Diego Maradona doppleganger in attendance at Finalissima with Lionel Messi in picture


A Diego Maradona doppleganger was in attendance at the Finalissima as an image was taken with him behind Lionel Messi.

Diego Maradona passed away a year and a half ago but his presence could have been felt or somehow even seen. An image uploaded on Twitter has gotten many to talking.

It’s a picture of Lionel Messi but in attendance is someone who looks like the late Diego Maradona. Many replying on social media that they choose to believe and that it was Diego Maradona in attendance.

Argentina would go on to win the Finalissima 3-0 against Italy and we cannot confirm or even deny that it was Diego Maradona in attendance!


  1. Amazing photograph –

    – Messi appears to be looking down at “Maradona”. It’s not exact but his line of site is directed right at dopple.

    – The words FINALISSIMA foreshadowing of Messi’s end of career or at least represents final time he’ll play this match.

    – “Finalissima 2022” – The 1st 2 digits of 2022 represents the *FINAL year of Maradona life. The dopple looks very similar to when he passed.

    – The words FINALISSIMA applies to both Messi and Maradona as they both won.

    Bonus – linesman looks like Riquelme 🙂

  2. I know people are takjng this with a pinch of salt, but If you were a spirit that could be anywhere in the field would you really sit in the stands drenched in bad beer and showered with doritos?

    I believe Maradona was there but he was on the field right next to Messi the entire time. Just as he will be in Qatar.

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