Juventus in talks to sign Nahuel Molina of Udinese


Juventus are in talks to sign Nahuel Molina of Udinese.

Molina could soon be on his way out of Udinese with Juventus interested in signing him. Per Bruno González García, Udinese are asking €30 million for the right back but that number can be lowered.

An offer of €16 million by Juventus has been submitted with the talks ongoing. Molina finished the season with eight goals, the most out of any defender in the top five European leagues.

Still only 24 years old, the Argentine joined Udinese from Boca Juniors back in 2020 and would be joining both Ángel Di María and Matías Soulé who are at the club.


  1. Alvarez all the best for your man city carreer. Give tough tough competition to haaland and lautaro for the starting spot. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  2. J. Correa and Mac Allister must be selected. Mac Allister is better passer than Palacios and has better positional sense and football is game of passing the ball.
    A. Correa plays in right side and Argentina already have Messi,Dybla Angel Di maria there.
    J. Correa provides mobility in left wing and in recent matches he looked at least better than before.
    J. correa and Nico Gonzalez for Left Wing role.
    Mac Allister can be back up for any midfield position.

    • You guys really harsh with Palacio. Only injury kept him down otherwise he almost signed with R. MADRID. Also even now he could have ended in big team if that wasn’t for injury. You talking about a player who benched inform Enzo Perez & Arganguiz. Palacio has guaranteed place in World Cup unless he is injured.

      • Inform Enzo Perez what a joke, Biglia and Enzo Perez are worst player who wore Argentina jersey.Palacios is average player even Mac Allister has surpassed him in national team despite joining the team much later. If Palacios worth it surely Real Madrid would have gone for him again. He is been with Argentina for years even started ahead of Lo celso, but Palacios is trash.

        • Palacios is clearly better passer, thinks way quicker than Macallister, his one touch passing is great, only Messi and Dybala one touch passing is the same. Look back Italy and Estonia matches. And better defensively than Macallister too. Macallister is rather an AM, not a ZM.

  3. Off the topic, the future associated with Paulo Dybala, Gio Lo Celso and Tagliafico seems to be highly volatile and concerning. This is the reason why International players do need to appoint high profile agents, rather than going for friends or relatives. Let’s be real, the latter neither have the proficiency while dealing with European elites nor they could serve their clients in the best way possible.

    In context with Dybala, I don’t know what is wrong with him, but he is stuck with no clubs interested (despite being a free agent) is extremely surprising. To be honest, I have never imagined that the Juve talisman who’s had 21 Goal contributions the prior season and the undeniable qualities he possessed would remain in the state of unemployment for a month.

    In context with Gio Lo Celso, Spurs are transparent that they no longer have him in their plans and asked him to find a new club ASAP. I’m optimistic Villareal would find a way of hiring him again if they can inject some cash. But that’s only possible, if they can sell Danjuma and Pau Torres. I do pray, the deal gets sorted out before time. Gio is one of the core players of the National team.

    In context with Tagliafico, he is interested to take the next big step while seeking a club playing in the UCL, (most preferably FC Barcelona) but the club doesn’t have him even in their plan B. Yes, there are rumours about Lyon, but it’s a step down from Ajax and he knows that. Also, with Lisandro moving, Blind will be deployed in the CB position while making the rooms free for Tagli in the LB spot. I do feel like he would have to remain at Ajax till the World cup at Qatar.

    Lastly, I do hope everything regarding the Argentine National players gets rectified as soon as possible. We do need them in their best form possible. And I’m cent percent sure that Mr. Scaloni would tune on the system and get the best out of them, when they put on the Albiceleste jersey.


    • Ideally, the best thing is nobody leaves their clubs. Most players have a dip in their form after they relocate to a different city/country. This time it will be worse because the World Cup starts only a few months after the move.

      I hope everybody who hasn’t been confirmed stays, they can move wherever they want in January.

      • Football is a sport full of challenges and staying in the comfort zone isn’t the key to succeed. This is why altering clubs before the World cup doesn’t fear me, unless they are strikers (as they are deployed with the most challenging task on the field).

        Also, when you deep down, Midfielders and Defenders don’t take long to adapt, as their task is not to put the ball behind the net, but to dominate the midfield,circulate the ball with creativity and defend which is by default is their natural game.

        But what concerns me is that Gio is without a club and lack of minutes could kill his sharpness. Same goes to Dybala as well. I hope they could rectify the loopholes as soon as possible.

        Lastly, As fans all we can do is pray and hope for the best of our beloved Argentina. Just like us, core players of every other national team (including Brazil) are not reluctant of changing clubs prior to the tournament.

        Chill out brother, no need to think of situations we can’t control. 🙂

  4. Molina to Juventus will be so so I guess as Juventus have one of the most reliable RB in serie A already, the aging Cuadrado. Maybe they see Molina as the long term replacement. But Ibdon’t think at least for next season, Molina will be an automatic starter.

  5. Julian unveiling today as a Manchester City player. Hopes he turns into a Lethal striker and a force to recognise in the football World. Also If alario can maintain a good level in his new club means he would be always a preferable one than j correa. Lautaro+Julian+ Alario.

  6. Juve’s first team could have potentially had 5-6 Argies for the forthcoming season if Jeorge Antun had not messed it up for his client.

    Dybala, DiMaria, Matias Soule, Molina (very likely), Paredes (too, if PSG decides to offload him this summer, then Juve seems to be the most realistic destination) & Marcos Senesi (under the Juve’s radar and heavily rumoured).

  7. enzo fernandez not in the river plate squad to face godoy cruz he is joining benfica now not in january

  8. It’s big positive side for molina and Argentina.
    He is really potential player right now. I think he is good fit Juventus playing style also west ham manager Divid moyes want to Santiago ascaciber.he is next big thing for defensive midfielder.

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