Rodrigo De Paul speaks on Lionel Messi at the Copa America, Lionel Scaloni


Rodrigo De Paul spoke about Lionel Messi at the day of the Copa America final and coach Lionel Scaloni.

De Paul has become the heartbeat of the Argentina national team. Seen by many as the midfield general, De Paul was on television in Argentina where he spoke on Tele Fe. Here is what he had to say in regards to Lionel Messi:

“The day of the final vs. Brazil, I look at Messi drinking mate as if nothing was going on and I couldn’t believe it. For him, that day was all or nothing and he was like he always is.

“The day of the final with Brazil, I looked at him said “there’s no middle ground for him. Either it’s God or hell.” He had a tremendous Copa America.

“With Leo (Messi), we had good vibes from the first moment. I admired him before and today too, more as a person.

“In the morning we (he and Lionel Messi) get together and drink mate with Papu. We are the ones who get up the earliest.”

Regarding Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni:

“If it’s 10:00 in the morning and Scaloni tells us “good night”, for us it’s night.”

In regards to the team before the Copa America:

“We turned off the television because we didn’t want to receive the bad vibe thrown by the media. There were people who didn’t want Argentina to be champion.”


  1. Regarding Garnacho, age shouldnt be a problem to select him. But the problem is he hasnt played with the team ever so would be lacking the team chemistry which is very important. And there is no time left now to get him sync with the team.

    But having said that, it doesnt mean we cant select him. We cant have him in our plan A or B. But we can have him for plan C. Ie, get a goal somehow. He seems to be a winner and would be a nice option to call upon when we need a goal in the 90th minute.

    • I agree with the team chemistry thing. Scaloni’s team is built on Chemistry. And I think we are the best in the World in Team Chemistry and Connectivity right now. And we dont have enough games left to bring in a complete new player no matter who is he. I like this kid Garnacho. I think he is going to score a lot of goals for Argentina. But his time will come. We are not in a desperation right now. I think we are pretty set. We just need to play few friendly’s to keep the thing going. Messi played the 2006 WC at the age of 18 after winning a Youth World Cup. Garnacho is not Messi.

  2. Hello and welcome. I’m farzan from Maldives. Is there any one from Maldives. I have been following Argentina national team since 1998 WC when I was a kid. I was in fifth grade. My faovourite player was Ariel Ortega. He was the reason why I started following Arg NT. I have been following this blog since 2004 .it was worldcupblog.argentina. I have been following Messi since 2002. May be I was the first person in Maldives who noticed the skill of Messi and talked about him in Maldives.Because I had never seen anything about Messi in Maldives Media at that time.All my friends were Arg supporters and I told them that very soon new maradona will emerge from Argentina and his name was Messi. Thats actually what happened.

    It does not seem that Germany,England, France are strong contenders. In the WC22.The performance they have showing. The nations league is below avarage. In my opinion strong contenders are Brazil, Spain and Argentina. However Netherlands, Denmark,Belgium,Portugal seems strong but we are not scared of any of them. I think France and England and Germany may be Spain will not be qualified to championship play-off. What do you guys say.

    • Currently France is bottom of their group in the Nation’s league and I might catch their next game. The nations league could be a good measuring stick to see what’s up with the Europeans before the World Cup as was the AFCON this year with African teams. France and Denmark are definitely the ones for us to be looking at, and I think there lies a chance that Denmark beats France to top spot in November.

  3. 1. e.martinez, armani, rulli
    2. romero,otamendi,lisandro, (pezella) instead of pezella senesi is better
    3. tagliafico,acuna,molina,(montiel) instead of montiel foyth is better
    5. De paul, locelso, Guido, paredes, Gomes, palacios
    6. messi, dimaria, lautaro, nico gonzales, dybala,julian

    if anything dramatic didn’t happen then this 23 is locked in scaloni selection.. scaloni is not all good merit interms of selection no matter who talk what. he selected romero very late prior to a major competition while he deserve it more than early.. now selection of pezella and montiel controversial for me.. i’m sure he will go with it..

    with this squad argentina will always weak in the air .. bcs among this 23 man only 5 or 6 is tall and strong in air… such as romero,otamendi, guido,nico gon, if senesi, foyth is selected then senesi,foyth, lautaro is good but he is not tall .. so only few can give defensive security in the air.. but argentina is always strong in ground with this squad..

    now if squad is 26 man… then scaloni will add macllister, i’m afraid he will then select another goalie which can be musso or rulli, and finally if pezella or montiel is selected.. then he may select , senesi or foyth in last number..

    i don’t know what macllister gives he is slow he will be not good in world cup..

    if squad is 26 man than no need to take 4th goalie , also if scaloni chooses pezella.. then i want senessi, i don’t want to include montiel in squad.. but foyth, since argentina forward good in ground but not air, this is why i want alario in squad .. who is good in everything…
    finally a young talent can be peak either enzo fernandez either gernacho

    now what i feel bad .. a.correa he is also good but he didnot show enough in this season.. did anyone think julian won’t be peak rather correa will be pick

    • Foyth is better than Montiel? How? If foyth was starting instead of Montiel in the Copa final we would have lost. The guy is a Bambi on ice meanwhile Montiel is a actual RIGHT BACK!!! he has just been unlucky with injuries this season that is all.

      • Montiel injured? Montiel was fit whole last season he was on bench man. Jesus Navas 36 year old playr made him play from the bench while Foyth played full season against top teams world class wingers and won mostly against them.
        Foyth is far better than Montiel

      • U are saying montiel is better than foyth 🤣🤣 grow up boy….have u seen him in recent champions league matches, his performance has been great, he is a starter for his team…..and montiel is still not able to convince his coach to be a starter in Sevilla so what basis u think Scaloni will select montiel instead of foyth???

        • may be foyth has been the better defender but he is not a better RB than Montiel. Being in a team that had a better year doesn’t make u a better player and Montiel in his first first year in Europe and is in a better team than Villarreal

    • Mac Alister is good player he can be back up for any midfielder. Mac Alister played good against Estonia.

      • @leandroarg20 foyth improved from last copa. his improvement is notable from his experiences in champions league. in one one situation foyth is very good. about macalister couldn’t be agree . macalister is slow. and he didn’t win big medal playing with weak estonia.

    • >> scaloni is not all good merit interms of selection no matter who talk what.

      Fans like you is the curse of Argentina Fans. No respect for Scaloni, who turned under performing, unbalanced, disjointed team to the most united, committed, balanced and performing team in the world in just a couple of years, who brought us a cup after 28 years. To put icing on the cake, we are currently playing beautiful one touch football and defending heart out off the ball. What more can u ask for?

      But yet you are here to criticize him. Pathetic man!

      • I agree. Scaloni being bad with merit in team selection is actually very far away from the case. The “merit” issue may apply to Benitez and Senesi but that is just two people, overall and especially when considering key positions Scaloni has been great about calling up the deserved and best fit players. We may sometimes think that isn’t so because he doesn’t snap his finger the second he sees a new performing player but that is how national teams should work, slower and more patient incorporation as we rely on few trainings and games together before big tournaments. We can’t mish and mash every two months.

      • @BigB argentina deserved a cup from when messi and dimaria started playing for arg any standard coach who is technically knowledge can do this.. it is seen from the part of sabella.. it is arg management who always chose coach who is below standard.. sampaoli is good coach but it is his bad luck he comes in coaching in wrong time even in 2018 argentina has possibility to win against franch. failure comes from the two player one is goal keeper another one is penalty giver which comes in first.. mbappe finishing still has problem.. so there was no reason to commit that foul..

        since argentina won a major cup under scaloni after long time.. it is normal fools!!!!!! like you will over react critisize on him even if it is comes to right . argentina won copa this great but the way argentina won copa final if fools like you think it suppose to be remain same way then there is nothing pathetic than supporter like you.. if anyhow brazil was able to bring out one goal then it was impossible for argentina get back in that match.. scaloni is technically good coach i have no objection on them he understand situation of game. scaloni gives a importance in player who is previously with him..this is good for team spirit but there is certain talent which you bring into team as quick as , as good as it is for team.. scaloni calls romero very lately as i know a lot of people critisizing scaloni not to calling romero during that time,, luckily romero performs good from the first match. if he didn’t did it then i’m sure scaloni would go with pezella, quarta type of defender which was already with him .. romero was called two game prior to copa america..
        there is nothing pathetic then blind supporter like you.. i wonder if scaloni somehow unable to win copa then how you people would critisize him.

        • overhyping and overconfidend is really bad even if you are the strongest one.. this is what is seeing from this forum after the copa win .. pathetic supporter like you thought it is full stop now everything can be win without improvement.. criticize is part of improvement if you think scaloni won copa and everything is done. then stop watching football you won everything

          • Montiel vs Foyth is a good debate. Good to know that Molina is set and we already have our Starting RB.
            Now lets start with Foyth. He messed up in the national team got dropped but came back to the national team with good performances for his club. He improved a lot in the last season in Club Competition. Scaloni did the right thing by calling him back.
            And about Montiel, he performed for Scaloni in the National Team whenever the coach needed him. Montiel had a great Copa America and Especially the Final. But yes he lost a bit of touch in the Club Competition. But has not done anything wrong in National Team for Scaloni to drop him.
            Now this is the Situation: Molina is our starter so as a back up for Molina, Scaloni gave Foyth a second chance to prove it in the training in the National team against Montiel. Club competition is good but what matters most is that who can deliver it for the National Team. Scaloni sees the training and we dont know more than him so let Scaloni decide who he picks. I ll back whoever Scaloni picks in this situation, he is the coach, he delvered. He showed us result. I am a Scaloneta all the way. Its worth a shot.

  4. Yall need to leave the alone and let him develop.
    The team already giving scaloni a headache already.
    Ocampos is not even in contention anymore
    Martinez quarta knows he’s not going.
    Buendia tampoco
    Lazini after a decent season is overlooked.
    At this point you guys should asked who are you gonna leave behind for an untested 17 year old.

  5. @csabalala this logic is flawed. Players should be called depending on necessity of the team and his capabilities not age. Im not saying scaloni will call him bt if he play 4 months of senior football in premier League and performs well scaloni should consider him.
    Yes people played before while just 17 years old
    1.pele(17 yr 233 days old when he debuted in 1958 wc)
    2.christian Eriksen (18 yr 4 mnth)
    3.samuel eto(17 yr 3 months when he debuted in 1998 wc)
    4.rigobert song(the Cameroon legend debuted in 1994 wc while he was just 17 yr 11 mnth old)
    So you can see its nothing new. Plus gavi will surely be selected for Spanish national side who is also 17 years old

    • Although i believe that Garnacho has the potential to be special, i agree with Csabalala here.
      Anuparno, when Pele was 17 years old, it was back in 1958. Eriksen represented Denmark while Eto and Song Cameroon respectively, good teams but not a traditional football powerhouse such as Argentina where the competition is much more difficult. Therefore, the comparison doesn’t reflect reality.

      • @waveride what about gavi?? Im not saying scaloni should select him im just saying if he plays good amount of matches for United and impresses thn scaloni can consider him its not as impossible as people here thinking

  6. Man it is so annoying that the whole major leagues are interested in Brazilian players such as Richarlison, Paqueta, Gabriel Jesus, Raphinha, Antony, Bremer, Dodo, and more. But no one hardly interested in Argentina players other than the obvious like Dybala, Di Maria, Lautaro, or Molina, and Senesi.

    Why no one wants De Paul? A Correa? Lisandro Martinez?

    De Light, De Jong shone in 1-2 seasons for Ajax, the next season almost all club wanted him. Licha is Ajax best player and is only 24. Why no one wants him then?

    EPL top teams interested in all other players but Argentines. Strange really. Darwin Nunez just signs with Liverpool. Chelsea want Kounde. MU want Bastoni. Spurs want Richarlison, Paqueta. Arsenal want Gabriel Jesus.

    • Wait. If we win wc our players will be like hot cake. Because we didn’t win wc after maradona which actually many believes maradona won single handedly so there is a negativity regarding Argentina players. And regarding lisandro he is criminally underrated even among argentine supporters because of his short height. Many believes without height u can’t be good in cb position. And many doubters ask if lisandro is that good then why can’t he start over an old slow otamendi who is also playing in Portuguese league

      • If that was the case it would be consistent across the board, but Jurrien Timber, Licha’s CB who is 5’10 gets a ton of attention in transfer rumors and interest from top clubs (United being one of them, which curiously is a Premier League team where height supposedly matters) while similarly Chelsea is linked with Kounde every market that goes by. Personally I don’t think there’s a European Market vendetta against Argentina (apart the SA to Europe market). Nobody looks at Lisandro Martinez and says “but boss, Argentina last won the World Cup in 1986”. The issue is that other nationalities are highly overrated. If Anuparno’s “last World Cup” logic applied then you wouldn’t see average English players going for 80-100 million as they last won it in 1966. French, English, and Brazilian players are currently some of the most sought and inflated. There is a stereotype about Brazilians in Europe to where I’ve seen people say things like “there is no way Fred (Brazilian midfielder at United who has been heavily criticized this season) is from Brazil” which is laughable because there is a huge supply of shitty/average Brazilians both in Europe and elsewhere. When you have some prized nationalities the others get left/pushed out, which explains the lack of fervor for Argentine talents. I don’t think it’s personal though. Agents also do have an impact

    • I am with you. I don’t understand why no one is interested in Argentine players. The don’t see the world cup or winning logic. Players from countries who didn’t even qualify for world cup easily gets into top clubs. I mean Darwin Nunez is rated higher than Lautaro? Dybala barely has any concrete offer. If Cuti Romero was Brazilian he would be playing at Real Madrid, a serial UCL winner. Licha would be playing in Barcelona, instead of really pathetic defender of Eric Garcia. Something is seriously wrong, that I don’t understand

    • OMG! So seriously Nunez signed with Liverpool as it seems that Klopp and Liverpool will allways get what the want which complete bullshitt walk’s as only the money talks!

      As hearing Spurs intrested in those 2 dickheads specially Richarlison is the worst news ever in any of Spurs transfer saga’s, damn fools as i thought maybe Conte will go either for Bastoni or Lisandro, perhaps…as far as they do not sign any Varzilians i do not care who they will sign or it is even better that they do not sign any…

      MU with Then Haagen could make a case if they do getvtbe right signings, but in MU i’mmonly intrested about Garnacho and i even hope that he will go on loan to an team where he will get regular playing time!

      So i pray that those Varzilians u mentioned will sign with either Arsenal or Chelsea as i think Newcastle with their Saudi owners would be perfect suite for all Varzilians as in fact i hope they turn that team to one big Varzilian team abit like Wolwes with their Portugue’s players, but for Wolwes and for their owners even i don’t know their background i Still give credit as it is one of the biggest Clubs from Birmingham with Aston Villa as obviously there are other teams from Birmingham that due have a huge fanbase as WBA and Birmingham obviously too etc…as i quess Birmingham must be the second biggest town in England, perhaps…?

      Actually i hope that Nottingham Forrest will sign at least one Arg player either on loan or at permanent bases as that team has great history from Late 70’s and early 80’s at least what i do remember just before the Liverpool period started until MU finished it, though i never liked theese 2 the big clubs from England even Veron, Heinze, Maxi etc…played in those clubs as i alkways preffered teams from Serie A and Spain such as Valencia but nowdays more of Sevilla as they currently have most Arg players in La Liga i suppose and in Serie A offcourse Diego’s Napoli and Inter, but there are other teams too that been goid for Arg players as Italy and Serie A allways been a great plaessure for many Arg players and their fans forever!

  7. Scoloni like him and we need pace..His finishing not bad at he has a great chance to go if he make some matches with Manu senior team

  8. Fabrizio Romano
    3 ч
    Manchester United are working on new deal for the Argentinian talent Alejandro Garnacho. Talks already started to get things done by this year. 🔴🇦🇷 #MUFC

    Man Utd plan is to offer a five year deal as Garnacho is considered a huge talent.

      • Messi was with one year older than him in 2006 (after destroyed the U20 WC) Neymar was not called in in 2010 with the same age. Mbappe was already 20 in 2018, 18 is too young wo experience.

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