Manchester United works on new deal for Alejandro Garnacho


Manchester United are reportedly working on a new improved deal for the Argentine promising talent Alejandro Garnacho. His current contract is until 2025 and the club’s new offer would be a five-year deal.

The year 2022 has been a big one for Garnacho so far as he was called up to the Argentina national team, had a great season with Manchester United’s youth team, and had an outstanding Toulon tournament with Argentina’s U-20 team. These brilliant performances from the 17-year-old have gotten the interest of some big teams in Europe; this being the reason why Manchester United is trying to hold this rising star by offering him an upgraded contract.

Garnacho joined Manchester United from Atlético Madrid in 2020 for £420,000.


  1. What’s happen with some of darling boy Enzo Fernandez? Rumours only?
    What happen with better than otamendi? I didn’t see much of him but what i saw, i didn’t Impress with him, looks average .someone even said he is better than romero! Silly!

    • The summer transfer window hasn’t even officially opened yet, except England and France who opened 2 days ago. July 1st-Sept 1st for the rest.

      Enzo has interest from many clubs. Milan, United, City, Juve, Real, Benfica

      Eredivisie best defender and Ajax player of the year Lisandro Martinez wanted by Barcelona, United

    • What do you mean “what happened”. Nothing new happened, he’s still getting minutes and developing normally. It seems that a young talent has to get a Real Madrid or Liverpool deal two months after being hyped to be worthy to you. Nothing has changed because he said at the beginning of this year he won’t leave this year and that remains the case as it was before. The earliest he’ll get a move is December, this has been hinted at for a while. And yes, we can tell you didn’t see much of Lisandro

  2. For those who unfairly criticize him, he uses Messi’s celebration when he plays with the albiceleste and CR7’s when he plays for Man U. An admirable balance. Of course the media will only fixate itself on one of the two for the controversy and engagement. On one side you have irrational childish hate and on the other you have World Cup pressure. I hope this talent isn’t “quemado” (or burned) as you’d say in Argentina

    • Also, its his right to idolize CR7 . I mean Roberto Carlos idolized Maradona , so does Ronaldinho, Crespo idolize Lineker, Suarez idolize Batigol, Ramos idolize Caniggia, etc.

      Whats important is this kid decided to choose Argentina and already proof his worth. Even when the team not playing well, he’s still delivers.

  3. Regarding Garnacho, age shouldnt be a problem to select him. But the problem is he hasnt played with the team ever so would be lacking the team chemistry which is very important. And there is no time left now to get him sync with the team.

    But having said that, it doesnt mean we cant select him. We cant have him in our plan A or B. But we can have him for plan C. Ie, get a goal somehow. He seems to be a winner and would be a nice option to call upon when we need a goal in the 90th minute.

      • So did many other youngsters in March and November, his inclusion in March was as a part of the exact same program as the other kids. It doesn’t mean over 10 u21’s have a chance of making it

        • @olive Yes but he is special. And already training with the team is good he is already aware of the system of scaloni and playing style so if scaloni feel the need of calling him thn integration will not be an issue i think scaloni could call u20 players again in September friendlies as well

    • Garnacho is a kid no need to call him,he is not Mbappe,Pedri,Gavi or Haaland.Let Man United 1st team to call him first.

  4. Nation’s League – Group 1
    1. (Q)Denmark 6 pts. 2W 1L – 4:3 GD
    2. Austria 4 pts. 1W 1D 1L – 5:3 GD
    3. Croatia 4 pts. 1W 1D 1L – 2:4 GD
    4. (R)France 2 pts. 2D 1L – 3:4 GD
    Nation’s League – Group 3
    1. (Q)Italy 5 pts. 1W 2D – 3:2 GD
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    Euro champs Italy top their group and mighty England & Germany 0-0 and 1-1 against the team we 3-0 in a final
    Title holder and WC winner France relegated vs Austria, Croatia and Denmark. Guess the level really is higher in Europe 😅
    I know nobody cares about Nation’s League but I found these groups a bit funny

        • @vikin that’s my opinion and there was nothing to suggest i was wrong. We see how this midfield performs in wc. Mind you messi dimaria or even lautaro comes down to midfield to help still apart from DePaul i haven’t seen any one of them able to play one two slick passing. They did look good against italy bt italy was awful that game

    • Nations league is meaningless tournament. There’s already Euro and Champions league afterall. Its basically friendlies but in tournament format.

      England gets an easy route in 2018, and they lost 3 games in that tournament. I mean, they got teams like Sweden, Colombia, Panama early in tournament, not Croatia, France, Brazil. They played 3 good teams (Belgium twice, Croatia once) and lost all of them.

      3 lions winless in 3 games, scoring 1 goal, definetely a legit top 3 WC contender.

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