Gonzalo Higuaín speaks on Argentina team, World Cup, Copa America, Lionel Messi, France


Gonzalo Higuaín spoke about playing for the Argentina national team, the World Cups, the Copa America, playing alongside Lionel Messi and being able to represent France.

Higuaín played in three FIFA World Cups and three Copas America. Now retired from the Argentina national team, the 34 year old spoke about playing for Argentina and not France. Speaking in an interview with LiberoTyC, here is what he had to say:

“I was very close to playing for the French national team, Domenech came looking for me. There was Henry, Zidane, Petit, Deschamps, Patrick Vieira, Laurent Blanc, Fabien Barthes… But I couldn’t betray my heart which was that I wanted to play for the Argentina national team.

“I lived 10 months in France and 18 years in Argentina. I was able to play in three World Cups, four Copas America, 10 years with the national team, being the sixth all time top scorer. The icing on the cake wasn’t given which is to win but what I experiences and what I traveled, no one can take that away from me.

“Players from other national teams told us that had they achieved what we did, they would have built them status in their countries and for us, they criticized us.

“Before, it was asked that we get passed the quarter finals. And then the obligation was to be champion. And who imposed that bar? Our generation.

“The “club de amigos” got to a World Cup final. Had we been champions, we would gotten the glory but since we didn’t, it didn’t work. They called us the “Club de amigos” but we got to a World Cup final and despite the comments, we reached two more finals.

“Of the missed chances in the finals, the one I am blamed the most for is the one on one against Chile in the United States. The goal against Belgium is the one I shouted the most in my life, as if it were my last.”

In regards to Lionel Messi:

“If I wasn’t the first (player), I was the second who played the most with Cristiano and Messi. If I had to pick (who is better), I would pick Messi.

“I played with the two best goalkeepers of the last 20 years, Buffon and Casillas. With Messi and Cristiano. Maradona picked me for a World Cup. I lived stories I never thought I would live.”

Regarding the 2018 World Cup:

“I would have liked for it to be different but the coach chose it to be that way. Four years have passed and it hurts, it hurts any player who cannot play. Especially knowing that it was my last championship with the Argentina national team. It hurt me not playing against France at the World Cup in Russia. It was my last match with the national team. I love Argentina, I love my country.”

About his best coaches:

“The three best coaches I had were Sabella, Pellegrini and Sarri. Maradona I put apart because he is a special case. He was the first to back me and to pick me for the national team. I am forever grateful.

“Sabella is a teacher. He was calm and was fond of the player.”

He also spoke about other football related topics:

“When I went to Napoli, I was close to playing with Arsenal. They tod me they didn’t buy me because I was too expensive. Within days they paid 80 million for Ozil, ha!”

“My idol as a kid was the Brazilian Ronaldo, the two months where we played together were a dream.

“When I was little, I liked San Lorenzo. My uncle took me to see them, I saw the ’95 team. I always want them to do well.”


  1. No point of dueling over past to be honest. I have already let go all the failures. Like someone said earlier that because of Sampa failure we got Scaloni and Co. We have a very good team to be proud of now. Also I respect Pipita for his service and wish him good luck. Also guys Messi miss wasn’t a sitter but YES for HIS standard it maybe it was. It was very tight angel to convert.

  2. Higuain is bringing back traumatic memories of his horrendous misses. Winning Copa was good for us but we will heal completely only after winning the WC.

    • Yeah, people will soften or even forget their anger/frustration towards him only if we win.

      For him personally, i’m not even sure he knows how bad it was..he might be unaware or has completely shielded himself mentally from it since he never seems to acknowledge or talk about it.

  3. Higuain is CHOKER . He always missed chances in crucial games be it for Real Madrid, Juventus, Argentina or Napoli. One he scored against Belgium was because he didnt had to think.

  4. Higuain was the scapegoat no doubt about that. Argentina didn’t win because of coach and injuries. Messi never score any goal in any final for national team also didn’t score in any knockout matches in wc but everyone blames higuain thats just unfair if you are the best missing one on one in a wc final even if its tight angle u have to score no matter what. Its time now that finally he scores a few in knock outs and win us the world cup. You can’t expect to do all the scoring from other players. Messi needs to up his game now even in copa final he missed a sitter.

    • Messi in KO stages 24 matches 5 goals 16 assists!!! greatest international playmaker ever, CR in KO 17 matches 3 goals 2 assists greatest international choker ever, 21 goal contributions in KOs is world record btw, CR in WC KO 6 matches 0 goal 0 assist, CR in last KO matches in Euro, WC 10/0/0. Its not coincidence Portugal instantly won without CR in Euro final. He is a legendary cheerleader, statspadder and big game choker internationally.

      • @csabalala i clearly said about his knockout scoring in wc not any continental tournament. Cristiano ronaldo is a media made star and im not comparing him with messi. But messi is competing with the goat status with likes of Maradona, pele etc so for that u have to perform extraordinary in world cup knockouts. He played 8 wc knockout matches and scored 0 and only notable contribution was an assist to dimaria in extra time with a counter attack move. Im the biggest fan of messi in this forum and i have become fan of Argentina because of Messi but his world cup performance always disappointed me. I want to see him lead this side even in scoring in knockouts.

        • 2014 WC messi was phenomenal despite playing in an uber defensive setup. Player with the single biggest contribution towards the teams success. that’s why he was awarded golden ball and don’t give me BS about it being awarded because its “messi” and they needed a famous name.

        • Please Get out of here you ass.Anuparno
          We are here to enjoy Argentina and GOAT Messi
          Those sitter and curves Messi will take Care.
          You just shut up your ass and mouth and watch if you are interested. Otherwise read first line.

          Win or lose wr enjoy Messi and Argentina. It is our blood.
          Go and suck some where else

        • @anuparno This is a team with great unity. All players must give their 100% commitment. Whether Messi scored or not in the KO is not the important thing, it is his contribution with the ball that values the most. All players have their own importance in this team. They are playing well. Keep this individual fanism away. Support this team.

    • Messi missed a sitter? Do u even know what a sitter is? Just another troll.
      Tell me who was the one that assisted di maria against Switzerland in 2014? Messi has the most goal contributions in the Copa America knockout stage but nope this dumbass will only focus on the one chance Messi missed in the final.

      Higuain is rightly the scapegoat. It’s okay to miss one chance but to miss proper sitters in the finals is another thing.

      “You can’t expect to do all the scoring from other players” lol dude how big a hater are you.
      To say Messi has to start scoring. Better tell other players to finish their chances.

      This attitude that Messi has to score in KO and lead us is sickening. He is the best player and is well aware of what he has to do and let me tell you Messi wants to win this WC more than you want to. So stop bashing him and support the team instead of saying that we haven’t been tested or by saying our midfield isn’t elite

    • These Anuparno is a bloody moron in this forum(Puro paglachoda tui)…at first I was just ignoring…but dude u better be in your limit when u are talking about the Greatest player of all time LIONEL ANDRÉS MESSI 👑…He is the heart of Argentina 🇦🇷…he has given his blood, sweat everything for this team (Copa 2021 with blood pouring leg) & suffers a lot from the argentine people but this higuain 💩has ruined the final and even don’t want to take the blame…You are a mental Anuparno seriously…these team has the unity and they can do anything for Leo 🦁…If you have watched the 2014 wc u wouldn’t have said these things….Messi is not only a goal scorer but also a playmaker….so u keep ur mouth shut

    • @Anuparno I think your point/opinion is 100% valid. People on Mundo are compassionate yet display a sinful idol emotion towards Messi. Anyone who loves the sport and Argentina will love Messi, but you showed the stats in the WC group stages. This is a fact.

      I believe he doesn’t score because he never rested in group stages – unlucky not to score in his best performing WC2010, then WC 2018 playing 90+ minutes, 120+ overtimes: Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, & Germany (no one talks about the toughness that team had -whereas Germany breezed past Brazil).

      Messi never rests! In fact, only recently have I seen him take a vacation with his wife! In the past, it was countless charity matches!

      I think he will have a great WC 2022 as team is solid now and I think most legends get better with age. He may have a Zidane 2006 performance (without the headbutt). Which is the performance you speak of when you bring up Maradona, Pele. The reason we don’t bring up Zidane is that he ended his hopes with that headbutt.

      • @wisdom i didn’t mention Zidane because he was good bt not at the level of pele or Maradona. And personal attack in football forum is quite common. People will always attack you if your opinion is different

        • Your opinion is not different….your opinion is wrong tatsy u can see expect 1 or 2 people everybody scold u in this forum becoz of ur negative comments, zero knowledge and u think ur opinion is different 🤣 ur opinion is shit all the time…grow up kid

        • @Anuparno Zidane was not at Pele & Maradona speed wise. However, we cannot neglect how Zidane beat Brazil WC 1998 final (2 goals) and then knocked them out again with a maestro display in WC 2006 ( Brazil team with Ronaldinho, Kaka, Juninho, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Adriano, Ze Roberto, Robinho on the bench, Lucio, etc. I think if he won 2006 against that Italian team, he would be on the mountain with Pele and Maradona (even though he and Maradon won 1 wc).

          That Brazil team was cruising through the WC until Zidane orchestrated one of the greatest WC displays: h t t p s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwiRPBP9QvI

          Yes, you’re correct that people will always attack you if you have a different opinion. It is unfortunate they attack you for stating a fact concerning stats.

    • i have always known that anu-whatever is a troll. in every thread you see him post rubbish about leo or otamendi. How can you say because he is the GOAT he should have score the goal in wc14? Leo is only one man, even him there is a limit to what he can do. The game was extremely tight, he could not get enough chances to score in fact he had only one which is not as easy and clear as the ones Higuain and Palacios had. Higuain own was a defensive error, Kros headed a back pass to him – a one-on-one,he missed it and the off-side goal, if you look at the clip again, you realized that he saw Lavezzi coming instead of him to time his run, he just ran into offside while Palacios is the worst, three chances that Messi gave all gone: the “low through ball”, he fell; the “up through pass” – he tried to height Neuer which went over the bar and lastly Messi beat three Germans defenders and was falling with his last effort he sneaked a pass to Palacios, he was just looking at the ball as if he is not the one it meant for – his reaction is too slow. Neuer caught it. even a keeper has a better read of the game than palacios, if the were to be Suarez he would be expecting the pass. So don’t come with “PITY” for these kinds of players that have no regards to what other players put into the tournament. I don’t want to hear he scored against Belgium this…that he did his job because the true he FAILED US! Copa 15 and Copa 16 too.

    • Nonsense IMO… Higuan SHOULD be expected to score..he is a STRIKER and a poacher.. that’s what they do..he did not earn his pay at the WC and it is known to everyone.. Messi has always been a creator and coaches took time to recognize that.. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR HIGUAINS MISSES… absolutely not..he is one of the reasons we don’t have another star in our jersey…stop making excuses..

  5. I don’t see why people are hating on Higuain for the man was a great player he was world class playing for Madrid and if your reason is for 2014 World Cup Messi and Palacio also missed

  6. Higuain is a choker…. PERIOD.. He choked for us and Napoli in crucial games.. he never regret his missed chances. He told a reporter he scored 3 beautiful goals which are his children.. so stay far away and score in your bedroom..

    • Higuain is CHOKER and i agree. He always missed chances in crucial games be it for Real Madrid, Juventus, Argentina or Napoli. One he scored against Belgium was because he didnt had to think.

      • @arg2018 that goal he scored against Belgium is more than Messi ever scored Higuain scored two knockout WC Goals against Belgium and Mexico @2010 WC Messi 0 goals . what Argentina missed was Dimaria .Messi record for Argentina has been overrated he was playing bad on both the last 2 Copa tournaments the stats were misleading. I am not blaming Messi but we need to accept most of the players were to blame not just Higuain. Messi Higuain and Palacio all missed big chances but the amount of criticism Higuain faced was inhumane I know most of u will not agree because u are Messi fans, not Argentinas.

        • > Argentina has been overrated he was playing bad on both the last 2 Copa tournaments the stats were misleading.

          Uwotm8? i’m not sure what you watched but it wasn’t arg in Copa. Messi DOMINATED the last copa.

          • @Choripan ya no doubt in the last Copa he didn’t score in the final in the semi-final and he scored unimportant 3rd goal in the 93rd minute against Ecuador in the 2019 Copa America he was one of our worst players he even forgot how to dribble. good thing CONMBOL prepared copa every two years so Argentina could win it otherwise we will still be without silverware, unless he wins a world cup I will not be convinced by Messi Argentina’s record. I still hate the way Argentina players run toward Messi as if he suffered the most when Angelito and Kun suffered as much that no one ran to hug them. That’s why he will never be as good as Maradona he is not a good leader no one through mardodona to the air like they did to Messi after the finilissima when scaloni was right there the players emotion are not normal it will cost us a worldcup

        • Yes didnt score after he gave the important assists, Messi created our every chance vs Ecuador, vs Columbia, vs Uruguay plus free kick goal vs Chile. All were tap ins thanks to him. Except the final he played phenomenal, better than Maradona ever in Copas, who was a horrible Copa flop 13 matches 2 goals vs Bolivia and Ecuador and 1 assist vs Venezuela.

        • The only that comes out of mouth is hate. Don’t come here to come be pretending like you care about the team. People like you are the ones that keep allowing mediocre players like Higuain into the National team. Your blind one-sided love for him. I don’t care your relationship with him…your friend…. For me I am still surprised they brought him to Copa 16 after 15, I would kicked his ass of the team. THE GREATEST CHOKER IN FOOTBALL HISTORY

  7. Palacios, Messi and Higuain all missed the chances to score. But none was as easy and straight forward like Higuain. Most forwards would have put it in. He even had more time to shoot than what Messi and Palacios had. But anyway it shows the human side of pipita. I wish him all the best in Inter Miami. Sometimes I go watch him play in Inter Miami Stadium and its still nice to watch him play.

    • Messi angle was difficult and Messi thought he was off side. Anyways i wish Messi shot near post as that is Neuer’s weakness. Messi realized that and he score against him in CL next season.

  8. He and Benzema both were born in 1987 and they used to compete at Real Madrid…. However, Benzema is now a ballon d’or candidate, but he is playing in MLS….

    P.S. MLS does nothing but kill our players careers: Barco, nicolas martinez, pavon, and now Almada.. AFA should have a law that prohibits our players going down to MLS shit hole.

    • Huigain was thought to be better than Benzema but Benzema totally proved wrong. Huigain is too arrogant to learn.

  9. OMG, he Speaks……..BEST word to describe El Pipita with is, JADED …….he was never the same after 2014 WC, his level of confidence was underground and got much worse after the 1st COPA.
    Anyway, I have no doubt about his love for ARGENTINA and why the hell would he play for France, so he was born there, big deal.
    Anyway, I’m sure he has demons, will they ever go away?

  10. Higuain was a world class striker and served the national team with his full capacity. Yes he missed crucial chances when it mattered and not due to lack of skills but the sheer pressure on him and the team. Messi and Palacios also missed sitters in the final not just him. The only flaw Higuain had was that he wasn’t mentally strong as Battistuta, Crespo, Aguero , Milito or Tevez.

    Regarding 2018 disaster, it was 100% fault of Sampaoli and Sampaoli alone. His strategy was the biggest blunder , followed by his playing xi and his overall squad selection. He tried to experiment his tactics in the world’s cup. Instead of playing according to the strength of the team he went ahead with his madness. Playing high line pressing with one of the oldest team in the tournament was ludicrous. The one match where we should have parked the bus was against France especially after leading 2-1 but instead continued to attack resulting in team conceding 3 goals. His squad selection was already indicative of upcoming disappointment. Tata and Bauza also need to be blamed for not integrating players like Icardi, Papu, Pezella, Lamela,Locelso, Paredes etc. Especially Papu, Pezella, Lamela and Icardi were at their peak in 2017/18.

    • I would also like to add that Sampaoli is single handedly responsible for destroying Pavon’s career. He put so much responsibility on his young shoulders which he wasn’t ready for and as a result he failed miserably and ended his European career before it began. Sampaoli beside damaging Pavon’s career , also destroyed him mentally which he never recovered from.

    • You can blame Sam for how the team was run in that very short period of time where he barely had a year to prepare coaching one of the most prestigious footballing nations on earth and the best player on the planet!
      Said this once, said it 10times, he was the ONLY coach to step up and take the job, leaving his high paying coaching job and peace of mind while many others cowered and pointed fingers from a distance and you gotta respect that.
      Lack of money and thievery where many were filling their pockets while the team was bankrupt. They couldn’t hire a coach because they couldn’t afford to pay the one they just fired, security asking Messi for backpay, the youth team NOT HAVING MUCH TO EAT……you kidding me, where did the money go.

      • There is no doubt that when Sampaoli took over we were struggling badly!! Our world cup qualification was hanging by a thread and we made it by the skin of our teeth. Also, you right about him sacrificing a European job for the national team. While nobody was willing to take the responsibility he stood up. However, he is 100% accountable for the 2018 disaster which consequently had a extremely bad impact on his coaching career.

      • Fully agreed! I respect Sampaoli for his integrity there and putting aside a high paying job and taking on the challenge. Despite the failure, the guy tried and he deserves credit for taking on the mess!

      • > he was the ONLY coach to step up and take the job

        I’m convinced 1) Coach Maschessi, or 2) No coach or 3) a water bottle would have done much better than Nightmare Sampa

        You know what though, even if he gave up high paying job etc, he made an entire fanbase suffer to no end. millions of people emotionally torn because of that guy. He destroyed Pavon and the last opportunity for Masche, Aguero, etc to win the WC.

    • > The one match where we should have parked the bus was against France

      and the one match we shouldn’t have gone park the bus was against the “mighty” iceland. goodness.

    • You all made good points about Sampaoli. One point missing…
      The best decision he made was appointing Scaloni as assistant coach, which allowed him to become head coach after Sampa madness.
      If it weren’t for Sampaoli, we wouldn’t be where we are at this moment.

    • Messi chance in the final as a sitter? LOL the chance xG was 0,05, 1 out of 20 cca. 5% to score. OK cause its Messi, for him its 10% maximum.

  11. Despite his misses, he’s still a good forward with skill, strength and speed. Thank You for the service and he will forever be part of Argentine football folklore! I hope he doesn’t beat himself too much for all the misses as I noticed he didn’t talk about the miss at Neuer’s goal in a WC final. That’s his trauma! Goodluck and peace to him!

  12. Gk:emi martinez,ledesma,armani
    Mid:RDP,paredes,guido,papu,lo celso,palacios,enzo farnandez.
    Forward:dybala,ADM,martinez,nico gonzalez,alvarez,a.correa,messi,garnacho.

  13. Higuain is a limited central orward
    Most of you hate Higuain,But in 2014 after Messi and Mascherano he was our best player

    Unfortunately His finishing wasn’t great but he worked his Socks off his movement off the ball was great

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