Alejandro Garnacho part of Toulon XI, named Revelation of tournament


Alejandro Garnacho is the only Argentine to make the Toulon XI as he was also named as the Revelation of the tournament.

Garnacho had four goals and one assist in four matches for Argentina. Javier Mascherano’s team finished fifth in the tournament in large part of the 17 year old.

One goal against Panama, two goals against France and one against Japan, along with an assist, were enough to get him into the team.


  1. what gives me wrong in this site, since argentina league is not europe , player of arg league can’t be included in NT and since scaloni won 2 title he can’t be wrong player selection even in little margin, i want to ask did scaloni won the title alone, arg won against italy dominantly a team which is under transition, but i will ask did arg win copa against brazil dominantly

    and now scaloni & co know most, yes they know most this is why they are coach, they have excellent game situation reading mind..

    maradona when he was coach he didn’t select requelme and zanetti , now do anyone think maradona don’t know anything this is why he didn’t pick those two , which fans still think was wrong decision,

    every coach has personal preference this sometimes gets into good sometimes not .

    i said last time scaloni is little margin not perfect in player selection, he select romero very lately, he is regularly calling armani, he calls quarta when he was clearly underperforming, montiel etc now the topic is Macalister , maclister has clearly better positional sense,but he is slow, world cup is different platform here even a underperforming team will try to give there best specially with stamina and pace, you can’t choose a player who is slow without improvement,

    • That’s why I have always been against McAllister. He is slow lacks creativity with useless back passes. Nowonder no team has bothered to buy him. Qatar 2022 will be a shock if he takes it for granted. Deadwoods like pezzella, Martinez Quarta, J.Correa ,must be dropped.

  2. They way france loosing. It’s giving me headache either they will eliminate in group stage. Or come second in group and play argentina…. With Denmark. Tunisia. Australia in group….

    • We are ready to face anyone. But the problem is scaloni may have a killer strategy in his armory against big opponents and he may have to apply it earlier if France comes as our opponent in the pre quarters. Coz individually France is still better. They can still make quality plays if one mispass occurs from us. Not like Denmark. We are revealing our best game earlier means opponents also getting counter strategies.So the quarter and semi final would get much harder. Scaloni must have more than 1 x factor strategy in these games to dominate. I won’t get surprised if we beats france and the team in the QF would go for defensive strategies and may become hard for us to break.

      • If it was argentina who were losing in same manner in Nation league you will be hell negative about Argentina team but as they are European team you are relaxed.I think there is something wrong in your thinking.

  3. Peru let the Continent down they were awful

    Some people wanted Gareca as our Coach, he’s far worse than Martino and Maradona

  4. Julian Alvarez vs Estonia did not look good to me he does not have positioning sense. He need to understand that he will not be treated like River Plate in Argentina or in Man City he has to go for his chances and be good in positional sense in final third just like Lautaro Martinez.
    Many disregard Mac Allister even though he is a very good player.He should be included in the WC roster I think he is better than Palacios. Palacios has been with Argentina and Leverkusen for years and nothing significant he has done for club or country.

  5. The way he outshine Romero and soule is incredible.. I expected more from Romero now I see why Lazio don’t give him much minutes and soule isn’t ready for juve first team as well

  6. Peru just got screwed, or screwed themselves.
    I think they would have won over two legs. But FIFA screwed this up by having it played in Qatar, high nerves in a one game tie, not to mention the scorching heat.
    I guess the World Cup cannot be played because of the heat but qualifiers can be?

    • I’m glad we won but part of me also wanted to loose so that they change the clowns at the top.
      I don’t agree with what you said. Even Italy lost during playoffs so what’s your suggestion? Make all finals two legs?

    • I was inside the stadium, they maintained 20 degree Celsius through out the stadium.
      Air conditioner fully centralised..
      More over Qatar got temp 12-20 degree from mid oct – mid is suitable for a football game.
      So don’t talk rubbish without knowing anything..

      Moreover believe me, this year Argentina going to play all wc matches like La Bombonera atmosphere effect…
      Qatar got more Argentina fan followers, after comes Arab countries , Spain & Brazil..

      Only one point is valuable from your statement, in KO games big teams will always under pressure & suffer, if they play single leg

      • Isn’t football all about handling the pressure? If Peru can’t defeat us then honestly , they don’t deserve to be at the world cup.
        I was thinking more of a drubbing but they couldn’t string 5 passes together and it worries me over the perception of Conembol in general but Peru is afar superior team and their performance was really bad.

  7. Played in u20 tournament…still 17…and included in best X1 of the tournament..this guy is a great hope for all of us…thanks for choosing Argentina…Come on Garnacho…whole world is waiting for your magics.

    A great player is emerging in LW for Argentina after a long time..!

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