FIFA increases World Cup teams to 26 players


FIFA have increased the number of players to 26 for every team at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The Argentina national team will be able to bring 26 players to Qatar. FIFA announced on Thursday that they have increased the number of players from the traditional 23 players.

They also announced that the preliminary list of players will now be at 55, while it was previously 35 players.


  1. my list
    1 Emi Martinez
    2 Armani
    3 Rulli
    4 Romero
    5 Otamendi
    6 Pezella
    7 Lisandro Martinez
    8 Tagliafico
    9 Acuna
    10 Mollina
    11 Foyth
    12 Montiel
    13 Rodrigo De Paul
    14 Paredes
    15 Papu Gomez
    16 Lo celso
    17 Guido Rodriguez
    18 Mac Allister
    19 Palacios
    20 Messi
    21 Lautaro Martinez
    22 Angel Di maria
    23 Dybla
    24 Julian Alvarez
    25 J. Correa
    26 Nico Gonzalezi

  2. Gk:emi martinez,ledesma,armani
    Mid:RDP,psredes,guido,papu,lo celso,palacios,enzo farnandez.
    Forward:dybala,ADM,martinez,nico gonzalez,alvarez,a.correa,messi,garnacho.

    • Bang on! Closest to what we’ll see if everyone keeps their form and fitness except maybe Garnacho, Enzo & Alvarez who still need to prove it in big leagues!

  3. copa libertadores is a key for enzo. he know it very well. this was a reason he don’t wanted to transfer earlier

  4. The players who is confirm to go.
    GK. Martinez. Armani. ……
    Def. Romero.molina otamendi. Lisandaro. Acuna. Taglafico.montiel.
    Mid. Depaul.papu.lo celso. Parades. Guido. Palacious

    • 1GK. Musso/rulli
      1 dif. Senesi/pezzela/foyth
      2 md. Mac allaster l/ enzo/ buiendia
      1FW. a correa/j correa/alario/simone/garnacho(surprise)

  5. Ideal selection would be

    1. emi martinez
    2. Ladeshma (ladeshma bcs he is very quick and very good in close range)
    3. rulli/musso

    4. romero
    5. Lisandro
    6. otamendi
    7. pezella/senesi
    8. molina
    9. acuna
    10. tagliafico
    11. foyth
    12. ………..

    13. R.D.P
    14. Paredes
    15. Lo celso
    16. gomes
    17. guido
    18. palacious
    19. enzo fernandez

    20. Messi
    21. Di maria
    22. Lautaro
    23. Dybala
    24. Nico Gonzalez
    25. Julian Alvarez
    26. Lucas alario

    i think both alvarez and enzo should be in world cup squad.. for there early experience in world cup, bcs they are qualitiful talent

    • The reality: Macallister instead of Enzo, Joaquin Correa instead of Alario, Armani instead of Ledesma and the 26th spot is free for everybody

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