World Cup teams to be expanded to 26 players for 2022 Qatar


World Cup teams will be expendaded to 26 players for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Teams will be taking 26 players and not the traditional 23 for the World Cup. Per Gastón Edul, the decision was approved by the IFAB in Qatar.

It will be 11 players with 15 substitutes.


  1. Talking about Goalkeepers, should it come to chose between Musso &Rulli, I wouldn’t hesitate to drop Rulli. But it still annoys me Scaloni is still sticking with Lord Armani.

  2. El Principe,
    You are the main analyst here…I always value your points. But Still, I believe Scaloni and Co..more than you. They won 2 cups in less than a year and think Allister will improve his squad but for you he’s below average and will be always below average.

    Your reply: For that 2 cups he didn’t need Allister…bla bla. So ? Coach should not improve his squad?

    Your football knowledge is better than me..that I am sure…but calling a player who is trusted by 2 different coaches (club and NT) a below average and will be always below average…was something interesting to me. May be your great knowledge is better than those coaches.
    Anyway you have one stand: Allister is below average and will be always.
    My stand: He will be a good addition to this team. I see him maturing to a good player by experience. Currently he has no chance in 23.

    We both stick there. No change.

    • OK so lemme get it straight:
      Sampaoli trusted Meza

      Basile the 2 times Copa America champion trusted Luis Islas

      Pekerman did not trust Zanetti

      Passarella did not trust Redondo and Caniggia

      So I have no right to disagree with their selection? I mean they were always right? From time to time it is almost impossible to please fans to call up all of our favorite players, yes maybe they see something I don’t, but it does not mean that 100% players they called up have always been correct.

      For example Islas costed us the WC second round exit in 1994. Goyco would never have done that stupid mistake against Romania. And yes he (Basile) was above Scaloni in that he won 2 Copa America in a row! You have the right to make him a god.

      Passarella costed us the WC 1998 when we had prime Redondo and he did not call them up.

      Sampaoli costed us WC 2018 with his love to Meza.

      If it were totally up to me, I would call up the likes of Benitez and make him the main back up of Emi Martinez. And I just think everyone in our main Scaloni squad is national team material, but MacAllister. The likes of Nico Dominguez or LM Quarta maybe average but at least Scaloni does not give them that much of minutes.

      What annoys me is MacAllister is worse than them but he got a lot of minutes. So his case is 100% similar to Meza/Sampaoli or Sosa/Maradona case.

      Again no point discussing this now. In A couple of years you will see the real answer. Back then I remember people here were big fans of Meza just because of his one good game before the WC and everyone criticized me and defended him especially 4 years ago Meza was competing with Di Maria, the most hated Mundo player who I think was a quality player.

      Same happened to Gonzalo Pity Martinez (1 good game and got a lot of fans) Now where are all those Meza lawyers? Gonzalo Pity Martinez lawyer? Hello? Are you chillin in middle east now along with your client?

      This time it is the same. I have the right to criticize players that I think not NT material, his name is MacAllister. Time will tell.

        • @Insider sampoli trusted meza .. that is not a reason arg lost 2018 world cup, world cup 2018 lost bcs of poor goalkeeping poor defending.. also some extend of age factor, i still believe arg has chance in 2018 wc if goal keeper was solid, and if rojo didn’t commit that foul

          • @Bright

            I think it is because of Meza factor too. The key was the Croatia game. Sampaoli used that weird line up that included Meza as the starter and benched the regular Di Maria. We know how it turned out. 0-3.

            Had we won that game and topped the group, we would have had a super easy route to the final. Because of that, it was Croatia who had that easy route to the WC final.

            Against France it was similar. The line up was better but when we trailed and needed a goal, here came Meza coming again as a savior. So tell me if not Meza factor then what? The shitty man who played more than 50% of Argentina whole games in the WC.

            And to make it more funny, Lo Celso started in a lot of games before the WC started and then suddenly kaboom, Meza the new kid on the block time.

            But again I don’t think Scaloni’s love to MacAllister is higher than Sampaoli’s to Meza. I am not panicking or anything knowing that MacAllister will make the final 26 as I know he would barely play. Well as long as the regular midfields and back up are healthy, they will be the ones playing.

          • @el_principe

            can you say specific bad or weakness about meza he may be was new or lack in skills. but i still think meza is not main fact it was arg weakness in defence, protection from middle or biglia,mache,enzo age fact cost arg in 2018 wc mainly and goal keeping

      • I would rather see McAllister dropped completely from 26 man squad and maybe replaced by Enzo Fernandez as long as he takes challenge to play for European club. Others on my list who needs to be dropped are J.Correa, Pezzella, Lucas Martinez Quartz and Armani.

        • @Brightk

          Meza was super ordinary. He was very average in everything. He is very versatile, can play everywhere in midfield and upfront but is very (or below) average in everything he does. I said it 4 years ago. A mediocre player can have 1 good game in 8-10 matches but then again after 8-10 games you will realize that he is mediocre. That’s the case with Meza. He impressed in a friendly before the WC and suddenly people here in love with him. But then in the World Cup, we saw the real Meza.

          Just like people say class is permanent form is temporary.

          After the WC, Meza was still called up occasionally by Scaloni but then he realized that he is NOT that good with time. Scaloni gave him one last look a couple of months ago in a WCQ but he was still as mediocre as ever. You can tell why a relatively young player Meza plays for an Mexican team right?

          The thing about Meza is that Sampaoli relied on him too much. I mean in the second game of the WC game where we needed to win to top the group to avoid France against a strong team like Croatia then you started Meza??? Are you kidding me?

          We needed a goal or two against France in the elimination game and we had the likes of Higuain and Dybala on the bench and instead you put Meza on?? Are you kidding me??

          • Im just to say that Sampoali dogshit disaster shithead cost us the world cup. We cannot blame any player or say “what if player X was called’ none of that matters given the tornado shit mess of Sampaoli tactics.

  3. The most probable lineup we can expect from Scaloni based on his selections
    Musso/Rulli (Based on form)



    J Correa
    A Correa*

    *Competition for the last 3 spot can be between Foyth, Senesi, Dybala, A Correa, Alario, Mcallister, Garnacho (if getting regular minutes with Man Utd)
    ** Injury or emergency backups incase Martinez Quarta, Medina, Perez, Dominguez, Lanzini, Ocampos, Boye, Simeone, Enzo (if included atleast in next international call up)

  4. Argentina squad for WC 2022 –
    Emi Martinez


    De paul
    Lo celso
    Papu Gomez
    Lanzini instead of macallister *

    Leo 🦁

    🔥🔥✌️🇦🇷 These will be the best squad 👍

    • Nearly perfect team but what about Angel Correa? He can take place of Buendia who is very good but he gets dispossessed and is not playing in the midfield.

  5. everybody like it or not j.correa is in argentina seems to create a lot of chances when he plays he gets into good positions and scaloni likes it very much. i think a.correa will miss out if he stays at Atletico because he will be on the bench and dybala started playing good for the national team that was what scaloni was waiting for from dybala because he is always more talented than both correas

    • DanielDani I would rather play angel Correa than Tuccu. His work rate is impressive.
      Remember his first leg match vs Manchester United. He was all over the pitch winning loose balls and creating counters.

      • i like angel but Simeone ruined him when he was at san Lorenzo the way he plays was just different he was very brave with the ball he looked a lot like rodrygo he cuts in from the left he played as a second striker .now when u look at him it is sad it is as if u are looking at a different player all he does is defend and plays as a RM its sad how many players Simeone is ruining start from argentines angel ,vietto ,Gaitan ,kranavitter and he is trying to ruin DePaul too others Felix ,Lodi ,Saul , lemar and playing carsassco as a wingback i don’t like Simeone he should just sign long physical players he should stop signing technical players

  6. 26 players are allowed means, 9 defenders, 7 forwards, 7 mids and 3 Goalkeepers.

    9 defenders
    Romero, Licha, Otamendi, Pezella, Molina, Montiel, Acuna and Tagliafico are 100% in. Last one will be Foyth vs Senesi but Foyth should be selected. Monteil is a reliable RB and he is not going to get dropped. He had a good first season with Sevilla and Scaloni likes him. He is a tried and tested RB and a good backup to Molina. Foyth might be used as a RB in the knockouts against strong opponents.

    7 mids
    DePaul, GLC, Paredes, Guido, Papu, Palacios and MacAllister. Scaloni likes MacAllister’s versatility and he is ranked 7th in pecking order. Even though MacAllister doesn’t offer anything special, Scaloni thinks he fits very well in his high pressing strategy.

    7 forwards
    Messi, Dimaria, Lautaro, Alvarez, N.Gonzalez are 100% in the sqaud. For the remaining two it will be between Dybala, A.Correa, Alario and J.Correa.

    Emi, Armani and for the third spot its between Rulli vs Musso. Rulli had a great season but his weak mental strength was exposed against Liverpool.

    • Good. Notable reading from below.

      Yves Bissouma missed multiple games due to a knee injury, and as a result Mac Allister had to adapt to a deeper, more conventional role. However, it is a role he has covered well, adapting his game to fit the ‘English’ style of play. He is now capable of playing in multiple areas of midfield, holding together a team, and making it ‘tick’. These are attributes of an impressive footballer.”

      “Back-to-back spectacular wins at the Amex in Manchester United (4-0), and the comeback against European chasers, West Ham (3-1), have been facilitated by Potter masterclasses. Mac Allister, particularly against West Ham, also played a huge role. Arguably, he won the game for Brighton on the final day. When Bissouma was replaced at half time by Neal Maupay, with the Mali international struggling with illness in the past week, Mac Allister played in a deeper role again and minimised the effectiveness of one of the best midfielders in the league, Declan Rice. He played the deeper role again, to cover the missing Bissouma, and helped turn a 1-0 deficit into a 3-1 victory.”

  7. GK.





    Lo Celso
    De Paul


    Di Maria

    Final spot can either be

    Foyth, Pezzella, Enzo, A. Correa or even Garrancho.

    I think that’s a solid team from top to bottom. Mac Allister, Ocampos and J Correa are trash they always fail to impress and Pezzella just about made the final spot

    • Well, this will be THE ideal team in every sense, but unfortunatly 1st no Benitez 2nd most propably Pezzella and 3rd maybe the toughest one for the final spot as if 2nd Pezzella will most propably go then if Senesi dropped, maybe i will pick him for the last spot as he looks very solid and ready player for me…etc.

      Otherwise 3rd the last spot i will give to A.Correa as he has been such a long time around the team, though he just had an luckily succesfull surgery and we have to offcourse to see how he will play and where…?…etc.

      And if he somehow can’t get in to back in his solid form of his then i think that the player who is on currently just before the team has to be anounced for the WC on the best form should go, though as it will be good that player has been invited before by Scaloni&CO. so that not need to practice on adapting tonwhole team and it’s players!

      Well, anyhow as i said in the beginning ideally the best Arg has available right now, but unfortunatly no Benitez and quite surely Pezzella as i don’t have nothing against him rather simply i think Senesi is better or even Foyth, though he has not played for very long time as CB, but it is what is and i do respect Scaloni and CO. so even i disagree with some players it is completly normal as it has never been with Arg since 1978 that the players i wished werecalso picked starting from El Diego at 1978 as left out by Menotti and from there at least since 1994 some have been allways left out as that is just been the case and decission’s made by different previous Coaches of Arg Nt and as i said allready it is completly normal and at least i’m kind of use to it, though it won’t change my Mind who should had been picked before and who should be now as everyone or every fan of Arg has right to do so and it doesn’t necessarily means that those who will not get their favourites picked will turn against the coaching as that is completly something else so if u want to judge the coaching or coaches then better to fo it fairly and by their results etc…as for me it is impossible to even think of turning my back against my only team in the world which allways been La Seleccion !

  8. Macalester is a good player.. He will go 100%..
    I prefer Garnacho over j correa..In pace or finishing garnacho is better than him

    • I still doubt macallister. There is 2 months of club football remaining. So I think we need a buendia type of player than macallister. We have more than 2 players who are capable of playing DM role. A good comeback from buendia is still a possibility. Yeah he may give mispasses sometimes but he takes risks than macallister and can expect 1-2 gem of a pass to the forwards and include as a backup for both de Paul and palacios.

    • HAHAHA LOL, did i say it is not copy paste…if i deliver those words from me i wonder i may become real brazil fan according to some mundo members. this forum is a full of overkill on success same goes to the opposite, that is overkill on failure.. this site is no longer same site which was 7 or 8 years ago

  9. Qatar WC still allow five substitutes per match? This is great news for us, as stamina has been our weakness in the past as compared to European teams.

  10. here is some data written on macclister weakness
    In both the number eight and attacking midfield roles Mac Allister occupies, ball progression is a central aspect to these roles, and specifically for Brighton, who usually share the progressive load across its central players such as Pascal Gross and Leandro Trossard, as well as their wing-backs and full-backs such as Solly March.

    Where his teammates usually display a strong ability to progress the ball either by passing or by carrying or a combination of both, Mac Allister compares poorly in this department. As a passer, the young Argentinian favours combination play and short-to-medium length punchy passes, which lends to being more of a facilitator in possession, as opposed to a progressor. Statistically, Mac Allister’s passing progression statistics reflect this, sitting in the 37th percentile for progressive passes p90 per FBref.

    Compounding this, Mac Allister is not a particularly strong carrier of the ball and this impacts his ability to progress the ball. Given his ability to manoeuvre the ball well from a technical standpoint and operate in tight spaces, it appears an overall lack of explosiveness (both strength and pace) prevents Mac Allister from being an effective carrier of the ball and drive away from opponents. The Club Social Parque graduate also typically takes a lot of touches when carrying the ball, and at times, indecision causes him to lose the ball prior to laying it onto teammates.

    This is echoed by the data, which ranks him in just the third percentile (meaning 97% of the population scores better than him) at progressive carries per 90, and in the overall dribbling data collected by FBref, ranking well below average in most metrics. Interestingly, his relatively strong successful dribble percentage suggests an individual who is aware of their shortcomings and will only attempt to do so at times are likely to be successful.

    NB: Progressive carries are defined as “carries that move the ball towards the opponent’s goal at least five yards or any carry into the penalty area” excluding carries from the defensive 40% of the pitch. The latter exclusion can reflect negatively on certain individual’s stats, like in Mac Allister’s case, he contributes in Brighton’s defensive third and will be in possession in these areas, with any carries in these areas excluded. For instance, the following examples will be excluded if they were to result in carriers, given his positioning on the pitch.

    How does this play out in a scenario where there are large spaces in front of him, where carrying is a viable option? Brighton’s number 10 will subsequently opt to recycle possession as opposed to providing the necessary drive.

    In the first example, Mac Allister is presented with a clear opportunity to drive through the centre of the pitch, instead, he has to shield the ball from Pierre-Emile Højbjerg who pressures him as he is unable to demonstrate requisite explosiveness to maintain separation, wasting the opportunity to relieve pressure and carry Brighton forward in transition, and potentially a counter-attacking opportunity. In the second example, he opts to play the sideways pass to a teammate, which in his defence, isn’t necessarily a bad choice, but for players who can carry the ball, there is space ahead of him to exploit and to open up the game further.

    The overall inability to progress the ball consistently to good effect does mean that at times, the diminutive Argentinian will struggle to impose himself on games and be regularly involved in build-up phases, as Brighton progress the ball via other means.

    Physically, Mac Allister has shortcomings that do impact his ability to compete in certain scenarios. His slight 5’8″ frame will regularly be overpowered in certain defensive actions, and he will resort to fouling. Also, the Argentinos Jrs graduate will be dribbled past regularly as he is unable to utilise his slight frame effectively (as seen below versus Aston Villa) to prevent the opponent from powering past him, and where others can rely on strength to bring the duel to a level playing ground, Mac Allister cannot do this.

    This weakness means that the twice-capped Argentinian needs to be played in advanced positions where he has players behind him tasked with carrying out defensive duties, such as the number 10 position, or in a midfield unit where there is sufficient defensive coverage, which is largely provided by Yves Bissouma. Individually, it is clear the young attacker needs to find a way to use his body to enable more successful outcomes repeatedly when in these scenarios.

    Lastly, a key area for Mac Allister to work on is maximising his goalscoring and creative output in the form of goals and assists if he is to develop as a 10. Whilst he has been swapped about and used within a midfield unit deeper which will impact on his attacking output, an attacking midfielder playing at a good level should be consistently contributing in the final third.

    To date, the Argentinian has scored three goals (two of which came against lower league opposition in the cup) and set up two, which is not commensurate with the league’s established players in this position. Furthermore, his underlying numbers are below average to average, ranking in just the sixth percentile for xG, and in the middle of the pack in terms of xA, ranking in the 52nd percentile. This is a step he needs to take to move into the next bracket and make himself a key part of Potter’s Brighton team that has well-documented troubles finding the back of the net.

    How can he do this? There are several clear ways in which Mac Allister can improve on his attacking output in my opinion. Firstly, the number 10 can increase the volume of late runs he makes into and around the box when Brighton is attacking. If we look at his shot map in the Premier League since joining the South Coast team, many have been from outside the box, with very few taken in the box, highlighting he doesn’t typically attack the box in a way in which leads to “good quality” (higher xG) shooting opportunities for himself, shooting inside the box just nine times in 24 Premier League appearances.

    Arriving late into the box is a vastly underappreciated skill in football. It requires a complete understanding of the potential options unfolding in a particular scenario and an appreciation of timing to execute successfully. Fleetingly over his short career to date, Mac Allister has shown he is capable of attacking the box successfully, as demonstrated by the goal he scored against Preston in the EFL Cup.

    The young attacking midfielder likely needs to look to increase the volume of runs made, to position himself in central positions more conducive to scoring. Currently, his natural tendency to sit around the edge of the box, or his involvement in the attacking build-up or creation takes him out of an area where he can look to attack the box, ultimately reducing the opportunities he has to do so.

    Inarguably, this is role-based at times, but at times, there have been opportunities for Mac Allister to be another body in the box. Therefore, in some respects, the work required is more on embedding when to recognise opportunities where he can do so. When playing deeper in central midfield, this is also a skill that he can use, just making the runs from deeper starting positions as he typically plays as an eight who is afforded more forward freedom.

    Furthermore, the young Argentinian’s decision-making in the final third can do with some refining to realise his full potential. As detailed before, he is a clever footballer who can be a creative spark through how he injects tempo in the final third, his game awareness and his clean technical ability. However, at times, Mac Allister’s decision-making in the final third can let him down.

    This manifests in taking long-range shots where passing the ball is a better option and incomplete passes which lead to attacks breaking down. As demonstrated by the below example, as the number 10 shapes up to shoot from range, there is a better passing option (as highlighted) which will likely lead to a better chance being created than the low-quality shot he has taken.

    • Which player doesn’t have weakness? You can write positive side of him..? Or share the same link…where they analyse strength as well..?
      Can you please do the same for other players as well..?
      I think Allister has done something towards some of our Mundo guys… ! Wake up. Appreciate the NT player. Keep supporting him. Let him learn by experience.

      • i’m not a macallister hater, but i think this world cup is not for him. there is some strength discuss too which i didn’t paste due to the length of the total article

    • I will never support any players who are NOT national team material but keeps getting called up. Argentina always had a history to include them from time to time.

      Time will tell. Their windows for the national team will be very short anyway. I can’t remember any of the below average players play for us for a long time. Maybe the longest was Nelson Vivas, one of our worst defenders ever. I was glad he did not have 70-80 caps or something for us. Other than him, the likes of Sosa, Meza, Gonzalo Pity Martinez, Nico Gaitan, Jonas Gutierrez, Benedetto, Pratto, Mariano Gonzales, Cesar Delgado, all those craps had very short career with Albiceleste. Time will tell.

      If MacAllister is included in the final 26, which is very likely, fine as Argentina always had the history of keeping such player in their final roster. But I don’t think he will likely do anything much in the World Cup itself anyway.

      Just because I love Argentina doesn’t mean I always support all Argentines no matter what. I don’t like Simeone’s coaching. I don’t like certain players because they were/are mediocre. It’s normal. Just like some England or MU fans don’t like Harry Maguire. Some Spurs die hard fans don’t like Emerson Royal or Harry Winks. They don’t like them because they have seen enough shit from them. It doesn’t mean that they are bad fans or something.

      • Not national team material by our expert like you. But an NT material by Scaloni and Co..who won 2 cup in less than a year. We have to support our Mundo expert. Scaloni and Co..are not expert…!
        Allister has started three of last 4 games…in all of these matches he came close to scoring. His time will come. I am sure everyone will support him except you. You will not support him even if he score the WC winning goal. You already told, he will be always a below average player. So, we know your stand.

        • man all those coaches who coach argentina all are expert, they are expert this is why all are appointed as a coach of argentina. football is not played by the coaches, it is players game, coaches made decision tactics for his team.. no coaches in this world error free,, according to you since scaloni won two tournament, he is now untouchable and no one can beat,, if that is your approach then i’m sorry… all the members here i’m sure not equal qualified as scaloni hahaha ,, but they are fans, some are die hard fan like you… all of those no matter what all of them has some kind of understanding of good play,, which team is playing good which team is not… they are sometimes build up vision, vision is something in my idea which sometimes can be grow high even in unqualified person… whatever since scaloni won 2 cup, this doesn’t make him untouchable or error free..

          messi, dimaria i think both has a history self handedly won a lot of matches for there team and coaches.. this two deserves more than this two cup..

          • Who told he is untouchable? Unbeatable? Error free..?
            Scaloni and Co know better than we all here ..but some writing here like they are pundit..they know better than them.

        • Thats what I said Argentina had a history to keep at least 1 shitty players in the squad. I might be shittier scout than all of the Argentina scouts/managers but with time I was proven right that the likes or Sosa, Meza, Benedetto, Pratto, Gonzalo Pity, Vivas and soon MacAllister were and will be proven shity.

          Those players I mentioned above also had their own fans here back then. Some were huge fans of them. I remember some of people here were huge fans of Gonzalo Pity and Meza at least. I am sure after MacAllister, in the future some good for nothing players will be called up too. It is like our tradition to include them.

          Just wait. When he shows how shitty he is, I will be the first reminder here.

          And you don’t have to wait until Macallister become a good player because it will never happen.

          • You know he is below average..and you said he will be always below average…
            I was thinking about Scaloni…what he’s doing by keeping Allister in team. May be he has no idea about football ..
            We all value you better than Scaloni and Co.

          • El_Principe those defending McAllister will be no where to be found should the NT team flop. Argentina suffered under Sampaoli when he played likes of Meza, Enzo Perez.

        • “But an NT material by Scaloni and Co..who won 2 cup in less than a year.“

          Who won 2 cups in a year. Lol you said it yourself. Lemme remind you.
          1. Cup number 1: Copa America. Where was MacAllister? wearing number 10 for the shittiest Argentina Olympic team ever.

          2. Cup number 2: Finalissima. Where was MacAllister? Wearing training jersey and watched the match on TV.

          So in other words, you are right Scaloni won 2 cups in a year… with no Macallister involvement at all. Lol

          • Man..what I told is.. Scaloni won 2 cups…he knows better than you…and keeping Allister as NT material. And as per you.. he’s not material…

            This was the one I twisted that.

          • Who twisted what? You hail Scaloni who won 2 cups in a year. I agree with that. That’s amazing and I was reminding u he did not need MacAllister in doing so. Lol.

            Funny u used ur own fact and u got attacked by your own fact.

            I mean just wait man, no need to discuss now. When he shows how bad he is as a player, I will look for you exclusively.

            Just like I once did look for Outlaw who promoted: Gonzalo Pity, Meza, Benedetto and many more and he disappeared out of nowhere now.

            No need to discuss now. Just wait… Hope by that time you won’t change your id.

          • Instead of bringing the fact that he won 2 cups in less than a year (everyone knows without MacAllister), you should have said this:

            Argentina who played amazing against Ecuador and Venezuela and first half of Estonia. Because those are the games where MacAllister participated.

          • @el_principe I think insider tried to mention about the selection process of scaloni resulting in 2 trophies. So selecting macallister by scaloni would be automatically good. Coz scaloni knows better than every one may be.

    • Yeah Mac Alister is not great progressive passe but Argentina has too many now and even a facilator he will NE good in the group. Mac Allister does not lose possession easily, has positioning sense, good passer that is enough for him to be in NT

  11. foyth height, good in one on one, his recent improvement says a lot, he is clearly better than montiel in defence.. montiel was played good in copa final .. copa final he plays like die hard mood in whole match but he was in this mood only in defence, he was not attentive in attack, neither he shows any flyer that he can be good in attack. montiel height is also a disadvantage
    molina is undisputed starter ,, if i have to give comment neither foyth neither montiel is standard back up for him.. i think foyth is very good interms defence he is away ahead than montiel in this section, only if foyth had attacking ability than he could be standard back up for molina, even can be starter

  12. My 26 player list
    1 Emi Martinez
    2 Armani
    3 Rulli
    4 C. Romero
    5 Otamendi
    6 Lisandro Martinez
    7 Pezella
    8 Mollina
    9 Acuna
    10 Foyth
    11 Montiel
    12 Tagliafico
    13 De Paul
    14 Paredes
    15 Lo celso
    16 Guido Rodriguez
    17 Papu Gomez
    18 Mac Allister
    19 Palacios
    20 Messi
    21 Angel Di Maria
    22 Lautaro Martinez
    23 Dybla
    24 Nico Gonzalez
    25 J. Correa
    26 Julian Alvarez/Alario

    • Foyth cannot be trusted. We know his history of gaffes, but even as recent as the Estonia game, he made an error while playing the 5. They guy is too error prone. I understand he’s playing well for Villareal, but he just too much of a liability.

      I would prefer including Senesi. It is doubtful Senesi (or Foyth) will get minutes in the WC, but if needed I trust him more than Foyth. He does have experience playing LB too.

      and Julian Alvarez should take that last forward spot

      • Even Di Maria made many gaffes but now he is fully changed, same goes for Foyth he was in CL player of the week. Foyth can make right flank fully closed for opposition.

    • Macallister is a weak link. Buendia would be good. For a sub role buendia would be the right one for Argentina. Any way it’s upto scaloni. Macallister should maintain his usual game to get selected but buendia should play extra ordinary to get a call up from scaloni. Then I like both Alvarez and Alario. Yeah Alvarez almost sure. But alario can still have a glimpse of chance if he comes back to his best

  13. Foyth can be 3rd right back. If montiel fails to deliver as defensively better RB, Foyth is the fail safe. He can also cover for Pezzella, can also cover DM although not necessary. Foyth will be a redundant selection.

    Ocampos, after initial few matches faded away for nt. He tries to do too much, but ends up doing nothing. He offers physicality, defensive work and pace. Against real madrid, he helped Montiel a lot, to defend against Vinicius. What Ocampos offers, Nico Gonzalez also offers. So his selection will be unnecessary I think.

    Angel Correa has been underused for us. He so much better than Joaquin. His agility, control in tight space can be very handy. He is a super sub for Atletico, scored many goals as sub. He also contributes to defence, can play in multiple position.

    Senesi – Redundant and new to the group.

    Nico Dominguez – hardly played for us in recent times. Good player though.

    If it is about 26th player, Angel Correa is my pick.

    • Agreed with you overall . However if we select Montiel & Molina then Foyth i think will be overkill. Senesi inclusion will give us some extra height to defence what we might require next stage of the tournament. Also He is left footy CB. Joaquin might be left out unless Scaloni has other plan. Overall 26 players squad actually blessing for us

    • No matter how much you practice you can never create that penalty or tie breaker pressure situation. But yeah practicing to shoot the ball to the top right corner can guarantee you a goal 90% of time.

  14. According to Hernan Castillo, 25 players are safe. They are pretty much those who took part at least 1 minute against Italy or Estonia (plus Musso not Rulli). The only questionable one is the 26th spot. Angel Correa, Foyth, Senesi, Ocampos, and Nico Dominguez will fight for that one last spot.

    In my opinion he is pretty much correct but I would say 24 are safe. Rulli vs Musso will still be until the very last minute. And the 26th will be like what he said above.

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