched which is not good for our wc preparations. Defenders need regular minutes no doubt about that. Forward or midfielders can manage but defenders cant

        • We don’t know that, just because we’re not hearing about any transfer news doesn’t mean that there are no transfer negotiations going on concerning Lisandro.

      • Its even more meaningless. Its like if Conmebol produce another tournament along with Concacaf. They could easily revive the Confederation cup and pitted the champions from all continents but Conf involves less team and has less matches which means less less $$$ being generated.

  4. If Inter signs Dybala then J.Correa should be sent back to Lazio. Season full of constant long injuries and goal drought should convince Zanetti, Joaquin isn’t the right backup to Lautaro and Scaloni hopefully has seen enough of him to finally drop him. We can’t risk another Palacio kind of misses again!

    • Is not bad idea Joaquín Correa going back to lazio. I think he will do well under sarri’s 443 attacking line up
      But still simone inzaghi would like to keep him at inter cus he likes j. Correa despite inter been link lukaku and Dybala.

    • Those who doubts palacios just watch the clips above. I liked how he found messi and Dybala, this guys is good as anyone of our midfielder when comes to passing, one touch and forward passes.

    • Based on skills and performance he should be able to make it to the WC squad.The only issue with Palacios is his regular injuries. May be thats why Scaloni has been preparing MacAllister as his backup.

      • Performance will matter but who else has priority?

        99.9% locked –
        Lo Celso
        De Paul

        Competing –

        Of the last 3, if its 26, surely Palacios is in which leaves Dominguez vs Macalister and if its 23, Id bet neither MacAlister or Dominguez.

        • I think palacios should be involved in the WC squad.
          I hope this session Buendia will be a headache for scaloni to compete along with dominguez, macAlistar.
          But personally I like Dominguez, his passing, dribbling, tackle is far better than MacAlister.
          But Scaloni is the Team Head and he knows more than me.

  5. VERY excited to hear about the Amazon Prime series about Argentina NT!
    The perfect compromise while awaiting the next friendlies & WC.
    And it’s only a month away.

    Hernán Castillo (producer): “10+ series are expected fully and 6 series will be released before the World Cup. It will include Copa America, Finalissima, WC qualifiers inside scenes, interviews with families, coaching staff, 1986 WC champions, Everything.”
    ”First series will be released on July 10th and whole series will be continued until the end of the Qatar World Cup”

    Brazil’s Amazon serie only had 5 episodes in comparison

  6. Dybala (or his agent) needs to consider making his salary demands reasonable. He is not so young anymore and his injury record makes signing him bit of a risk. I hope he gets in to a club with fellow Argentine first team players, and has the best year of his career.

  7. Lautaro – Dybala connection would be great for us. Zanetti being at Inter is always a factor, knowing that he will take care of our players. Dybala is too good for Roma, plus they don’t use a formation that would be the best for him.

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