Juventus improves their bid to Ángel Di María, now waiting for a response


Juventus made a new improved offer to Ángel Di María after the Argentine dismissed the first one. The bid would be a one-year contract plus an option for one more season. He is also wanted by FC Barcelona.

Juventus’ initial offer was a two-year contract. According to Sky Sport’s Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, the club from Turin realized that Di María’s intention is to return to Argentine football in 2023. Therefore, they decided to reduce the duration of the contract offered to one year. The Argentine would be giving an answer to Juventus this weekend.

Also based on reports, Di María and his family would prefer to move to Spain rather than Italy. The Copa America champion is currently a free agent after leaving Paris Saint-Germain in May of this year.


  1. Bankruptylona will drain Angel dry and this being world cup year he should stay away from that ungrateful club. They will use him and kick him out like Messi and now Dani Alves. I understand he wants to be in good physical condition when he returns to Argentina but I feel like he still has min 2 years of top European futbal left in him and Juve will be the best club for him .

    Regarding Lautaro, if Inter is able to get Lukaku on loan with a condition to buy him back for significantly less than they sold him for, then they will sell El-Toro. Big clubs aren’t interested much in Argentine talents and which is why 2nd tier Clubs (Sevilla, Spurs, Arsenal) are going for our players. It seems like Conte wants to play with 2 forwards like in Inter and with Spurs being in the Champions league, it wouldn’t look a bad move if this year hadn’t been a world cup year.

    Licha Martinez is a very good defender and anywhere he goes will get regular futbal. He is non someone who will let himself be benched by any player , however he should stay away from toxic Man-Utd. Their fans and management are desperate to win a silverware and if he get a shaky start then they will destroy his career. Arsenal will be better than Man-Utd. Also, with Pique gone next season , Bankruptylona could be a good move for him.

    With G.Jesus on his way out , Alvarez should get good amount of time to settle and prove his mettle. I still think moving to City was a very bad decision but good players find a way prove others wrong and hopefully he will challenge and eventually outshine Halland.

    Lastly PSG are more than happy to extend Messi’s contract to 3rd year. Currently he is on 2 year contract and Barca fans are praying he will be back but with Laporta in charge he should stick to PSG. The amount of money and media & fans attention he brought to PSG and French league , they don’t want him to leave and sticking to PSG will be lot less pressure on his body and will only extend his European career.

  2. Barca will only be good for him if Dembele and Traore leave them and they buy no replacements on right winger.

    Anyway PSG Messi got a new teammates named Vitinha from Porto. Porto sold all their best players in the last 6 months starting from Luis Diaz (Liverpool) Vieira (Arsenal), and now Vitinha (PSG). Everyone goes to big clubs too.

    Also Brighton players are on high demand too. Bissouma (Spurs), Cucurella (Man City).

  3. isn’t lucas ocampos,emi bunedia or enzo a better alternative than Mcallister.
    ocampos provide aerial threat and speed. buendia provides better passing and enzo is better allrounder than macallister. even dominguez is better

    • Ocampos is not a midfielder more like a winger. Also scaloni considers buendia as a winger not midfielder and seems like Enzo playing in Argentine league has gone against him if he manages to move to Europe this season and perform decently thn he will be selected otherwise i don’t think Enzo has any chance

      • Ocampos can play in left midfield.Buendia in AM and winger position.Macallister plays in ML/AM position. both the above layers are better than Macallister in their respective position. Enzo, I think is enquired by Benfica which is a good move for him. Macallister does not add anything to the squad but Ocampos, Buendia or Enzo add something more to the squad.

        • Buendia in AM or winger role won’t work for us. He is good centrally than in the wings. There are a lot of other good players who can play in that position for us. Also his defensive stability is low so he can’t be a backup for any of our midfielders in the CM position and mispasses also. Enzo not proven. Macallister is the only possibility remaining. He has some qualities and may that works for the NT at the right time if he included.

          • Ocampos lost his place in wc..
            Papu cemented his place..
            Time is draining out for both Correa..
            Paredes DePaul Locelso
            Papu Palacios Dominguez are final

        • I see only 5 place remaining
          2 Gk(any 2 of armani,rulli and musso)
          1 defender(senesi,foyth)
          1 fwd(both correa, alario ,Ocampos,garrancho)
          1 midfield(mac-allister,dominguiz,enzo)
          my concern with respect to selection is midfield position as all other position have decent options. with respect to fwd i want a goal scoring threat from left side. that we are lacking. if Garrancho show any promise with respect to goals then he should be competitor with j correa and Ocampos for left side winger. in defence selection of Foyth adds balance to defence with respect to options. Senesi also add solidarity to left side center back. now the question is should we take Senesi and make our defence strong and drop the extra midfielder in form of MacAllister or take a sub standard option in form of macallister. if not macallister, then what are our options.

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