Carlos Tevez set to become new coach of Rosario Central


Carlos Tevez is set to become the new coach of Rosario Central.

Tevez will be taking over as coach for the first time after having recently announced his retirement from football. The 38 year old is being linked with Rosario Central in Argentina.

He played 76 times for the Argentina national team scoring 13 goals. Playing for the biggest clubs in the world, the Argentine is about to embark on a new chapter as he becomes a coach.


  1. “The Athletic report that with William Saliba coming back from loan, the club could well have enough to go into next season at the back.

    But they will add another defender to Mikel Arteta’s ranks if a good opportunity comes up and they have asked about Martinez.
    Martinez is a left-footer, which makes him more appealing to Arsenal and could offer more balance at the back.Martinez’s former Ajax manager Erik ten Hag has taken over at Manchester United and has been linked with a swoop for the 24-year-old.

    Martinez is a very different type of player, having been nicknamed the ‘butcher‘ because of his aggressive style of play, although he has never picked up a red card for Ajax”
    I will be so happy if lich move to any of top 6 teams of Epl, Serie A, and la liga. summer transfer is very long
    So I will be hopeful for likes of licha, molina, senesi, tagliafico and paredes to move for bigger clubs in different reasons.

  2. I never rewatch Argentina france 2018 match.But suddenly today i saw the match on my tv! What a shame sampoli..leading from 2-1 to! We just lost the match for sampoli tactic and player selection. Pavon,meza,perez all are waste 3 spot.Otamendi played good but alone in sad to watch!

  3. Argentina is third now in FIFA ranking only below Brazil and Belgium. I wonder what the overrated Belgium did to make them second in FIFA ranking? They had so so Euro. They did not do well in nations league this week. So?

    • Yeah I am against these method of calculations for FIFA ranking. It is not appropriate. But after the wc I think no need of any calculation. Argentina champions means they are first. It’s going to be hard and that’s the type of challenge this team enjoys. No need to be hiding against any teams or don’t give chances to wait for the results of other opponents. Go straight work hard. We are going to be the champions.

  4. Hotspur submits a bid of £90 million for Lautaro Martinez. Lautaro wants to stay but Inter need money. Maybe that’s why Lukaku is back and Dybala joining them. Inter have too many forwards now. (Yes it is just a matter of time before they get Lukaku AND Dybala)

    I am neutral on this. Hotspur have the untouchable Son and Kane. But on the other hand, it is Lautaro. Impossible to bench him and Conte knows him well. Maybe it would be 3-5-2 with Kane playing number 10 Messi’s role, Son and Lautaro upfront that’s possible. But it will be very difficult to lure Lautaro to the Spurs, although I am sure if Lautaro have to choose an England club, it will not be Chelsea or MU or Arsenal or City, it will be the Spurs.

    This is a good comment from a Spurs fan on Lautaro on their forum:

    If there’s anyone you’re going to break the bank for, it’s Lautaro Martinez. Was a top 10 attacking player in the world by all metrics last season and is still only 24. In terms of goalscorers 25 and under, only Mbappe and Haaland are ahead of him. Last season stats:
    0.83 goals per 90 minutes, 8th overall in Europe’s top five leagues behind only Lewandowski, Haaland, Schick, Benzema, Immobile, Ben Yedder, Dembele. Immediately ahead of Mbappe, Vlahovic and Salah.
    0.77 xG per 90s minutes. 4th in Europe behind only Lewandowski, Haaland, and Benzema.
    0.91 xG+xA per 90 minutes. 8th in Europe behind only Lewa, Benzema, Haaland, Mbappe, Salah, Zapata, and Neymar.
    Then he’s also just an ideal fit. He’s played under our manager before. He’s played in strike partnerships with great goalscorers like Lukaku and Dzeko as he would be doing with Kane and Son here. He’s just now entering his prime being only 24.

    As noted above, the only two strikers in the 25 or under bracket at his level are Mbappe and Haaland. This is a guy that you put all the chips in the middle for if you have any type of a chance to make it happen. He’s worth 100m and if we truly have a chance to get him we should be willing to pay that much. This level of player is essentially never available to us.

    Don’t think it will happen though, Inter are just too difficult to deal with. Been fooled one too many times.

    • These spurs fans are toxic. Just don’t mind those fans. Lautaro should stay in inter atleast till the wc. Lautaro is not a natural striker like Tevez to adapt in any club with ease. Lautaro is now enjoying his football. Let him continue that.

      • Yeah I agree. Lautaro is perfect for Inter. But you never know what’s gonna happen. Last year Lukaku said that he would stay at Inter for sure, but then Chelsea bought him. Inter need money as soon as possible though. I read in about less than 18 days, they will need big money to balance their book or something. So someone will leave the club for sure.

        Now the most likely one is Skriniar.
        If things messed up with Skriniar then it could be Bastoni, or Lautaro. One thing for sure is they can’t keep everyone and add both Lukaku and Dybala and not making a major selling.

    • It will be a suicidal decision if Lautaro joins Spurs. It will affect his performance and then Argentina’s chance in the coming WC.

  5. WTF is this nonsense that Spurs offering 90m for Toro. inter aint gonna turn that down, which obviously means our boys Dybala + Toro cant gel before the WC. Also new league for Toro right before WC aint good news either.

    • It will be devastating if Lautaro goes to spurs. In my opinion Lautaro is good as Harry kane but I don’t want him to be back up for him when he can be a leader and main man for inter Milan, I hope he stays inter for his own sake it will be huge mistake if he goes to spurs cuse they can sack Antonio conte or can work away any moment.
      Having say that I won’t be surprise if inter push to sell Lautaro cuse they desperate for money.

  6. El Apache ………was a special player and very unfortune he wasn’t able to be used properly to contribute more to the NT but Carlitos AKA the people’s champ was a force to reckoned with.

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