Alexandro Bernabei joins Celtic from Lanús on a five year contract


Alexandro Bernabei has joined Celtic from Lanús.

Bernabei has signed a five year deal with the champions of Scotland. As we reported last week, the 21 year old left back was linked with Celtic and the signing was announced on Thursday.

The Argentine has played for the Argentina U23 team and will wear the 25 shirt. Speaking to Celtic TV, here is what he said:

“I’m very happy to be here and I feel grateful to the club for giving me this opportunity.

“I feel proud to be playing in Europe because it was one of my dreams and I’m excited to train with and play with my new team-mates. The stadium is just incredible. The people, the club, team-mates, and the coaching staff are all incredible.

“I’m very excited and happy and I can’t wait to be playing in the Champions League. I’ve heard that the people are crazy, so I can’t wait to sense that feeling and emotion in Celtic Park.

“I spoke to the manager and he said he believed in me and my quality and that I can adapt to the team quickly.

“This is my first time in Scotland and Glasgow and I’ve seen the city on the internet and it looks very beautiful, so I’m excited to be able to get to know it more. The objective is to become champion and we want to achieve big things as a club and I would like to achieve all of our objectives this year.”


  1. About young Brazilians currently, well although i don’t like Brazilians (i am talking about football of course) for my own reasons which i have stated numerous times in the past, i will try to express my opinion as objectively as i can.
    I started to follow football closely 35 years ago, when i started to follow our beloved team, Argentina. Apart from the best two players that ever played the game, Diego and Messi, i have witnessed phenomenal players from both Argentina and Brazil and also extremely talented players from other countries as well. Yes, Brazil has always been our rival, yes, they are one of the best teams currently and so we are, but i am saying all of these because these young Brazilians that many people hype in here day in and day out, are a far cry below par the talents Brazil used to have in the previous years and the same seems to stand for us as well.

    Vinicious junior: A talented and skillfull player without a doubt but mediocre at best when it comes to finishing. A way to overrated player in my personal oponion, he reminds me a less talented Robinio.
    Rodrigo: A talented player with a much better positioning understanding in opponent’s defensive box than Vinicious and better in converting chances, but still nothing special in terms of causing trouble to the opposition defence, at least for me.
    Raphinha is good and talented too but i don’t think that he is proven enough and the same goes for Anthony too.

    On the other hand, Brazil doesn’t have a striker as skillfull and clinical as Lautaro who is only 24. Richarlison is out of question, i don’t care which clubs want him and how hot he is currently in transfer market, he is a mediocre striker and there are numerous other strikers from all over who are much better than him.
    Alvarez is also a huge talent in my opinion with an instict of a clinical striker and the same goes for Garnacho, Soule, Romero and others but they must develop properly in order to justify this talent.

    All in all, we don’t have anything to envy from Brazil or anyone else, we are among the best teams in the world, all we have to do is to keep on staying humble and united, keep the faith and spirit we have and i think we will have a good chance.

    • Nicely put. We have nothing to envy. Finally we have team to confident about. Doesn’t matter what our players does in club level as soon as they come in NT they are all in different level. You can see they put their heart out. Game against Varsil or Italy is the prof. Yes World Cup is different but if we can stay out of injury then many team can have nightmare to play against us to be honest . Also Tim Vicary hyping up all the Varzilain players so much it’s unbelievable ffss

      • Dear mmh007, i never took Vicary or whatever his name is spelled seriously, when guys like him, Lalas and others like them say something, i usually take as a fact exactly the opposite of what they say.

  2. Raphinha has an xG assists of 7.15 in PL while he has registered 3 assists in 35 games in PL.

    His output is 11 goals, 3 assists in 35 PL games.

    Nahuel Molina has 7 goals, 2 assists in 35 Serie A games.

    In this worst season, Di Maria had 10 assists in PL.

    Dembele in half season has 13 La Liga assists.

    Raphinha started the season well, then just dried out.

    So what is this envy? What is there to be envied about? 3 assists and 11 goals?

    There is scarcity in market regarding right wingers, this is why price is soared. Barcelona estimated 35 millions will be enough to buy raphinha but PL clubs has been desperate in transfer market so price went up incredibly.

    Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea and UTD are trying to rebuild and strengthen their squad, so market is up due to competition.

  3. I really think some of you need to stop with all of this Brazilian envy. Yes Rafina ,vini, rodrigo, antony are all talented footballers (richarsolin is decent at best) but you all should know by now that football isn’t played on paper. Time and time again we’ve all seen tieams packed with talent stumble when it matters, examples like France and Argentina 2002, Argentina and Brazil 2006, Spain and Germany just recently in 2018 all come to mind.
    With all that being said, for the first time in a looooong time I look at Argentine football with optimisim, the current albicelestes team is a tightly knit, hard working unit that’s hard to beat.
    Scaloni and co. happen to be the first coaching team to complete a 4 year cycle since Bielsa in 2002 (yeah that’s right, it’s been THAT long!) and this can only provide stability to the NT and Argentine football as a whole, yet another thing that Argentina’s been missing for a long time.

    Now, looking at the call sheet I see the likes of Molina (wanted by Atletico and Juve amongst others), Cuti and Licha (wanted by ManU and Arsenal) at the back, with the likes of Senesi, Foyth, N.Perez and Medina all showing potential.
    I look at the front line and I see an ever developing Lautaro (remember that Spurs only went for Richardlson because Lautaro said NO to them), a young Julian Alvarez who is about to embark on his Man City adventure (best of luck to him) and a very young Gernacho, who at 18, is taking part in ManU’s first team this season. All that without mentioning Soule and Luka Romero and god only knows where they will be in 2026 (I’m hoping they’ll be amongst the elite).
    Even in the midfield I see Nico Dominguez, Palacios (hope he gets injuries under control and get some continuity, especially since he’s playing CL this year), an underrated Zaracho and ofcourse Enzo Fernandez.

    To conclude, Argentina is in a good place right now and the future is looking good, so I see no reason to sit and complain about how Brazilian players are selling out in Europe, but then again that’s just me.

    • No just you mate I’m same page as you , so optimistic about arg nt and yes future looks bright especially centre back department,

      • Count me too. It does look exciting . It won’t be all gloom and doom after Messi because we have a system now where Scaloni & Co picking right players for their system. They ain’t just picking random players to make people happy.

  4. Rafina ,vini, rodrigo, antony,richarsolin…..5 top hot name around the Europe…
    Argentina have zero….
    Once we had fanstic four messi,aguero,maria,higuan,,……….

        • Vini is fast but wasteful….Raf is a nice dribbler and can be cause problems for LB…. no one else in this list is problematic for us..especially NOT Richarlison… Romero will own him and his grandpa.. I am concerned about Leon Paqueta..he is a bit underrated and sneaky… a regista position can shut him down though

    • Ya its heartbreaking that we dont have any superstars for future
      Its unbelievable that not even celtic, wanted playerd like almada, alen velesco
      Europians never sign our local wonderkids instead they sign our local kids who are away from spotlight like bernebi

  5. Brazillian players are worth more than Argentinian in market. After Messi generation, it wont be surprise if none of Argentina players play in big teams. Sad time.

  6. Manu is now leading the race for L Martinez….
    They also interest in Teglefico, Briton too…..
    Who is better Acuna or Teglefico? Its seems acuna losing starting spot for Arg…

    • In my personal opinion when both are fit, Acuna offers a bit more penetration in attack and more precise crossing since he started his career in midfield and moved to LB later. Defensively Tagliafico is better in the air despite not being tall. Overall, not much separates the two.

    • Acuna all the way. Acuna is more courageous. Less error prone. More intelligent in pressure situations. I don’t think tag can keep the momentum from the start if the opponent team keeps on attacking us.

    • Both are good.
      If you remember the Copa final, for about 10 minutes Acuna was getting overwhelmed by Brazil’s right (the offside goal, then a dangerous shot saved by Dibu, and a dangerous pass that got intercepted luckily). Then Scaloni put Tagliafico there and he got it under control, not one more threat.

        • You cant really judge tagla from that match. Sampa was INSANE playing a high line defense with SLOW players (tagla, veteran masch, etc are not fast).. against a lightning quick counterattacking team like France.

          Put tagla in a system like Sabella had (a deep defense) and he would be extremely effective.

          The key is the right players under the right tactics.

    • Acuna has been one of the best left backs of la liga and the best player of Sevilla last season.

      Tagliafico improves a lot because he plays with a chip on his shoulder. He is trying to prove that he is too good to be benched at Ajax. However Tagliafico has a main weakness I notice. His defensive awareness when the opponents break the offside trap from the wings (having their winger cut inside) is weak. Against Italy it was exposed once, but Cuti did the clearance.

      In Copa America also it happened the same way. He was late recognizing that his man already cut inside and arrived in a dangerous area. Tagli one on one defense is good though. Other than that, he is better than Acuna defensively for sure. That is normal considering Acuna started his career as an attacking winger. Tagli started his career as a center back.

    • Actually noone is World class. But we don’t have any option so tagliafico is decent defensively bt i can’t forget how france destroyed him so he may struggle against good counter attacking teams with physicality. Acuna is better because you know attack is the best defense i also believe lisandro is needed because our left back is not the best defensively. Lisandro have to cover for acuna otamendi at this age may not be able to do that. This is the reason nico Gonzalez is so vital he tracks back and help a lot.

      • A person who doesn’t know anything about football but talk many things about football is Mr Anuparno..
        I hopes Everybody in Mundo forum know you are novice in football..
        I feel like you are PlayStation footballer or Google surfer about football.

        Shut your mouth for quite time, atleast till WC 22.. your comments are irritating..

        Scaloni knows whom to put either ota or licha or Acuna or Tiaga.
        U jz zip your fucking tongue…

        Do you ever played football in the ground..
        Atleast 5v5 in turf…???

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