Tottenham Hotspur willing to offer €90 million for Lautaro Martínez of Inter


Tottenham Hotspur are willing to offer €90 million for Lautaro Martínez of Inter.

Lautaro Martínez is being linked with a move to Tottenham Hotspur. According to Repubblica, Tottenham are willing to pay 90 million for the Argentine.

Martínez has been linked with several clubs since last season but has remained at Inter, becoming their main striker.


  1. Thomas Müller: “In Germany, we don’t believe in superstars. We are taught from an early age to play as a team, not to shine alone. That’s why you won’t see many German players winning a Ballon d’Or, but that’s also why you can see 4 stars on our jersey.”

    • Getting a Ballon D’or has nothing to do with 4 stars he is bragging about. I can’t believe we lost our 2 stars to them one stolen and other by bad misses from our strikers.

      That being said he is just salty.

        • That means if Messi was German then he won’t win ballon d’or. 😂😂😂. Wowww great Muller. In this world class statement he mainly targeting Argentina and messi indirectly. Coz we are the team currently in the best form and winning trophies and messi won the ballon d’or for the copa America. He will surely going to regret for this words after facing us. They escaped from us in 2014 not this time around. Mbappe got for his prediction and now it’s Muller’s time. Wait for some months. Argentina is waiting. It’s pay back time you Germans.

    • This is a very irrelevant comment. Germany like several European NT compensates for their lack of super talented players with a team approach. Who wouldn’t want to have a Messi, Maradonna, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo (both), Zidane, or even Mbappe in their team? Germany doesn’t produce those players and they compensate very well. A comment like that from an experienced player like Muller is disappointing…

  2. NEED MAR CASH Arsenal £25m transfer bid for Argentina defender Lisandro Martinez REJECTED by Ajax – but Gunners will ‘keep pushing’
    The sun

    Report: Arsenal have Lisandro Martinez transfer bid rejected
    According to David Ornstein, Martinez is a “priority” target this summer.

    • Arsenal return with a fresh bid to sign Ajax star Lisandro Martinez as Mikel Arteta tables an improved offer of £30million after their initial £25m bid for the versatile Argentina defender was turned down by the Dutch giants
      Arsenal are pressing to sign Ajax defender Lisandro Martinez in a £30million deal.

      Initial talks have already taken place with Arsenal willing to offer around £25m for the Argentina international, however, Ajax have dismissed that figure and want more with the knowledge they have other clubs willing to bid.

      Daily mail

    • This would be a terrible idea IMO, Arsenal already have an established left sided CB in Gabriel and Licha would be acting as a backup, which isn’t a good thing during the coming world cup months. Sure Licha can play in multiple positions but I don’t see him being a starter and he’s way too good to rot on the bench of a club that isn’t even in the CL. Best thing for him is to either stay with Ajax (will get CL football) or go to a club like Sevilla, which would need a CB after Diego Carlos (and possibly Kounde) sale.

      As for Lautaro going to nogrowth Spurs, well he might as well retire from football because the outcome would be the same, namely sitting on a bench and wasting his talent.
      Honestly, who here thinks that Lautaro is going to start ahead of either Kane or Son?

      • Gabriel is not a serious rival for Martinez talent-wise, so Conte and Spurs want to buy Martinez for 100 mill. euros and will bench him. Absolute make no sense.

        • Yeah Gabriel is a serious rival because he is already a starter and has the advantage of knowing the EPL while Licha has to come in and adapt.

          When you buy a player for nearly a 100 mill, you’d expect immediate results and if Lautaro doesn’t deliver immediately then he will be on the bench.
          Conte is not going to have Lautaro and Kane on the field at the same time because they play in the same position, hence do you honestly see lautaro replacing Kane?

      • With all due respect licha must move bigger and better league in oder to go next level on his cereer, epl is right place to upgrade his level
        This guy is way too talented to stay in Dutch league
        We need our players playing bigger clubs and to me arsenal is ideally team atm for licha plus I don’t think Gabriel will be hard competition for licha
        Add to that arsenal will be playing four competition so game time won’t be problem.

      • Agree 500%. Both will be disaster. I would hate to see Lichar going to Arsenal. For that matter anyone going to Arsenal and Spurs. Why should our top players be back ups?

        • I will hate to see Lautaro goes to spurs even though it’s illogical 100 million euro player will be sub however will be 💯% against Lautaro goes to spurs .
          As licha, I will be happy if he moves to Arsenal the reason been no other European team outside epl
          Will pay amount of money ajax asking which is around 45 to 50 million euro example xavi and fcb wants to sign lich but they can’t cuz lack of money.
          – licha is better than Gabriel in my opinion, There no way arsenal will pay 40 million if they don’t think he will upgrade what they have atm.

      • what the f men respect for licha he is amazing as good as Romero. you r underestimating him I agree he should not go to arsenal because he is too good for Arsenal and you think he should play for Sevilla .licha is real Madrid Barcelona Manchester united kind of player I think he the best argentine CB what makes him better over romero is he is good in the air despite his height

        • I don’t know if you remember but I was one of the first (the first was Gonzalo) who started raving about Licha when he was still playing for Defensa and I know his abilities quite well and I think he’s on the cusp of being a world class defender but for Licha to go to Arsenal and compete with an established player like Gabriel (even though Licha is considerably better) is a risky proposition, especially since the WC is a few months away.
          Also, yeah, IMO Sevilla is way better than Arsenal because Sevilla actually won the competition that Arsenal wasn’t able to (Europa league a few seasons back) and Sevilla plays CL, which Arsenal does not.

          This isn’t the time for some of our boys to be making such risky moves where they risk losing valuable play time and getting rusty, especially by going to subpar clubs that either don’t play CL football (Arsenal) or those that have shown to be inhospitable to Argentines (s**tspurs).
          In addition to Lautaro and Licha, there are strong rumors that Celso might be going to Atletico and that might also be a kiss of death but unlike Licha and Lautaro, Celso may not have a choice especially since Villareal seems to be unable to meet Celso’s current idiot club’s valuation.

      • I agree. I also think Licha needs a bigger stage. Arsenal is not bad. They are actually pretty thin at center backs. If Lisandro joins, he would join Ben White, Gabriel, Saliba to make the 4 center back rotations.

        Arsenal is pretty ambitious too. They have signed Fabio Viera from Porto and is leading candidate to sign Tielemans and Gab Jesus.
        They definitely will be a serious challengers for the top 4 next season.

  3. I read that CR7 is unhappy and want CL futbol. 2 teams in a row getting worse after signing him. Juventus last year and MU this year. Not only they got worse, the developments of other attackers also stalled because of CR7 presence. I mean Rashford, Sancho, Cavani all were as good as trash last year. They were supposed to be super stars, but CR7 ruined everything.

    If England looking worse this time, thanks to CR7 effect as England key players like Rashford, Maguirre have an awful season.

    So CR7 has become a toxic now. I hope Messi will never be a toxic to any team he plays for as he gets older.

    Well I hope Garnacho is fine there. MU is in difficult situation if CR7 doesn’t go anywhere. They have super stars upfront. They are not lacking of quality. They don’t need any new signings. Even if they sign great players for example Kane, or Bernardo Silva or something like that. It wouldn’t help them to be better anyway as everything is centered around CR7.

    • Portugal and Brazil are better off without Cristiano and Neymar. It’s hard to tell because they are part of their teams and you can’t tell by just watching them play or watch the team play an occasional game without them.
      The best way to tell is to watch how often they get the ball and waste it while another player would have done something more useful with it.

    • Pretty sure CR7 puts contractual obligations on teams he signs for that other attacking players must stop playing their natural game and prioritize setting him up instead. It can be seen as a worthwhile trade off for many clubs given the braindead hordes of supporters and jersey sales he brings, not to mention dude’s accuracy in front of goal. Pjanic, Dybala, Cuadrado, Bernardeshi all tanked after CR7 came in.

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