Alejandro Garnacho, Nicolas Paz, Santiago Castro score for Argentina U20 vs. Japan


Alejandro Garnacho, Nicolas Paz and Santiago Castro all scored for the Argentina U20 team in a 3-2 win vs. Japan.

Garnacho reached four goals at the Toulon tournament for Argentina as he opened the scoring to make it 1-0 for Argentina. He ends the tournament with four goals and one assist in four matches.

It was Nicolas Paz of Real Madrid who would score the second goal. Garnacho would provide the assist.

Santiago Castro scored Argentina’s third goal of the match and the last one in the Toulon tournament. Javier Mascherano’s Argentina U20 team finishes in fifth place in the Toulon tournament.

Here was the starting eleven for the match:

Valentino Quintero
Agustin Giay
Lautaro Di Lollo
Brian Aguilar
Franco Carboni
Maximiliano Gonzalez
Nicolas Paz
Facundo Buonanotte
Brian Aguirre
Santiago Castro
Alejandro Garnacho


  1. Despite the 6-2 loss to France this group of kids look very promising. Sadly, we are lacking bit of quality at the back.
    Garnacho looks a top talent if you take his attitude into consideration.
    Maxi Perrone who didn’t take part in this competition but is eligible would be a great addition. Quality midfielder already a regular with Velez.
    Nico Paz looks very promising midfielder.
    we haven’t seen the best of the Carboni brothers yet. A few days back an Italian sports article was full of praise for the Carboni brothers after they helped Inter to the primeravera title. There is a belief that Franco Carboni the left back will be loaned to a seie B team, while Valentin Carboni at only 17 might be included in the Inter first squad.
    Lucas Prestianni who is only a year younger than Garnacho is the biggest hope of them all. If properly managed we have a real superstar.

  2. I liked to see garnacho selected in 26 man squad hope he gets promoted to manu senior team. If dimaria gets injured thn there is only nico for left wings. Garnacho can b super sub

    • No not at all. Garnacho has no chance in the wc. Considering his age a 70% buendia is better than him playing in that left wing. Even if di Maria get injured it is not good to select garnacho. Even if he is a wonder kid he is only 17. For a 17 year old it would be very hard . I mean atleast a 19-20 years would have been good.

      • “no chance” is a stretch. It depends on how he and Man U start this season.
        With a slow start, irregular minutes and low goal count – indeed no chance.
        But if he quickly integrates as an important part of Ten Hag’s Man U, gets regular minutes and a few starts in senior team in “best league” and a good run of games with decisive goals in league and cup games before final WC squad selection in September(?), he would have very good momentum and a good chance to be included imo – IF Scaloni calls him up for upcoming friendlies
        At this point he would be very hyped by English media and would be widely viewed as an upcoming superstar

        It’s easy to see that he has a burning desire to prove that he’s the next big thing. Hopefully he proves to be an X-factor, the kind of player who thrives in big moments and under pressure. If he is, unleashing him on World Cup stage after a good start in PL would be the ideal, even at this young age.
        His position and abilities allow for it contrary to bringing an inexperienced 17 year old defender/GK

      • No chance..? Don’t be harsh on any players..
        Garnacho has his chance if he gets more playing time in first division of any top league. He’s super fast, good at dribbling and finishing.
        He is one of the players outside of current 30 players…but still has chance to go to the WC.

      • There is a chance but that percentage is tiny. I doubt Scaloni will add a 17 year old kid who hasn’t even played for the senior team yet. That’s would be very unlike him. Even Messi had made 7 appearances before the 2006 World Cup and that’s Messi, not Garnacho. The more average age to unleash even the most talented of youngsters in the Premier League from what I’ve observed is 19-20, and even then they aren’t staples of the team. The main thing Garnacho has going for him is that our left wing has a hole in it, but even then he’d have to be spectacular in multiple appearances in the Premier League and still it’d be a huge risk to drop Gonzalez who has loads of experience with us and is far more matured. Now of course I would love for us to have an Mbappe 2018 World Cup type player but I am not getting my hopes up

  3. We were always wondering who’s the most talented. Him, Luka, or Soule. The answer is him. He is a bit raw but his confidence level is amazing for a 17 years of age. He always believes he is the best, that is 100% mamba mentality, which should take him to greatness.

    Soule is talented but also needs more matches in senior team. Luka still very raw.

    I hope Ten Haag will give him quality minutes next season. I hope he absorbs as much thing as possible from CR7 before he retires.

    Next year is the WC u20. We have a long shot but if Masche and the players improve themselves I would say being semi finalist is a realistic goal with Garnacho leading the team.

      • Left winger like CR7. He offers something different that none of even the senior team left wingers have: A right footed left winger who likes to cut inside.

        Nico Gonzales is a traditional left footed left wingers. J Correa is not that good at finishing. Di Maria is a right winger these days. J Alvarez prefers being in the center.

        Soule and Luka will face a stiff competition in our senior team when Di Maria or Messi retires as there are still some others playing in their position such as Dybala or A Correa, but Garnacho will be huge for us for sure as his only competition in the future comes from Nico Gonzales.

      • Because in the games that ineligible player played, if you take away Ecuadors points and give it to the other team, Chile will benefit the most and will take the 4th position, Peru will still be number 5 and Colombia will be number 6. This was a lawyer’s fantasy.

    • Its good. Wc standard would have been lower if chile was qualified. Chile right now is weaker than equador. Bt Columbia deserved this spot. Peru is also mediocre at best. Columbia should have qualified

  4. 4 goals in his first 5 matches is a good achievement. Let him continue like this..and break Messi’s record of most goals in U20 for Argentina.

    • All his goals has been a quality, he definetely has an X factor. Still delivers even when the team didnt have a good game. As soon as the tournament ended, he posted his goal number , a very CR like attitude in a good way. I’d definetely take him to the WC in Tucu’s place, but I think he’d need to get regular time in MU in order for Scaloni to consider him.

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